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Build the Block: Binance Reality Show

May 23, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • About the contestants 
  • What’s next?

A new Web3 online reality show has been launched recently, and it takes place entirely within the metaverse. The show named “Build the Block” features entrepreneurs from around the world, who are given a chance to pitch their projects to an audience of influencers and to a number of selected judges. 

The first episode aired on the 12th of May. The five judges are Yi He, head of Binance Labs, Yibo Ling, CBO of Binance Labs, Robby Yung, investment partner at Animoca Capital, Azeem Khan, fundraising lead at Gitcoin and Guy Turner, Co-founder of Coin Bureau. 

©Binance Labs

Although financial support is not guaranteed, as some of the names on the list suggest, the projects deemed the best by the judges will likely receive some kind of investment opportunities after the show this way or another.

But before contestants have a chance to tell the judges about the viability and ingenuity of their projects, they first need to convince an audience of virtual metaverse avatars. Behind the virtual avatars are Instagram influencers, business people and tech people, who serve as the metaverse public. 

The show is set to have seven 20-minute long episodes. All this seems to be quite a lot to do in such a short time, so how well the format of the show will work and whether the audience will have sufficient time to hear out at least the core idea of each project is a good question. Especially when some of the projects on the list seem to be quite complex.

About the contestants 

There were over 900 applications submitted for the show, but only a chosen 12 will have the chance to be presented to the audience. The selected projects feature a great variety of crypto, Web3, DeFi and IT security applications, so if you are interested in the World of crypto, you will likely be interested to hear about most of these projects. 

What’s more, some of them will launch their own tokens at a certain time, so this might also be a good opportunity to get to know about some upcoming tokens, perhaps with good investment potential in the future. Here is a list of participants:

©Binance Labs

One of the more remarkable concepts participating is perhaps Ontropy, which is a firm that works on solutions that enable faster and more efficient blockchain transactions. Transaction speed, energy efficiency and safety has been a focus of all key developments in crypto for the past years. The Ontropy team is working in that direction, too.  

Another interesting project worth mentioning is Harvest, a MOBA video game with blockchain based features, which is an easy to understand and more spectacular contestant among the mostly technology-oriented and complex projects. 

Other projects that made it to the 12 contestants that you can get to know during the show include a crypto micropayments company, a DeFi service provider and a crypto security startup.

What’s next?

If you are interested in the show, you can watch it on Binance Live and YouTube as well. Episodes come out on Tuesdays and Fridays, at 2 PM (UTC). If you follow crypto and Web3 news more closely, chances are you have already heard about some of the projects on the list before the show. Talking about the rest of the titles, you will most probably hear about them later, because the best projects are likely to gain significant traction and money after the show. 

It is also worth noting that “Build The Block” is one of the first widely available shows that take place entirely inside the metaverse. If the format proves to be successful, i.e. attracts enough attention, or the projects receive significant investment after the show, we might see more similar productions in the future. 

Putting a Web3 related event in the metaverse and thus inside Web3 itself is a clever way to promote the direction technology is currently heading. Nevertheless, we have already seen a lot of things not quite working out in the metaverse, so shows like this will certainly need a lot more time to attract a wider audience apart from crypto and Web3 enthusiasts.

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