TikTok Bounty Campaign

Mar 24, 2022
2 min read

It’s time to continue a hunt for SimpleSwap Coins. Our Bounty Campaign is gathering pace and we are glad to represent you a new TikTok Bounty.

There is a great opportunity to get at least 100 SWAP using TikTok and your imagination now. Just fill in the form and create a video inspired by one of these ideas:

  • What would your pets buy if they got some SimpleSwap Coins? Would your cat swap them for sausages? Would your dog share it with a groomer? Try to think up your own story and put #simpleswapcoin #pets to the video.
  • If SimpleSwap Coin had its own dance moves, how would they look like? Let’s have some fun and feel the flow. Here you go with #simpleswapcoin and #dance.
  • Show us how your life will change with our SimpleSwap Coins making the “before/after” video. Use #simpleswapcoin and #beforeafter.

Don’t forget to make sure that you have a public profile and add hashtags to the video description so we will have a chance to find it and reward you with SimpleSwap Coins. Every video should be accompanied by two hashtags and a link to our website

We accept one video of each category from one person only. You can get 300 SWAP maximum making three videos on three different topics mentioned above.

All the participants of our TikTok Bounty will get SWAP at the end of the campaign which will run until November 11th.

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