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Top 10 Crypto Podcasts

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • The advantages of crypto podcasts
  • 10 crypto podcasts you might like
  • Conclusion

The podcasts are a happy medium for education, exploring, and appreciating the world of digital currencies and blockchain for those who don’t have much time or prefer consuming information in the form of audio/video.The podcast explores the deep ends of crypto. They cover several topics and are majorly done by different podcasters and interviewees. In short, you can easily get honest and educational content without having to read a bunch of long articles or big books. 

This article talks about the importance of podcasts and why you can consider crypto podcasts for educational purposes. Warning! We are not saying that books are bad, or they’re not worth reading. We are just providing you with an additional option to get information in a quick and easy way.

The advantages of crypto podcasts

Crypto podcasts are internet audio or video content that serve educational, explorational, and developmental purposes. They are content made by enthusiasts in crypto fields: some are available for free, and others attract a certain fee/subscription. However, the content made by these people is way more diverse as the podcast participants may discuss a few topics at once and share not only dry facts but also their own opinion and experience on each point. This creates kind of a live communication, and listeners have the feeling of sitting there with podcasters and taking part in their conversation.  

Conversely, crypto is an “unending topic,” books do not better explain this because it is a wide topic and requires a lot of time before you can read it all in a book. Crypto sphere faces changes every day, and the book manufacturing does not manage to keep up with the updates. The process of book production surely takes quite a long time. However, it’s possible to get acquainted with the basics via reading. Podcasts cover a crucial part of the topics: they are honest, trending, and majorly educational. Do not get it wrong: books are a good method to learn; however, podcasts are usually more convenient. 

10 crypto podcasts you might like

We have made a little research to provide you with a list of the most popular cryptocurrency podcasts these days. You can pick one and check out if the podcast format fits you — this won’t take much time. If you are already familiar with this type of info consuming, make sure to not miss any of these content pieces! Each might turn out useful or entertaining for you: 

CoinDesk Podcast Network

The CoinDesk Podcast Network features stories from the best podcasts in the business. This news source is your essential go-to site for data on everything related to computerized resources, digital currencies, and blockchain innovation. The main advantage of the CoinDesk podcast network is that it contains undistributed information. Some of the content here is not public: you may quickly get hold of important information if you consider using the network.

Bitcoin Audible

This podcast about digital money and crypto shares information on BTC and investigates it according to the viewpoint of a financial backer and monetary examiner. Incorporate this podcast into your playlist if you search for a more top-to-bottom comprehension of Bitcoin. As the name of the podcast suggests, it covers the topic of Bitcoin only: although it is limited compared to other networks, it’s beneficial since it gives the freshest updates on this cryptocurrency. 

Crypto News Alerts

This one consistently conveys famous cryptocurrencies daily. If you’re a financial backer, you could try listening to Justin talk at lightning speed about currencies and assist you with finding all the most recent data in the Crypto World. With this podcast, you can acquire an edge on exchanging and contributing by quickly understanding what’s going on in the business.

What Bitcoin Did 

Peter McCormack hosts the podcast and welcomes specialists in BTC to discuss dubious subjects, including libertarianism and SegWit2x. On occasion, they even touch upon subjects irrelevant to Bitcoin. With their no-limits discussions, they make each podcast captivating and exciting.

Cryptocurrency for Beginners

It is a genuine dive into the cryptocurrencies – Casey, the host, gives clever editorials about recent concerns and makes trading and investing clearer in any event for expert individuals. Whilst she makes crypto news edible for amateurs, Casey likewise owns a lot of smart bits of knowledge that crypto lovers will see as significant.


On Tuesdays, Unchained does interviews with vital masterminds and practitioners of the sphere. Every other week, it includes “The Chopping Block," where 4 beginning phase crypto financial backers discuss the most recent news. Unchained brings experts from the crypto space, and the importance of learning comes majorly when tutors know what to address – Unchained shows to have all. 


Opinionated will have you bolted to the conversations on disputable subjects and news on crypto. It has Ben Schiller, Anna Baydakova, and Danny Nelson participate in open talks with visitors as they take and guard their particular stands on the recent topics.

Stephan Livera Podcast

Stephan examines significant parts of advanced and different points in finance: he has a conversation with experts to share the insights and thoughtful information about cryptocurrencies. Stephan opens a valuable medium for you to acquire information from the most honed personalities in financial matters and innovation.

Breakdown with NLW

The Breakdown is a subdivision of CoinDesk Podcast Network; Nathaniel Whittemore tells about his experience and top-to-bottom examinations of Bitcoin and other money-related digital forms. In his last podcast, you might get the collapse of crypto governmental issues, market viewpoint, and BTC tax collection.

Gentlemen of Crypto

This one carries digital money nearer to the local area. The 2 hosts (King Bless and Bitcoin Zay) saddle their attitude on the blockchain and advanced monetary standards to make connections with podcasts that are valuable for their audience. They examine global market investigation, the everyday news, and other things connected with the crypto field.


There are definitely more podcasts to explore, especially if you learn from different individuals. Podcasts outweigh books these days and books cannot cover trending topics as fast as needed. However, podcasts do this with ease. Another essential perk of podcasting is the benefit of interviewing and learning from experts: there are guest shows, interviews, special appearances, and more concerning a particular podcast show. Lastly, a podcast may be the better option if you love to learn while doing other things — working, studying or walking the dog!

However, SimpleSwap has to warn you — do your own research and don’t make any decisions on investing just because someone has advised you to do so in a podcast or any other information content piece.   

Stay with SimpleSwap Blog to be informed about the most interesting trends of Crypto World — we are keeping abreast for you! 

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