What is Bitcoin SV? The name of this cryptocurrency, BSV, means “Bitcoin Satoshi Vision”. BSV was created in 2018 under the leadership of the famous self-proclaimed “Satoshi” Craig Wright. The creators of the project call the coin “true Bitcoin” and claim that BSV was created in accordance with the original Bitcoin white paper. The fate of the BSV coin is accompanied by scandals from the very beginning. Nevertheless, the BSV coin rate responds quickly enough to various news related to the project. Let’s see what price is predicted for Bitcoin SV in 2020 by famous resources.

According to theTradingBeasts price prediction, the Bitcoin SV 2020 will be the following (as of 23/06/2020):

Minimum Bitcoin SV price 2020: $140.438
Maximum Bitcoin SV price 2020: $210.311
Average Bitcoin SV price 2020: $166.9218

Mid-year Bitcoin SV price 2020
Minimum Bitcoin SV price expected: $140.438
Maximum Bitcoin SV price expected: $206.527
Average Bitcoin SV price expected: $165.222

Year-end Bitcoin SV price predictions 2020
Minimum expected: $143.011
Maximum expected: $210.311
Average expected: $168.249

TradingBeasts, 23/06/2020

Based on WalletInvestor forecast, we will see the following BSV price in 2020 (as of 23/06/2020):

Minimum BSV price for 2020: $113.053
Maximum BSV price for 2020: $288.654
Average BSV price for 2020: $200.613

Mid-year BSV price 2020
Minimum BSV price expected: $113.053
Maximum BSV price expected:$247.945
Average BSV price expected: $180.391

Year-end Bitcoin SV price predictions 2020
Minimum expected: $153.144
Maximum expected: $288.654
Average expected: $220.883

WalletInvestor, 23/06/2020

Here another Bitcoin SV price prediction from Digitalcoin, and according to their opinion we can get the following BSV price (as of 23/06/2020):

Minimum Bitcoin SV price for 2020: $273.94
Maximum Bitcoin SV price for 2020: $401.43
Average Bitcoin SV price for 2020: $332.84

Mid-year BSV price 2020: $273.94
Year-end BSV price predictions 2020: $289.81

DigitalCoin, 23/06/2020

And there is one more BSV price prediction from Crypto-Rating (as of 23/06/2020):

In six months: $320.77
By January 1, 2021: $393.58

Crypto-Rating, 23/06/2020

So, what do famous crypto experts say? Here several examples:

For example, a famous BSV supporter, Calvin Ayre, expressed this opinion about BSV in one of his Twitter posts: “Halvings do NOT cause token price to rise. Only affect is if traders change behaviour thinking there is a connection. Because of the bigger numbers n other differences, most likely is a small surge, then non-utility tokens will drop after halving.  Retreat to utility. #BSV

In a recent interview for CoinGeek, the creator of the application “Money Button”, Ryan X. Charles, suggested that the growing popularity of his application could lead to positive BSV dynamics:
“Money Button has seen a lot of adoption within the enthusiast community around Bitcoin SV. However, I think it is premature to think that we have grown beyond the enthusiast crowd at this time. I believe this year we will solve some of the key issues that will allow us to grow beyond the enthusiast audience and bring in users and businesses who use it for the value proposition and not simply for the promise of future value. Let’s see how it goes in the next six months to a year. If we are successful at what we are aiming to do, I think Money Button will lead the growth of the ecosystem”

According to the reviewed Bitcoin SV price predictions and opinions, we can conclude that Bitcoin SV has good chances for growth in 2020. But do not forget that the cryptocurrency is very subject to sharp jumps due to news around its scandalous creator Craig Wright. Therefore, it is difficult to say with certainty that the BSV coin rate will not change its direction dramatically at any time.

Please remember that the article is only of a recommendation nature and does not give instructions on investing your money. All investments are your personal responsibility.