Live TrueUSD-BEP2 Price (USD), Market Cap and Supply

How to buy TrueUSD-BEP2 (TUSD-BEP2) on SimpleSwap?

The SimpleSwap team has rethought the process of cryptocurrency exchange to make it simple, safe and comfortable. Here is how the Bitcoin to TrueUSD-BEP2 exchange process takes place on SimpleSwap:

Choose the crypto exchange pair

Select Bitcoin in the “You send” section using the drop-down list. Next, enter the amount you would like to exchange. Then select TrueUSD-BEP2 in the “You get” section. After that, you will see the estimated amount of TUSD-BEP2 you will receive.

Enter the recipient's address

Now you need to enter the recipient's TrueUSD-BEP2 address. Be extremely careful and double-check your TUSD-BEP2 address. Your TrueUSD-BEP2 will be sent to this address right after the exchange. Make sure that all the data is correct and click the Exchange button. You will be forwarded to the exchange page.

Send and receive cryptocurrencies

On the exchange page, you will see the address to send the indicated amount of Bitcoin to continue the exchange. After we receive the deposit to our address we send you TrueUSD-BEP2. That’s it! In a few moments, TrueUSD-BEP2 will reach your TUSD-BEP2 address.