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Find key concepts of the Crypto World explained on the SimpleSwap Blog. Our educational articles are perfect for beginners as well as for those who want to refresh their memory. Even if you have been using the SimpleSwap cryptocurrency exchange for a long time already, we are sure that you’ll find something new and captivating here!


Articles from the SimpleSwap Blog about Basics.

How to become a miner

A brief introduction about crypto mining and a piece of advice where to start

The threat of Crypto Crimes

A brief guide to crypto crimes: how not to fall into a trap

What is MinerGate

Open mining pool | What you should know about MinerGate and how to start using it

Cryptocurrency Wallets Guide

What is the difference between crypto wallets and which one is better for you

The Crypto World for Beginners

All the basic information about The Crypto World is collected in one article

Best Ethereum Wallets

Choose a wallet for Ethereum coins that suits you best

What is a cryptocurrency transaction

Let’s learn all about the transactions in more detail. Basic concepts you need to know.