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Uniswap (UNI) coin Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 - The future of UNI

Sep 15, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • UNI Overview
  • What Is Uniswap (UNI)?
  • Uniswap Price Chart
  • Uniswap Price Technical Analysis
  • Uniswap Price Forecasts Comparison
  • Uniswap (UNI) Price Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050
  • A Historical look at UNI's price
  • Uniswap Correlation
  • What affects the price of Uniswap?
  • Should you consider buying Uniswap?
  • Conclusion: The future of UNI
  • Uniswap Price Forecast FAQs

This article is dedicated to the Uniswap crypto project and its UNI token. We will review many important indicators, including the change in the price of the coin, the history of the project, its rivals, the price forecasts from various services and much more.

Disclaimer: SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

UNI Overview

Coin NameUniswap
Coin SymbolUNI
USD Price$4.14
Market Cap$2,386,646,269
24h Volume$63,044,593
Total Supply1,000,000,000 UNI

What Is Uniswap (UNI)?

Uniswap is a cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize decentralized finance by introducing a decentralized exchange that operates entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike traditional centralized exchanges, it enables users to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies directly from their digital wallets.

At the heart of Uniswap is an automated market maker (AMM) algorithm that allows users to easily swap one cryptocurrency for another by providing liquidity to various trading pairs. UNI gives users a say in the platform's development and future upgrades.

Uniswap has played a pivotal role in the DeFi ecosystem, providing users with a more inclusive and accessible way to participate in crypto trading while promoting decentralization and community governance. Some crypto enthusiasts say that this project’s interface and open-source nature have made it one of the cornerstones of DeFi.

Uniswap ’s rivals

Uniswap has its fair share of rivals in the crypto space. Some notable contenders include SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and Curve Finance. These projects, like Uniswap, operate in the world of decentralized exchanges and automated market makers, each offering its unique features and advantages. 

SushiSwap is a formidable rival to Uniswap, known for its community-driven ethos and innovative features. It emerged as a fork of Uniswap but quickly differentiated itself by introducing features like yield farming and a governance token called SUSHI. SushiSwap aims to incentivize liquidity providers by rewarding them with tokens, offering a unique twist to the decentralized exchange landscape.

PancakeSwap operates on the Binance Smart Chain and is a strong competitor in the decentralized exchange arena. It distinguishes itself by offering users lower transaction fees and faster confirmation times compared to Ethereum-based platforms like Uniswap. PancakeSwap also features yield farming, staking, and a governance token known as CAKE, making it an attractive option for DeFi enthusiasts.

  • Curve Finance (CRV)

Curve Finance focuses on stablecoin trading and provides a specialized platform for users looking to swap stablecoins with minimal slippage. Unlike Uniswap, Curve is tailored for low-risk, low-slippage trading, making it a preferred choice for those dealing with stable assets in the DeFi space. Its unique design caters to a specific niche within the decentralized exchange ecosystem, setting it apart from Uniswap and its competitors.

The Foundation of Uniswap 

Uniswap made its debut in 2018, thanks to its founder, Hayden Adams. This decentralized exchange protocol allowed users to swap virtually any ERC-20 token directly on the Ethereum network.

In September 2020, the team showed its token to the world. To celebrate the launch, they conducted a generous airdrop, distributing 400 UNI tokens to any Ethereum address that had engaged in a transaction on the network before September 1st of that very year.

Furthermore, certain users received even more UNI tokens based on the level of liquidity they had contributed to the Uniswap protocol. This move not only encouraged participation but also rewarded those who actively supported the ecosystem with their contributions.

What’s The Point of Uniswap?

Uniswap has a clear mission: to bolster liquidity, thereby fostering trading and the inherent value it brings to the world of DeFi.

As one of the prominent Automated Market Makers today, Uniswap operates on a unique formula: X x Y = K. Its founder, Hayden Adams, takes credit for inventing this specific implementation of the formula for Uniswap.

But Uniswap is more than just a decentralized exchange. It addresses the liquidity challenges that platforms like EtherDelta grappled with in the past. By automating the market-making process, Uniswap incentivizes participation while reducing risks and costs for all participants. Moreover, it eliminates the need for users to reveal their identities. This democratization of liquidity provision is at the core of Uniswap's vision for DeFi.

Uniswap token functions

The core function of the token is governance, as it was primarily made for giving users a voting power. 


The UNI token has been crafted for utilization in governing the Uniswap protocol.


UNI tokens serve various purposes for different entities and individuals. They offer an alternative, decentralized payment method that operates independently of intermediaries, granting users greater autonomy over their funds.

Uniswap Development Roadmap

The Uniswap roadmap is not available in the form we all got used to. However, the project has its own Blog section where the team shares all the important updates. Right now, they have announced the development of the Uniswap v4. 

Uniswap v4 is introduced as an exciting evolution in decentralized finance that aims to empower users with greater control and flexibility over liquidity pools. At its core, v4 introduces a concept called "hooks," which are like smart contracts that can execute specific actions at various points in a liquidity pool's lifecycle. These hooks allow for customizable pools, offering an array of possibilities for DeFi innovators.

In the world of Uniswap v4, liquidity pools are no longer bound by the strict rules of their predecessors. Pools can now make tradeoffs and implement entirely new features. For instance, v4 enables pools to support dynamic fees, incorporate on-chain limit orders, or operate as time-weighted average market makers to execute large orders over time.

One of the key architectural changes in Uniswap v4 is the introduction of a "singleton" contract. Instead of having multiple contracts for different pools, all pools now reside within a single smart contract. This innovation significantly reduces transaction costs, as swaps no longer require token transfers between separate contracts. Initial estimates suggest that v4 can cut gas costs for pool creation by a staggering 99%.

Complementing the singleton architecture is the "flash accounting" system, which optimizes the transfer of assets in and out of pools. Unlike v3, which transfers assets at the end of each swap, v4 only moves net balances. This not only enhances efficiency but also results in additional gas savings.

Uniswap v4 remains committed to open-source principles and community governance. The code is released under the Business Source License 1.1, limiting its commercial use for up to four years before converting to a GPL license, ensuring transparency and accessibility. Governance mechanisms, similar to v3, enable the community to decide on Protocol fees for pools, with an upper limit.

Where and how to buy Uniswap crypto?

If you want to buy UNI, make sure that you are well-acquainted with the key information about the firm and the token. Keep in mind that purchasing any crypto is your own responsibility. However, if you still want to become an owner of UNI tokens, you may choose SimpleSwap as a place to buy them:

  • Pick the crypto you’d like to swap (e.g. Bitcoin).
  • Enter the number you want to exchange.
  • Select UNI in the second drop-down list. You’ll see the estimated amount that you will get after the exchange.
  • Click the Exchange button.
  • Enter the Recipient's Address. UNI will be sent there. Check the address you entered — it’s important!
  • Create the exchange.
  • You’ll see the BTC deposit address. You have to transfer the necessary sum of BTC to this address to start the exchange. Then wait for tokens to arrive at your wallet.

Let’s move on to the Uniswap price prediction, let’s move on.

Uniswap Price Chart

Coinmarketcap provided a UNI stats, where we can see that it faced a bearish trend during the last 30 days. On August 9, the price had hit $6.127, and in 30 days, it dropped to $4.35. This is a significant drop, but remembering the ATL of UNI — $0.419 in 2020 — we may see that these are not the worst numbers for the project. 

UNI Price$4.14
Volume (24h)$63,044,593
Total supply1,000,000,000 UNI

*Information given above as of September 11, 2023.

Uniswap Price Technical Analysis

Before moving on to the UNI price prediction, we will take a look at the changes the token faced. As of September 8, the UNI is ranked #27 on Coinmarkercap’s market cap list. 

Last week the price of UNI was both increasing and dropping. For example, on September 1, it was $4.25 and on September 11 it hit $4.13.  

Uniswap Price Forecasts Comparison

We have visited various crypto prediction websites to see their forecasts for UNI in 2023-2024. Here’s what we saw:


“As we recover from the crypto winter, we are expecting that Uniswap will achieve a maximum price of $7.84 as the market starts to recover. The minimum expected price is $5.23 and the average price will hover around $6.54”.


“Based on the historical price movements of Uniswap and the BTC halving cycles, the yearly low Uniswap price prediction for 2024 is estimated at $3.86.”


“Uniswap is predicted to start in November 2023 at $4.071 and finish the month at $4.53. During November, the maximum forecasted UNI price is $5.33 and the minimum price is $3.62.”

Below you may find the comparison table of Uniswap price prediction from different services. 

SourceUniswap Price Prediction 2023Uniswap Price Prediction 2025Uniswap Price Prediction 2030

*Information given above as of September 11, 2023.

Bitnation's predictions suggest an increasingly bullish outlook for UNI cryptocurrency. In 2023, they anticipate a price of $6.54, which indicates a moderate starting point. However, their projections for 2025 and 2030 show substantial growth. They expect this coin to reach $15.25 in 2025 and an even more impressive $37.04 in 2030. These forecasts indicate strong optimism for projects's long-term potential, with an expectation of significant price appreciation.

Coincodex's predictions for Uniswap future are characterized by a highly bullish short-term view. In 2023, they project a price of $4.12, which represents a relatively conservative estimate. However, their forecasts take a sharp upward turn in 2025, with an anticipated price of $34.85, reflecting a substantial expected increase. Looking further ahead to 2030, Coincodex maintains a bullish sentiment with a prediction of $31.70. These projections suggest a belief in UNI's capacity for remarkable growth over the next decade.'s Uniswap coin price prediction exhibit a more tempered outlook. In 2023, they expect a price of $4.26, which is a modest starting point. Their predictions for 2025 and 2030 reflect a relatively stable trajectory. They anticipate UNI to reach $7.03 in 2025 and $15.04 in 2030. These forecasts suggest a more cautious perspective on UNI's potential, with an expectation of steady, gradual growth over time.

Here is an additional Uniswap forecast from few other services:

SourceUNI coin Price Prediction 2023UNI coin Price Prediction 2025UNI coin Price Prediction 2030

*Information given above as of September 11, 2023.

Please be aware that the provided information is subject to change at any moment. The stability of Uniswap crypto price prediction is influenced by market volatility and numerous other variables. It is advisable not to make investment decisions solely based on price forecasts.

Uniswap (UNI) Price Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Take a look at the general overview of Uniswap UNI coin prognose:

YearMaximum price of UNI

*Information given above as of September 11, 2023.

Uniswap (UNI) coin price prediction 2023

In 2023, the UNI token is expected to maintain a relatively stable price of around $4.10. This projection suggests that the token's value will experience modest growth, potentially reflecting the continued adoption of DeFi platforms and Uniswap's position in the market. 

Uniswap (UNI) crypto price prediction 2024

The following year, in 2024, UNI's price is forecasted to increase slightly to approximately $4.31. This uptrend may be attributed to ongoing developments in the DeFi space, potential protocol upgrades, and increased user engagement with decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

Uniswap (UNI) coin price prediction 2025

Continuing its gradual climb, the UNI token is projected to reach around $4.53 in 2025. By this time, Uniswap may have further refined its protocol, attracted more liquidity providers, and solidified its position as a prominent player in the DeFi ecosystem.

Uniswap (UNI) coin price prediction 2030

Looking ahead to 2030, the UNI token is expected to show steady growth, reaching approximately $5.78. Over the years, Uniswap may have expanded its user base, introduced innovative features, and adapted to changing market dynamics, contributing to this price increase.

Uniswap (UNI) crypto price prediction 2040

By 2040, the UNI token is forecasted to have appreciated to around $9.42. This long-term projection reflects the potential for sustained growth in the decentralized finance sector.

Uniswap (UNI) coin price prediction 2050

In 2050, the UNI token's price is expected to reach approximately $15.34, indicating optimism about the project's long-term prospects. This projection assumes that Uniswap continues to innovate and remains competitive in the DeFi landscape.

A Historical look at UNI's price

The all-time high of UNI happened in May 2021. By that time, it reached $44.97. On the other hand, the lowest cost of an asset was $0.419, which took place in September 2020. 

Uniswap/USD Pair

UNI/USD11 September 2022$6.49
UNI/USD11 September 2023$4.14

Compared to the previous year, the UNI price in USD has decreased. 

Uniswap/EUR Pair

UNI/EUR11 September 2022€6.44
UNI/EUR11 September 2023€3.83

The same situation occurred with the euro equivalent. The reduction in price is obvious.

Uniswap Correlation

The UNI token exhibited a range of correlations with the prices of different coins, showcasing a combination of positive and negative connections. Let's explore which assets displayed these correlations.

Positively Correlated Currencies


Negatively Correlated Currencies


What affects the price of Uniswap?

There are several things that affect the cost of UNI. Let’s take a loot at the list below. 

  • Market sentiment: like all cryptocurrencies, Uniswap's price is heavily influenced by market sentiment. Positive news, partnerships, or developments in the DeFi space can lead to increased demand and higher prices, while negative events can have the opposite effect.
  • Liquidity: liquidity in Uniswap pools plays a crucial role. Higher liquidity can lead to lower price volatility and more efficient trading, making UNI more attractive to users.
  • Competition: Uniswap operates in a competitive DeFi market. The presence of rival decentralized exchanges and their features can affect UNI's price and market share.
  • Adoption and usage: the more users and projects that utilize Uniswap for decentralized trading and liquidity provision, the more demand there is for UNI tokens, potentially driving up the price.
  • Regulatory developments: changes in regulatory environments, especially related to DeFi and cryptocurrencies, can impact Uniswap's price. Clarity and favorable regulations can boost confidence and investment.
  • Technological upgrades: upgrades to the Uniswap protocol can introduce new features and improve efficiency, which can positively influence the token's price.
  • Market trends: broader trends in the cryptocurrency market can affect UNI's price. If Bitcoin and major altcoins experience bullish or bearish movements, UNI may follow suit.
  • Macroeconomic factors: economic events and trends, such as inflation or economic crises, can also have an indirect impact on UNI's price as investors seek alternative assets and hedges.
  • Tokenomics: UNI's tokenomics, including its supply and distribution, can influence price. Events like token burns or changes in distribution mechanisms can affect scarcity and demand.
  • User activity: the level of activity on the Uniswap platform, including trading volumes and the number of liquidity providers, can provide insights into potential price movements.

It's essential to note that cryptocurrency markets are subject to rapid and unpredictable price swings. Traders and investors should conduct thorough research and consider these factors alongside their risk tolerance when engaging with UNI or any other cryptocurrency.

Should you consider buying Uniswap?

Before purchasing any cryptocurrency, you should take a look at the pros and cons of the project. To answer the question “is uniswap a good investment?”, let's see the benefits and drawbacks of UNI. 


  • Decentralized exchange: Uniswap provides a decentralized platform for direct cryptocurrency trading without intermediaries.
  • Liquidity provision: UNI holders can earn fees by providing liquidity to the platform.
  • Community governance: UNI token holders have a say in protocol changes, fostering community participation.
  • Innovative AMM Model: Uniswap introduced the Automated Market Maker model, shaping DeFi trading.


  • Price volatility: UNI's price can be highly volatile, leading to both gains and losses.
  • Competition: Uniswap faces stiff competition in the crowded DeFi market.
  • Regulatory uncertainty: evolving regulations can impact Uniswap's operations.
  • Smart contract risks: while secure, smart contracts are not immune to vulnerabilities.

However, you also should not make a decision based only on these points. Do you own research first, get acquainted with the project, its team and roadmap before buying

Conclusion: The future of UNI

The future on the Uniswap project is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy, but the team is doing a lot to make their company more popular and trusted in the Crypto World.  

Right now, the advantages of the project outweigh its disadvantages, and we can see that the development is continuing. What’s going to happen next? According to the various price predictions we’ve analyzed in this article, the price of the token will grow. Will these forecasts become true? Time will tell.

Uniswap Price Forecast FAQs

Will Uniswap reach $1000?

Unfortunately, we can not claim that UNI will hit that price. We only found the predictions for 2030, when the asset’s price might overcome $100, according to the most positive forecast. 

Is Uniswap (UNI) coin a good investment?

It depends on what you are expecting from this coin. Uniswap is doing well now, and the coin’s price is slowly growing. However the price might change anytime. 

Does Uniswap crypto have a future?

Yes, Uniswap does have a future as the project’s team is developing their concept every day. 

What will be the price of Uniswap in 2025?

The best UNI crypto price prediction delivered by Coincodex for 2025 is $34.85.

Will the Uniswap price go up?

According to the various price prediction services, the price of UNI will go up. 

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