NEWAffiliate tool
SimpleSwap enables direct exchange of unique DeFi tokens from BSC and ETH networks — without intermediaries or centralization. You can implement our DeFi API to get a BTC reward for every finished crypto exchange made by your users.
Blockchain explorers
News and Media websites
Crypto services
Exceptional benefits of using
Saves plenty of your time.
Simple start
A tool that is easy to integrate.
Unique DeFi tokens
Offer your users access to exotic assets.
Speed and reliability
A couple of clicks and you’re ready to start.
A trusted DEX provider to make your experience perfectly safe.
Adjustable tool
Set a custom commission and get more benefits from DeFi API.
Earn BTC with our DeFi API
Get extra profit effortlessly while embracing the unique experience with SimpleSwap.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why are exchanges available only within one network?
To make DeFi API work, we’ve chosen 1inch, a DEX aggregator. It enables seamless crypto trading across various DEX platforms. This grants you access to diverse trading possibilities.
How do I earn money with the Pure DeFi API?
To start earning extra profits in BTC, you have to follow the steps below:
  1. Create an affiliate account
  2. Create your own API key and adjust it as you wish
  3. Integrate the DeFi API tool into your website
  4. Get profit for the completed exchanges made by your users
Where can I find the relevant DeFi API documentation?
You are welcome to check out the DeFi API documentation here. Public API docs may be found on this page.
How do I get my API keys?
To get your own API keys, go to your affiliate account and click on “API” on the left side “Web Tools” category. There you’ll be able to create and edit your keys.
I have more to ask!
Please read our FAQ section and watch the video guide. If you still have questions, feel free to text your personal manager. You will find the contact in your affiliate account.