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BakeryToken Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • BAKE Statistics
  • BakeryToken Roadmap
  • Crypto community about BAKE
  • BAKE Price Prediction
  • BAKE Price Prediction 2024
  • BAKE Price Prediction 2025
  • BAKE Historical Price Analysis
  • Conclusion

The BakeryToken crew is unknown. The only thing we could find out is that they are devs who trust in the grand future of DAOs. The project was launched in the beginning of autumn 2020, which was two years ago.

The BAKE token is a crucial unit of the ecosystem. The members who are providing liquidity, get rewarded with BAKE. Later, it gets utilized to receive an interest of BakerySwap trading fees as well as join the project’s governance. BakerySwap, is a decentralized AMM (automated market-making) protocol built on BSC.

BAKE Statistics

Price prediction at 09.26.2023:
BAKE price: $0.10755134434621215
Market capitalization: $31165208.2819007
Volume (24h): $22163226.00715188
Circulating supply: 289770513.5286699 BAKE
Total supply: 289770513.5286699 BAKE

BakeryToken Roadmap

BakeryToken does not have a lately updated roadmap, but the last they have shared with the community was in November 2020. However, there is not much news delivered over the past time, so we can consider this one to be relevant till now:

As we can see, this picture includes the completed tasks and the new goals set by the devs of BakeryToken. Most of them concern NFT developments, gamification process and tokenomics.

Crypto community about BAKE

The project’s community supports BakeryToken and is trying to save the friendly atmosphere inside of their chats. On Twitter, many users are highlighting that the BAKE token is “finally getting back to life”, as they say:

Some of them are upset about the cost and regret contributing the BAKE:

Probably, some of the regrets are caused by the weak activity of the team in social networks. The Telegram chat seems quite abandoned even though the community manager is answering all the users’ questions:

But most of the community members do not give up and continue cheering others up:

BAKE Price Prediction

BAKE Price Prediction 2024

As for June 24, 2022:

To know the price for BAKE tokens we visited, and that’s what it says — $0.35 at the beginning of 2024 and $0.45 at the end of it. The average cost of BAKE according to the prediction is $0.38.

BAKE Price Prediction 2025

As for June 24, 2022:

Check out, the average price it provides is $0.46 in January and $0.55 in December 2025. From we found out that the price of BAKE will rise from $0.45 in 2025 to $1.26 in 2031.

BAKE Historical Price Analysis

As for June 24, 2022:

All-Time High (May 02, 2021 ): $8.48

All-Time Low (Nov 07, 2020): $0.007567

The general dynamics of the BAKE price are pretty good considering the latest condition of the cryptocurrency market. Now we are dealing with difficult times.

Talking of historical BAKE value, we noticed that the all-time low was in November 2020 and all-time high in May 2021 with a price of more than $8 which doesn’t seem to repeat again soon.

The increasing spike that took place in Spring 2021, and that could be caused by the announcement of NFTs launch. However, this didn’t last long — already in June the graph has gone down. To sum up, the price of BAKE can surely go up sometime, and we have to watch the stats.


There are some significant points of BakeryToken:

  • BakerySwap runs on the BSC, and the BAKE BNB pool is estimated to deliver 10 times more rewards unlike other pools.
  • BakerySwap produces liquidity pools for altcoins with and without BAKE rewards. It’s meant to simplify the establishment of new liquidity pools by the community members.
  • Liquidity providers get BAKEs. Using these tokens they can earn a part of the fees collected in the pools when eliminating the liquidity.

Concluding our review, we want to note that the project has shown itself from an interesting point of view. Let’s see where it leads and if the project can successfully move forward and attract more crypto enthusiasts.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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