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SimpleSwap’s Two-Tier Affiliate Program: What is it?

SimpleSwap has launched its own Two-Tier Affiliate Program where partners get a chance to gain extra passive profit. We have prepared a short and easy-to-read overview of it so you could decide whether it fits you or not. 

In a nutshell

One-Tier Program usually lets affiliates (SimpleSwap partners) earn rewards from their direct referrals

Two-Tier Program is called so because it lets affiliates (SimpleSwap partners) additionally earn rewards from the referrals made by the affiliates they have recruited. 

So, in general, a Program has a simple structure where a First-Tier affiliate promotes services directly to referrals. He earns a reward on each completed transaction and recruits Second-Tier affiliates.

What do I get paid for? 

Long story short: each successfully completed transaction made by your referrals brings you closer to a bigger profit.

This is how it works: a Second-Tier affiliate, recruited by the First-Tier affiliate, promotes services and earns rewards from their referrals. Simultaneously, the First-Tier affiliate receives reward for all the completed transactions of referrals invited by the Second-Tier Affiliate. 

All you have to do is to become a SimpleSwap partner with a 1 BTC a month turnover, get a link from your personal manager, recruit the affiliates and get rewards. 

How much can I earn?

First-Tier affiliates get 0.08% of the referral’s exchange amount during 180 days after the Second-Tier affiliate is registered with the Program. The Second-Tier affiliates will not share their reward with the First-Tier Affiliate as it is completely covered by SimpleSwap.*

*If a Second-Tier affiliate sets the reward rate higher than 0.4%, this will not affect the First-Tier Affiliate — he will still receive the same Reward as we mentioned above.

This is important! Please note that the Two-Tier Affiliate Program is currently in open beta testing. As a result, affiliate profit from the Two-Tier Affiliate Program is not visible in the Affiliate Account. Rewards are calculated and paid on demand by the personal manager, with a minimum payment amount of 0.008 BTC, if a lesser amount is not agreed with the personal manager.

Let's look at an example. 

  • Ben is an active affiliate with the sum of exchanges by his referrals above 1 BTC. This makes him a First-Tier affiliate eligible for the Two-Tier Program. 
  • Ben recruits Jerry using his unique Two-Tier Program link. 
  • Jerry registers as an affiliate and starts promoting services on his own website. This makes Jerry a Second-Tier affiliate, recruited by Ben. 
  • Jerry is successful in getting referrals and earns rewards for their transactions. Ben will be given 0.08% of the exchange amount of Jerry’s referrals (which is 20% of Jerry's reward) for 180 days after Jerry registers with the Program. 
  • SimpleSwap covers the cost of Ben's reward, meaning that Jerry does not have to share his reward with Ben. If Jerry is to set the commission rate above 0.4 %, Ben will still receive 0.08% of the exchange amount of Jerry’s referrals.

I want to join. How to do that?

It’s very easy. Just make sure to follow the steps below. 

  • Go to your SimpleSwap Affiliate Program Profile, and check out the very bottom of the navigation. There you will see the email address of your personal manager. 
  • Contact your personal manager and tell that you meet the requirements to join the Two-Tier Affiliate Program.   
  • The manager will create a link and provide it to you. New Affiliates registering with that link for the Program will be considered recruited in by you.

This is important! To participate in the Two-Tier Program, an Affiliate must be an active partner. It means you must have at least 1 BTC a month turnover from your own affiliate instruments unless you have agreed otherwise with your personal manager.

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