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Hydra (HYD)

IOP (Internet of People) is building a highly comprehensive technology stack encompassing a decentralized identity management system for p2p communication and social interactions. The stack is modular and will create a restructured version of the Internet where data is decentralized with the users instead of being centralized on the platform they are using. Anyone who joins the IOP ecosystem must create at least one DID (decentralized identity document). To create a DID, users need to make a transaction very similar to a standard cryptocurrency transaction, including a fee (Hydra tokens) to register and store the DID document on the Hydra Blockchain. This steady flow of transactions will keep the Hydra token liquid and provide reliable monetary incentives for node maintainers.

Anyone can run a node, earn Hydra tokens and
help revolutionize Digital World.

The IOP technology gives you complete control
over your digital life, what information you
share and with whom.

IOP is simple and user-friendly by design.

IOP eliminates the need for third parties, many
of which accumulate unfair political and
financial power.

Regular Internet

  • ✔ Controlled by major corporations and other gatekeepers
  • ✔ Data is kept centralized on huge data silos
  • ✔ Different encryption based on website or service
  • ✔ Different ID solutions usually based on ineffective offline solutions

Internet of People

  • ✔ Controlled by the users
  • ✔ Decentralized peer to peer communication and data transfer
  • ✔ Always encrypted
  • ✔ Fast & secure digital ID solutions based on decentralized identifiers


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