SimpleSwap assets list

As of January 22, 2019 all send and receive systems are operational.
Exchange status and more details about individual assets are listed below.

#NamePriceMarket CapChange (24h)SendReceive
1 Bitcoin (BTC)$ 3,752.18$ 65,831,667,9083.92%AvailableAvailable
Bitcoin (BTC) is the world's first decentralized digital currency. One of the main features of the BTC system is complete decentralization - there is no central administrator or any equivalent. A necessary and sufficient element of this payment system is the basic client program.
2 Ripple (XRP)$ 0.32$ 31,567,427,2964.47%AvailableAvailable
XRP (XRP) is a digital currency of a Ripple network, a cryptocurrency platform for payment systems, focused on operations with currency exchange without chargebacks. Ripple is based on a shared public database. So it is completely decentralized system. The main purpose of Ripple system is to transfer big amounts of money as quick as possible.
3 Ethereum (ETH)$ 142.59$ 14,958,874,43913.83%AvailableAvailable
Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency of a platform for creating decentralized online services based on blockchain. These services operate on the smart contracts basis. Ethereum greatly simplifies the introduction of blockchain technology as it is an open source platform.
4 EOS (EOS)$ 3.16$ 3,267,171,20211.27%AvailableAvailable
EOS (EOS) is a cryptocurrency of hosting platform for smart contracts, designed for open source projects and decentralized consumer-oriented applications (DApps). A key part of the platform is the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS). It is designed to meet the performance requirements of decentralized applications on a blockchain - including processing millions of users.
5 Litecoin (LTC)$ 45.81$ 2,772,562,0557.06%AvailableAvailable
Litecoin (LTC) is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables to make private, secure and borderless payments for pennies anywhere in the world. Litecoin is the second hard fork of Bitcoin. The speed of blocks formation in the Litecoin network is 2.5 minutes, which is higher than in the Bitcoin network.
6 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)$ 132.12$ 2,318,030,0149.67%AvailableAvailable
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that requires no trusted third parties and no central bank. Bitcoin Cash is the hard fork of Bitcoin that has separated from it. Branching took place on August 1, 2017. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations.
7 Tether (USDT)$ 0.99$ 1,998,616,5300.00%AvailableAvailable
Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin which allows users to store, send and receive digital currencies collateralized to dollars. The token has low volatility and its price is always close to $1. Tether is aimed at working as traditional money with all the qualities of monetary currency and adhere to cryptocurrency principles such as security and decentralization.
8 Binance Coin (BNB)$ 9.33$ 1,765,213,450-9.44%AvailableAvailable
Binance Coin (BNB) is a token created by the Binance exchange to provide better trading conditions. Having BNB tokens on the exchange balance, the user has the opportunity to pay 2 times lower commissions. Also, Binance Coin is used to trade in pairs with more than 60 cryptocurrencies inside the exchange.
9 TRON (TRX)$ 0.02$ 1,661,127,2803.36%AvailableAvailable
TRON (TRX) is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency, which was founded by TRON Foundation. The goal of the TRON decentralized protocol is to create a worldwide free entertainment network based on a distributed registry. The TRX algorithm allows each user to publish, store and receive data freely.
10 Stellar (XLM)$ 0.08$ 1,542,809,9893.49%AvailableAvailable
Stellar (XLM) is a cryptocurrency of a platform, which is an analogue of a decentralized crypto exchange, where you can buy or sell any currency. Transfers in the network are absolutely free. The Stellar network is able to process around 1,500 transactions per second, which makes it much faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum.
11 Bitcoin SV (BSV)$ 65.77$ 1,153,926,9914.56%AvailableAvailable
Bitcoin SV (BSV) is a digital currency which is the result of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The coin appeared on November 15, 2018. The main idea of BSV is to preserve the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged creator of Bitcoin. So, the Bitcoin SV name decrypts as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.
12 Cardano (ADA)$ 0.04$ 1,120,827,2597.30%AvailableAvailable
Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency of Cardano that is a decentralized blockchain platform on smart contracts with open source. The platform operates on a Proof-of-Stake algorithm called Ouroboros, which determines how individual nodes reach consensus on the entire network.
13 Monero (XMR)$ 49.99$ 839,889,5515.04%AvailableAvailable
Monero (XMR) is a private digital currency. Monero makes untraceable transactions through technology called ring signature. This technology mixes some individual transactions with others, so it is not clear to the public who owns the addresses. It also hides balance sheets thanks to stealth addresses, random, one-time addresses that cannot be associated with specific individuals.
14 Dash (DASH)$ 82.36$ 711,394,0304.10%AvailableAvailable
Dash (DASH) is digital cash on the blockchain basis, using the anonymous transaction mechanism. It is possible to make instant, private payments online or in-store using Dash. DASH has no centralized control, so emissions occur during mining.
15 Neo (NEO)$ 8.79$ 571,350,0003.90%AvailableAvailable
NEO (NEO) is a coin on a smart asset platform. NEO is the first open-source blockchain project from China. NEO coin and the platform aims to develop a "smart economy" with a distributed network by utilizing blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, and automating the management of digital assets using smart contracts.
16 Maker (MKR)$ 570.36$ 570,360,000-2.68%AvailableAvailable
Maker (MKR) is a digital currency of the Maker project, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and seeks to create a series of decentralized tokens tied to the fiat money value. Buying MKR allows customers to participate in the future of the project. Namely, investors have the opportunity to vote and make decisions on the proposed development vectors.
17 Dentacoin (DCN)$ 0.00$ 513,324,000-4.26%AvailableAvailable
Dentacoin (DCN) is a cryptocurrency of a platform developed for the dental industry development on a global scale based on blockchain technology. Dentacoin is based on the Ethereum blockchain. On the basis of smart contracts, patients conclude a kind of insurance contract for the program of Dental Asurance.
18 Chainlink (LINK)$ 0.47$ 468,272,0642.30%AvailableAvailable
Chainlink (LINK) is a token of the ChainLink platform, the purpose of which is to apply the technology of smart contracts in the financial system. All cryptocurrency smart contracts using API technology can connect to existing payment systems and carry out transactions using the ChainLink platform.
19 Ethereum Classic (ETC)$ 4.31$ 467,062,0504.61%AvailableAvailable
Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a cryptocurrency that appeared as a result of the Ethereum hardfork and is positioned as the original and primordial version of ETH. A distinctive feature of Ethereum Classic from Ethereum is that ETC retains the principle of non-interference from the outside and the supremacy of the code.
20 Ontology (ONT)$ 0.65$ 388,648,928-1.70%AvailableAvailable
Ontology (ONT) is a digital coin that is used within the Ontology network. One of the main aims of the Ontology developers is to create a platform that would allow the implementation of blockchain technology in various industries and areas of activity. Companies involved in manufacturing, finance, education can interact with each other through the Ontology network.
21 NEM (XEM)$ 0.04$ 382,500,0001.02%AvailableAvailable
NEM (XEM) is a cryptocurrency written on Java and JavaScript. NEM is significantly ahead of Bitcoin and Etherium in its technological effectiveness and speed of transactions due to the fresh decisions in the NEM code and the use of the “Proof-of-Importance” algorithm.
22 Zcash (ZEC)$ 54.11$ 320,373,4735.11%AvailableAvailable
Zcash (ZEC) is the first accessible and open cryptocurrency that can fully protect the confidentiality of the transactions through a cryptographic protocol "Zero-knowledge proof". Zcash transactions are shown in a public blockchain, however, the sender, the receiver and the transaction amount remain private.
23 Waves (WAVES)$ 2.71$ 271,000,0001.88%AvailableAvailable
Waves (WAVES) is a coin of a platform that is intended so that users can store, trade, manage and issue their own digital assets in a safe and easy way. The Waves blockchain processes hundreds of operations per second. Tokens created on the platform can be used for voting, loyalty programs and discount programs.
24 0x (ZRX)$ 0.25$ 250,400,0008.87%AvailableAvailable
0x (ZRX) is a token of 0x protocol that facilitate the decentralized exchange of ERC20 tokens. The protocol allows to transfer ERC20 tokens between users in a safe and fast mode using Ethereum smart contracts. So the goal of 0x is to effectively use all Ethereum tokens.
25 USD Coin (USDC)$ 1.01$ 248,099,923-12.01%AvailableAvailable
USD Coin (USDC) is a smart contract-based stablecoin. The project is based on an open source framework developed by CENTRE. USDC supports financial transparency, working with regulated and licensed financial institutions and an open participation scheme.
26 VeChain (VET)$ 0.00$ 238,898,9983.76%AvailableAvailable
VeChain (VET) is a cryptocurrency of a global platform of information transformation based on blockchain technology. It digitizes real people, products or events, associating the API with the application level of the system, connecting the blockchain with real information. VeChain uses Smart Contracts focused on real industrial operations.
27 Dogecoin (DOGE)$ 0.00$ 230,580,708-1.96%AvailableAvailable
Dogecoin (DOGE) is a decentralized digital currency that makes it easy to send money online. It is possible to use DOGE to pay users on social networks and to buy goods and services on the Internet. Dogecoin is based on Litecoin and is named after the Internet meme Doge. Dogecoin has a fairly quick initial mining period.
28 Zilliqa (ZIL)$ 0.02$ 227,404,6181.48%AvailableAvailable
Zilliqa (ZIL) is a token of the newest high bandwidth blockchain platform. The uniqueness of this system lies in the fact that it can scale without sacrificing stability and security. It is built in such a way that its throughput and the commission's amount depends on the number of nodes in the network.
29 Basic Attention Token (BAT)$ 0.14$ 213,198,8684.73%AvailableAvailable
Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum blockchain based token that can be used to access various advertising services and services to draw attention on the Brave platform. Brave browser allows to solve digital advertising problems by creating a platform for mutually beneficial cooperation between users and advertisers.
30 Bitcoin Gold (BTG)$ 12.36$ 212,621,18320.23%AvailableAvailable
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a hardfork of Bitcoin separated in October 2017. The main purpose of Bitcoin Gold is decentralization of network and mining. The algorithm, on the basis of which the system operates, is based on hashing and is adapted to mining on GPU devices. The system is completely protected from repeated transactions.
31 True USD (TUSD)$ 1.01$ 208,019,910-12.24%AvailableAvailable
TrueUSD (TUSD) is a stablecoin, which is 100% collateralized by the dollar. This means that 1 TUSD = 1 USD and its value does not change depending on the market situation. The main aim of the TrueUSD team is to expand the use of cryptocurrencies in the real sector.
32 QTUM (QTUM)$ 2.01$ 201,000,0003.61%AvailableAvailable
Qtum (QTUM) is a cryptocurrency of a platform that combines the properties of Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. Namely Qtum blockchain mixes the proof-of-work consensus and the smart contracts technology. Applications running on the Qtum platform are stored in the database as transactions on the blockchain.
33 OmiseGo (OMG)$ 1.28$ 179,514,1105.79%AvailableAvailable
OmiseGO (OMG) is a cryptocurrency of the common financial technology based on Ethereum blockchain. OmiseGO allows digital wallets to make currency exchanges and payments in real time in different jurisdictions and organizational structures. OmiseGO supports both cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currencies.
34 Decred (DCR)$ 17.26$ 161,114,824-0.88%AvailableAvailable
Decred (DCR) is an open, progressive and self-financing cryptocurrency with a community-based management system integrated into its blockchain. The advantages of DCR are decentralization, mining accessibility and using the Proof of Stake (PoS) method.
35 Augur (REP)$ 13.84$ 152,240,0003.52%AvailableAvailable
Augur (REP) is a token of the decentralized cryptocurrency market forecasting platform. Users get rewarded when their prediction is correct. The creator of the Augur market forecasts collects commissions for each share as a reward.
36 IOST (IOST)$ 0.01$ 149,711,9821.06%AvailableAvailable
IOST (IOST) is a token of the Internet of Services project. It provides its users with the platform where they can exchange services and goods in a decentralized manner. What distinguishes IOST from competitors is that the project is focused on solutions of scalability.
37 Lisk (LSK)$ 1.23$ 140,534,2200.83%AvailableAvailable
Lisk (LSK) is a cryptocurrency and platform for decentralized applications in JavaScript. The Lisk network operates using a highly efficient Delegated Proof of Stake model (DPoS), protected by a 101 democratically elected delegate. Developers can create their own sidechains separately from the main Lisk blockchain.
38 Revain (R)$ 0.14$ 139,843,749-6.61%AvailableAvailable
Revain (R) is a token of the project that uses the blockchain to publish user feedback on products and services. These reviews are recorded on the blockchain and cannot be changed further. Users receive tokens for quality feedback and affect the rating of the Revain platform.
39 Status (SNT)$ 0.02$ 137,623,3972.08%AvailableAvailable
Status (SNT) is the Status project token, which is developing an application that is simultaneously a browser, a messenger and a social network. The goal of Status is the massive implementation of Ethereum. SNT mainly provide access to the internal services of the platform, as well as to trade with other Ethereum tokens.
40 Gnosis (GNO)$ 12.21$ 122,095,9370.56%AvailableAvailable
41 Paxos Standard Token (PAX)$ 1.01$ 116,591,909-12.17%AvailableAvailable
Paxos Standard Token (PAX) is a stablecoin which is collateralized by USD in a ratio of 1:1. PAX is approved and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Also features of PAX are the lack of commission when converting to fiat and the ability to convert assets quickly 24/7.
42 DigiByte (DGB)$ 0.01$ 109,135,3783.24%AvailableAvailable
DigiByte (DGB) is an innovative cryptocurrency based on a combination of the best technological solutions of predecessors. To support transaction processing within the network, DigiByte uses five different independent algorithms, which contributes to an increase in currency decentralization.
43 Komodo (KMD)$ 0.94$ 105,146,77212.79%AvailableAvailable
44 Storj (STORJ)$ 0.23$ 98,869,943-22.16%AvailableAvailable
45 Decentraland (MANA)$ 0.04$ 98,629,7900.97%AvailableAvailable
46 WAX (WAX)$ 0.05$ 98,083,86142.73%AvailableAvailable
47 Dent (DENT)$ 0.00$ 97,556,6800.00%AvailableAvailable
48 Power Ledger (POWR)$ 0.10$ 97,068,8974.57%AvailableAvailable
49 Verge (XVG)$ 0.01$ 96,824,7970.00%AvailableAvailable
Verge (XVG) is an open source cryptocurrency that offers anonymous and secure transactions, confusing the IP address and geolocation of its users applying TOR and I2P technologies. Verge is written using Bitcoin source code.
50 Icon (ICX)$ 0.24$ 94,068,384-0.18%AvailableAvailable
ICON (ICX) is a whole ecosystem that allows different blockchains to interact with each other. Its main purpose is to unite various systems for speeding up and simplifying transactions. The internal coin ICX is used to pay for products and services directly by organizations that cooperate with the ICON Network.
51 Stratis (STRAT)$ 0.88$ 87,001,868-0.17%AvailableAvailable
Stratis (STRAT) is a project that is a scalable platform that is the basis for developing own blockchain-based decentralized online services. The main goal of the Stratis project is to facilitate the financial sector transfer to blockchain technology, which should increase the efficiency and safety level.
52 Loopring (LRC)$ 0.06$ 80,141,3661.59%AvailableAvailable
53 Siacoin (SC)$ 0.00$ 79,482,0900.00%AvailableAvailable
Siacoin (SC) is a digital currency of a decentralized platform that provides cloud storage services and competes with DropBox, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft centralized clouds. All services in the network are paid in Siacoins, and the transactions reliability is ensured by smart contracts and proof of storage.
54 Waltonchain (WTC)$ 1.09$ 76,011,6624.86%AvailableAvailable
55 Ark (ARK)$ 0.70$ 75,800,39314.92%AvailableAvailable
56 Populous (PPT)$ 1.34$ 71,292,9260.79%AvailableAvailable
57 Golem (GNT)$ 0.07$ 69,152,6778.86%AvailableAvailable
58 IoTeX (IOTX)$ 0.01$ 69,040,112-1.60%AvailableAvailable
59 Civic (CVC)$ 0.06$ 58,121,268-2.76%AvailableAvailable
60 Ardor (ARDR)$ 0.06$ 56,751,1690.80%AvailableAvailable
61 MaidSafe Coin (MAID)$ 0.12$ 55,849,1313.43%AvailableAvailable
62 Factom (FCT)$ 6.12$ 53,539,1550.06%AvailableAvailable
Factom (FCT) is a cryptocurrency of Factom project that offers a blockchain structure that allows to save arbitrary amounts of documentary data. The Factom platform is based on the improvement of cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Due to the information layer, data processing is carried out much faster, which increases the speed of FCT transactions and their confirmation.
63 Enigma (ENG)$ 0.34$ 51,374,8498.56%AvailableAvailable
64 HyperCash (HC)$ 1.17$ 51,184,5760.42%AvailableAvailable
65 TenX (PAY)$ 0.25$ 50,967,3481.16%AvailableAvailable
66 PIVX (PIVX)$ 0.78$ 45,942,9612.22%AvailableAvailable
67 Loom Network (LOOM)$ 0.04$ 44,613,4204.30%AvailableAvailable
68 Bancor Network Token (BNT)$ 0.57$ 42,151,7224.71%AvailableAvailable
69 FunFair (FUN)$ 0.00$ 42,098,9760.99%AvailableAvailable
70 aelf (ELF)$ 0.12$ 40,773,927-1.14%AvailableAvailable
71 Nexo (NEXO)$ 0.07$ 38,567,744-1.43%AvailableAvailable
72 Mithril (MITH)$ 0.04$ 37,296,669-3.87%AvailableAvailable
73 Digitex Futures (DGTX)$ 0.04$ 36,360,450-7.24%AvailableAvailable
74 Electroneum (ETN)$ 0.01$ 35,673,2120.55%AvailableAvailable
75 Enjin Coin (ENJ)$ 0.04$ 35,495,62310.26%AvailableAvailable
76 ReddCoin (RDD)$ 0.00$ 34,989,0180.00%AvailableAvailable
77 STASIS EURS (EURS)$ 1.08$ 33,595,6180.00%AvailableAvailable
78 ZCoin (XZC)$ 5.25$ 33,301,791-0.07%AvailableAvailable
79 Kyber Network (KNC)$ 0.15$ 32,959,7666.27%AvailableAvailable
80 UnikoinGold (UKG)$ 0.03$ 31,705,92110.60%AvailableAvailable
81 Gifto (GTO)$ 0.03$ 31,555,83410.08%AvailableAvailable
82 Mainframe (MFT)$ 0.00$ 31,143,0940.00%AvailableAvailable
83 Digix DAO (DGD)$ 15.44$ 30,887,9460.41%AvailableAvailable
84 Storm (STORM)$ 0.00$ 30,017,4402.56%AvailableAvailable
85 Telcoin (TEL)$ 0.00$ 29,943,900-4.55%AvailableAvailable
86 Gas (GAS)$ 2.79$ 28,258,166-17.46%AvailableAvailable
87 CyberMiles (CMT)$ 0.03$ 26,527,9130.57%AvailableAvailable
88 Nxt (NXT)$ 0.02$ 24,689,3445.11%AvailableAvailable
89 Syscoin (SYS)$ 0.04$ 24,449,997-2.22%AvailableAvailable
90 Numeraire (NMR)$ 3.77$ 23,653,0301.71%AvailableAvailable
91 Obyte (GBYTE)$ 33.84$ 22,980,797-3.94%AvailableAvailable
92 Cindicator (CND)$ 0.01$ 22,888,298-0.65%AvailableAvailable
93 (RLC)$ 0.26$ 22,387,177-0.88%AvailableAvailable
94 Edgeless (EDG)$ 0.17$ 22,300,8394.07%AvailableAvailable
95 Metal (MTL)$ 0.33$ 22,184,4921.46%AvailableAvailable
96 Salt (SALT)$ 0.18$ 21,923,237-3.93%AvailableAvailable
97 Vertcoin (VTC)$ 0.43$ 20,545,214-36.73%AvailableAvailable
98 SmartCash (SMART)$ 0.01$ 19,656,7302.36%AvailableAvailable
99 Bread (BRD)$ 0.20$ 18,215,2220.37%AvailableAvailable
100 SirinLabs (SRN)$ 0.03$ 17,668,7422.62%AvailableAvailable
101 Groestlcoin (GRS)$ 0.24$ 17,341,016-3.47%AvailableAvailable
102 Nuls (NULS)$ 0.43$ 17,215,0020.35%AvailableAvailable
103 Particl (PART)$ 2.42$ 17,125,692-7.04%AvailableAvailable
104 Selfkey (KEY)$ 0.00$ 16,209,417-1.37%AvailableAvailable
105 Aragon (ANT)$ 0.40$ 15,814,182-3.88%AvailableAvailable
106 AirSwap (AST)$ 0.03$ 15,065,0032.16%AvailableAvailable
107 Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL)$ 0.19$ 12,710,5080.58%AvailableAvailable
108 Emercoin (EMC)$ 0.29$ 12,634,6250.41%AvailableAvailable
109 Substratum (SUB)$ 0.02$ 12,350,376-13.93%AvailableAvailable
110 Ignis (IGNIS)$ 0.02$ 12,166,343-1.62%AvailableAvailable
111 SingularDTV (SNGLS)$ 0.01$ 11,856,889-2.17%AvailableAvailable
112 district0x (DNT)$ 0.01$ 11,594,2361.31%AvailableAvailable
113 Agrello (DLT)$ 0.09$ 11,521,023-5.87%AvailableAvailable
114 Ripio (RCN)$ 0.01$ 11,518,5322.68%AvailableAvailable
115 Refereum (RFR)$ 0.00$ 10,506,1043.70%AvailableAvailable
116 NavCoin (NAV)$ 0.16$ 10,330,9023.51%AvailableAvailable
117 SONM (SNM)$ 0.02$ 8,879,6093.09%AvailableAvailable
118 SaluS (SLS)$ 8.45$ 8,557,154-16.00%AvailableAvailable
119 Blocktix (TIX)$ 0.12$ 7,802,1891.56%AvailableAvailable
120 BLOCKv (VEE)$ 0.01$ 7,699,929-2.90%AvailableAvailable
121 Aeternity (AE)$ 0.42$ 7,462,6390.27%AvailableAvailable
122 adToken (ADT)$ 0.01$ 6,979,0553.91%AvailableAvailable
123 Everex (EVX)$ 0.27$ 6,660,1203.27%AvailableAvailable
124 FLO (FLO)$ 0.04$ 6,494,6252.12%AvailableAvailable
125 Gulden (NLG)$ 0.02$ 6,493,842-5.66%AvailableAvailable
126 Aeron (ARN)$ 0.32$ 6,358,44414.28%AvailableAvailable
127 GameCredits (GAME)$ 0.08$ 5,699,3180.60%AvailableAvailable
128 Wings (WINGS)$ 0.05$ 5,283,069-4.67%AvailableAvailable
129 ZClassic (ZCL)$ 0.90$ 5,050,919-0.08%AvailableAvailable
130 Holo (HOT)$ 0.00$ 5,021,64028.71%AvailableAvailable
131 Viberate (VIB)$ 0.02$ 4,742,7561.44%AvailableAvailable
132 Zap (ZAP)$ 0.01$ 4,626,019-10.13%AvailableAvailable
133 Bankex (BKX)$ 0.01$ 4,397,5551.74%AvailableAvailable
134 PotCoin (POT)$ 0.02$ 4,092,8311.23%AvailableAvailable
135 Xaurum (XAUR)$ 0.04$ 3,897,3200.43%AvailableAvailable
136 DeepOnion (ONION)$ 0.18$ 3,843,480-9.55%AvailableAvailable
137 BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT)$ 0.03$ 3,800,5972.59%AvailableAvailable
138 The Abyss (ABYSS)$ 0.01$ 3,795,24836.49%AvailableAvailable
139 Shift (SHIFT)$ 0.28$ 3,665,7797.05%AvailableAvailable
140 UpToken (UP)$ 0.02$ 3,394,6960.62%AvailableAvailable
141 Turtlecoin (TRTL)$ 0.00$ 3,123,217-13.04%AvailableAvailable
142 Elastic (XEL)$ 0.03$ 2,820,6843.02%AvailableAvailable
143 Dynamic (DYN)$ 0.19$ 2,812,411-2.01%AvailableAvailable
144 FirstBlood (1ST)$ 0.03$ 2,810,82621.26%AvailableAvailable
145 Ethos (BQX)$ 1.20$ 2,667,5420.00%AvailableAvailable
146 Revolution VR (RVR)$ 0.01$ 2,537,2249.15%AvailableAvailable
147 Radium (RADS)$ 0.69$ 2,521,3064.86%AvailableAvailable
148 Diamond (DMD)$ 0.79$ 2,478,981-0.14%AvailableAvailable
149 Mercury (MER)$ 0.05$ 2,365,7491.04%AvailableAvailable
150 MonetaryUnit (MUE)$ 0.02$ 2,297,2144.11%AvailableAvailable
151 eBoost (EBST)$ 0.02$ 1,782,1070.85%AvailableAvailable
152 Humaniq (HMQ)$ 0.01$ 1,736,6061.82%AvailableAvailable
153 Matchpool (GUP)$ 0.02$ 1,735,916-0.64%AvailableAvailable
154 Mysterium (MYST)$ 0.05$ 1,683,0530.00%AvailableAvailable
155 HyperSpace (AMP)$ 0.01$ 1,394,6420.00%AvailableAvailable
156 Chronobank (TIME)$ 1.95$ 1,386,181-9.10%AvailableAvailable
157 Patientory (PTOY)$ 0.01$ 1,354,564-1.10%AvailableAvailable
158 Golos Gold (GBG)$ 0.01$ 1,154,323-4.72%AvailableAvailable
159 SkinCoin (SKIN)$ 0.00$ 1,131,3750.00%AvailableAvailable
160 Golos (GOLOS)$ 0.01$ 1,037,222-6.72%AvailableAvailable
161 OKCash (OK)$ 0.01$ 1,007,5981.12%AvailableAvailable
162 Callisto (CLO)$ 0.00$ 1,003,4135.88%AvailableAvailable
Callisto Network (CLO) is an cryptocurrency of a decentralized open source crypto platform based on go-Ethereum code. The project’s goal is to establish a coin intended to preserve the value of users' funds, as well as to create conditions for storing coins by Cold Staking protocol and to encourage this process.
163 Swarm City (SWT)$ 0.11$ 948,9890.07%AvailableAvailable
164 Expanse (EXP)$ 0.09$ 900,6250.53%AvailableAvailable
165 Stox (STX)$ 0.02$ 889,444-7.67%AvailableAvailable
166 ArtByte (ABY)$ 0.00$ 862,3857.41%AvailableAvailable
167 Memetic / PepeCoin (MEME)$ 0.03$ 777,5131.44%AvailableAvailable
168 TransferCoin (TX)$ 0.10$ 719,3094.72%AvailableAvailable
169 WeTrust (TRST)$ 0.01$ 682,0000.00%AvailableAvailable
170 BetterBetting (BETR)$ 0.00$ 629,806-3.42%AvailableAvailable
171 Internet of People (IOP)$ 0.11$ 286,434-3.20%AvailableAvailable
172 ArbitrageCT (ARCT)$ 0.00$ 130,3010.00%AvailableAvailable
173 BitTorrent (BTT)$ 0.00$ 54,1694.17%AvailableAvailable
174 Unified Society USDEX (USX)$ 0.00$ 33,7240.00%AvailableAvailable
175 NKN (NKN)$ 0.03$ 0-5.97%AvailableAvailable
176 GoChain (GO)$ 0.02$ 01.01%AvailableAvailable
177 Grin (GRIN)$ 5.05$ 00.75%AvailableAvailable
178 Wanchain (WAN)$ 0.30$ 03.08%AvailableAvailable
179 Nimiq (NIM)$ 0.00$ 00.00%AvailableAvailable
180 PumaPay (PMA)$ 0.00$ 07.14%AvailableAvailable
181 Tezos (XTZ)$ 0.44$ 00.11%AvailableAvailable
Tezos (XTZ) is a cryptocurrency of a platform that is intended for smart contracts and decentralized applications. The Tezos's goal is to create a network capable of introducing various innovations without the need for hardforks. According to the internal rules of the platform, interested parties can easily vote and reach a consensus on modernization issues.
182 Bitether (BTR)$ 0.01$ 00.00%AvailableAvailable
183 Dai (DAI)$ 1.01$ 00.00%AvailableAvailable
Dai (DAI) is a token of the Maker DAO crypto-project. DAI is the first decentralized stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain. The Dai rate corresponds to USD and 1 DAI is always worth $1. The Dai priorities are the transparency of conversion and the absence of volatility.
184 Horizen (ZEN)$ 4.65$ 0-0.80%AvailableAvailable
185 NuBits (USNBT)$ 1.00$ 00.00%AvailableAvailable
186 LBRY Credits (LBC)$ 0.02$ 0-2.45%AvailableAvailable
187 AdEx (ADX)$ 0.12$ 0-1.41%AvailableAvailable
188 NOAHCOIN (NOAH)$ 0.00$ 020.00%AvailableAvailable
189 Polymath (POLY)$ 0.09$ 01.50%AvailableAvailable
190 LoMoCoin (LMC)$ 0.00$ 00.00%AvailableAvailable
191 Aeon (AEON)$ 0.29$ 0-8.25%AvailableAvailable
192 BitSend (BSD)$ 0.05$ 03.91%AvailableAvailable
193 Syndicate (SYNX)$ 0.02$ 06.88%AvailableAvailable
194 Aion (AION)$ 0.12$ 00.63%AvailableAvailable
195 Decent (DCT)$ 0.05$ 0-2.10%AvailableAvailable
196 Bitcoin Private (BTCP)$ 1.39$ 0-1.44%AvailableAvailable

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