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SimpleSwap 的评论

SimpleSwap 为所有人提供加密货币的安全方便的兑换方式。 即时的加密货币兑换服务,无须注册并支持超过300种加密货币和法定货币。


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Hands down best crypto swap experience

Hands down best crypto swap experience. Fast, cheap and friendly. Customer service is super helpful too.
Eric C.Jan 21, 2024

Reliable and makes it so easy!

Simple swap make transferring between different protocols or different assets so easy. It is inexpensive and you save tons of time. I transferred from Arbitrum Magic to Btc in less than 30 mins and I didn’t have to do to different bridges or exchanges. Works great and the fees are great as well.
Michael SeivoldJan 7, 2024

Fast help with a mistake i made sending

Fast help with a mistake i made sending in my crypto, and extremely fast response to my emails. Great experience.
DonJan 13, 2024

The rate and transaction/ swapping speed are the best

SimpleSwap by far is the best! I used their service a lot in the last couple of years! None of their opponents can be close to the rate that SimpleSwap offers and also the transaction/ swapping speed is amazing! Their 24hours online customer service personnels go above and beyond to solve your problems!
AhgDec 22, 2023

Great communication

Had an issue with swapping over to SEI during a hectic network outage, and although it took over a day to solve, the team was very communicative with updates. They've could've done otherwise and gotten away with it but they didn't which is appreciative. They've earned themselves a lifetime customer! Shoutout to David and Brad!
TSDec 19, 2023