The SimpleSwap YouTube Bounty

Mar 24, 2022
3 min read

Guys, the SimpleSwap Team has decided that it’s time for a new Bounty! Are you ready for it?

We’re glad to present you our YouTube Bounty and now we want to offer you a super simple activity where you can choose how much SWAP will you get!

The main & obligatory rule:

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel & fill in this form to participate.
You will get 10 SWAP for this subscription!

Note: There is a setting in your account that allows others to see your subscriptions. It has to be switched on, so we could check it. Find a detailed guide on how to do it here.

How to get extra SWAP:

In addition to the main rule, you can take part in other activities to get more SimpleSwap Coins!

  • Post your favorite video from our YouTube Channel to your Twitter account, follow & tag @SimpleSwap_io, add #SimpleCryptoVideo and get 50 SWAP! Don’t forget to fill this info in the form ;)
  • Create a video about SimpleSwap and post it to your YouTube Channel. It can be a review of our service in general or the story why do you like using SimpleSwap. For this activity, you’ll have from 100 up to 2000 SWAP! The reward will depend on the quality of your video, creativity, and your number of followers on YouTube. Add this info to the form!

Tip: Post your video about SimpleSwap to your Twitter account, follow & tag @SimpleSwap_io, add #MySimpleReview, and get 50 SWAP!

Note: To participate in this Bounty you can only make 1 Twitter post with our video and only 1 Twitter post with your video about SimpleSwap. You’re always welcome to post our videos to your social media or create as much video as you wish, however, only 1 post of each type will be counted and rewarded.

End of the Bounty: September 7, 2020

Last Payout: August 10, 2020
Next Payout: September 7, 2020

Don’t waste any minute & join now!

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