SimpleSwap Coin Launch and Bounty

Mar 24, 2022
4 min read

This blog post will cover:

  • What is SimpleSwap Coin?
  • How to get SWAP token?
  • Bounty Campaign

SimpleSwap is a simple and fast exchange service that provides simple cryptocurrency exchanges without the need to sign up. We support the greatest number of coins among any other instant exchange service.

We are constantly working on improving our service by adding new features to satisfy our customers. And now we’re taking another exciting step to make the user experience even better! We are launching SimpleSwap Coin.

What is SimpleSwap Coin?

SimpleSwap Coin (or just SWAP) is one of the first tokens issued by an instant exchange platform.

SWAP tokens will serve as an internal currency on SimpleSwap, it will be the essential way to list new assets on our platform. SimpleSwap Coins will also be used as a tool to create customer loyalty for those who choose to use SimpleSwap services. 

SWAP tokens will be listed on popular trading platforms in October 2019.

The tokens are distributed by Airdrop, Bounty Campaign and private sale for professional investment funds only. 

SimpleSwap Coin is created to bring significant benefits to its holders. Meet some of them:

  • Cashbacks for all exchanges and any exchange amounts
  • Exclusive fixed-rate exchanges
  • Dedicated technical support
  • The best deals on affiliate programs (higher income potential and fewer withdrawal restrictions)
  • Participation in various SimpleSwap promotions and campaigns

How to get SWAP token?

Participate in the Airdrop!

To participate, just leave us your ETH Wallet Address on the last step of the exchange process and you will receive SWAP tokens the following Monday. NOTE: Use only ETH Wallet Address (ERC-20 Compatible). Do not use the addresses of exchanges and contracts.

SimpleSwap will be distributing 4 000 000 SWAP tokens to the service users over a period of 30 weeks

All you need to get SWAP tokens is to leave your ETH address during the exchange process on

For affiliate partners, SimpleSwap will also be distributing SWAP tokens over the same 30 week period, proportional to the turnover. We will send the tokens to partners’ ETH wallets.

Bounty Campaign

We also strongly believe in the importance of community support for the project. As such, we will reward those community members who help us accomplish great things by completing tasks important for the SimpleSwap future. Get rewarded for raising awareness and educating the community about the SimpleSwap platform!

Total of 4 000 000 SWAP tokens are allocated to the campaign.

Twitter Bounty - 1 000 000 SWAP

Facebook Bounty - 500 000 SWAP

Reddit Bounty - 250 000 SWAP

YouTube Bounty - 750 000 SWAP

Content Bounty - 500 000 SWAP

Bug Bounty - 600 000 SWAP

Translation Bounty - 200 000 SWAP

Medium Bounty - 200 000 SWAP

Read the terms and conditions of the Bounty Program here.

Visit SimpleSwap Coin page to learn more about SWAP token, follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat to not miss anything! 

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