Dear customers of SimpleSwap service, there is great news for you! We would like to announce our Loyalty Program.

It sounds nice to travel for points and miles or get every tenth cup of cappuccino in your favorite coffee house for free, isn’t it? These beneficial schemes help to build a lasting relationship between corporations and people who like their services. That is why we’ve decided to reward you for using SimpleSwap.

We are thankful that you share our devotion to the Crypto World and fast cryptocurrency exchanges, and want to encourage your trust in SimpleSwap with a cashback.

To become a member of our Loyalty Program you need to hold a certain number of SWAP at your ERC20 address. The cashback you’ll get depends on how many SWAP you have:

1000 SWAP – you get 0.25% of your exchange (but not more than $100 per month)
3000 SWAP – you get 0.5% of your exchange (but not more than $150 per month)
5000 SWAP – you get 0.75% of your exchange (but not more than $200 per month)
10000+ SWAP – you get 1% of your exchange (but not more than $300 per month)

We calculate your cashback taking into account the number of SWAP you have on the address at the moment of the exchange. In case if you add more SWAP to the address by Monday your cashback will increase. 

How it works:

  1. Store at least 1000 SWAP on your address
  2. Make an exchange on
  3. Provide your ERC20 address where you keep all your SWAP after the exchange
  4. Hold the same amount of SWAP or more on your address
  5. Get your cashback next Monday!

Please, be careful! Do not forget to add your ERC20 address after the exchange as it is the only way to get a cashback. Do not withdraw your SWAP before getting a cashback.

Our Loyalty Program starts on December 3, 2019.

Don’t hesitate to exchange cryptocurrency on SimpleSwap and get your benefits!