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What is the recipient's address and where do I get it?

You can find the cryptocurrency address in the crypto wallet that you use to keep your coins and tokens. It contains letters and numbers and looks like an alphanumeric string. Cryptocurrencies are based on different blockchains and have their own unique address formats. It’s necessary to provide us with the crypto wallet address, and we’ll send your coins there.

Why is my recipient address shown as invalid?

There may be various reasons, including:

  • The spelling of the address. Make sure that the address contains all the necessary auxiliary characters, suffixes, and prefixes (dots, dashes).
  • Extra spaces. Make sure all address characters have been copied. Сheck there are no spaces at the beginning and end of the address.
  • Incorrect blockchain. Make sure that the network of the selected coin matches the network your address belongs to.
  • Some other issues. Feel free to contact our support team which is available 24/7 via email ( or live chat.
How do I get cashback for the exchange on SimpleSwap?

Log in to your account, swap crypto, and receive cashback for every exchange. If you still don’t have a customer account on SimpleSwap, you are welcome to sign up!

Don’t forget to log in to your account every time before creating the exchange as this is the only way to get crypto cashback. Please, read about different types of cashback subscriptions and find the terms and conditions of our Loyalty Program here.