SimpleSwap Coin (SWAP)

SimpleSwap Coin

SWAP is one of the first tokens issued by an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. SimpleSwap Coin serves as an internal currency for SimpleSwap customers. As the service grows fast, the tokens will be in great demand.

SWAP Utility Value

SimpleSwap Coin serves as Loyalty Program and gives benefits to its holders, such as cashback on exchanges, voting for cryptocurrency listings, affiliate and bounty rewards, dedicated support and way more features to come.

Exchange Listing

SWAP is listed on ForkDelta and is available for trading. It is also possible to get SimpleSwap Coins as a reward for Bounty Campaigns and Social Media Contests. Apart from that, SWAP is available for private sale.

How to get SimpleSwap Coin?


Purchase SWAP on ForkDelta


Take part in our Bounties & Giveaways and get SWAP as a reward

SimpleSwap Coin Supply



100 000 000


8 000 000



4 000 000

Will be distributed during the Bounty


4 000 000

Will be distributed during the Airdrop


2 000 000

Reserved for bonuses for the team


4 000 000

Reserved for the development


2 000 000

Reserved fund for risk prevention


3 000 000

Reserved for advisors


75 000 000

Reserved for Private investors


6 000 000

Reserved for other marketing activities

SimpleSwap Coin (SWAP)

SWAP holders receive cashback for all exchanges made on our service. The amount of cashback depends on a membership status: the more SWAP you have on your address, the higher your status is.

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Bounties & Giveaways

Earn SWAP taking part in our permanent Bug Bounty or doing simple tasks for other activities that we conduct on social media. You can always review the list of actual contests in our Blog.


Private Sale

SWAP will not be on crowdsale. But it is available for purchase for professional investors. In order to prevent possible centralization of tokens, the maximum investment threshold will be determined. We invite potential investors to pass the Investor Questionnaire. Based on this data, we will compile a White List of persons allowed to invest. For more details contact us via [email protected].

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About SimpleSwap

SimpleSwap is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers to swap coins in an easy way. SimpleSwap supports 300+ cryptocurrencies and guarantees safe exchanges. The service is free from sign up and provides limitless swaps at good rates. It is possible to make floating and fixed rate exchanges and participate in the Affiliate Program.

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Learn the SimpleSwap plans for 2021 in our blog post, where we’ve gathered not only the upcoming initiatives but also our achievements and brightest moments!

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