THETA Price Prediction

Nov 30, 2022
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The Theta network is a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain which was created for promoting video content and the effective placement of streaming video. Developers of this project are and Theta Labs. Theta coin or THETA is the platform’s internal cryptocurrency based on the ERC20 standard. THETA can be used as a donation to content creators, to unlock the premium content and also as a short-term and long-term investment.

Cryptocurrency analytics consider the Theta platform as a significant project. Thus, many investors and people who are interested in the crypto industry are watching closely at the THETA price and its price prediction.

THETA statistics

Let’s take a look at some THETA statistics represented on

Price prediction at 12.04.2022:
THETA price: $0.8865552855125859
Market capitalization: $886555285.5125859
Volume (24h): $11327019.29019364
Circulating supply: 1000000000 THETA
Total supply: 1000000000 THETA
Max supply: 1000000000 THETA

THETA Price Prediction 2022

Price prediction at 12.04.2022:
Minimum THETA price for 2022: $0.21425999999999998
Maximum THETA price for 2022: $1.4549333333333332
Average THETA price for 2022: $0.8364166666666665

Year-end THETA price predictions 2022:
Minimum expected: $0.21425999999999998
Maximum expected: $1.4549333333333332
Average expected: $0.8364166666666665

Crypto community about THETA

Considering that the Theta coin is becoming more famous and some people see it as a perspective cryptocurrency, there are more and more price predictions made around it. Let’s see what experts, crypto analysts, and crypto community members think about THETA price predictions.

For example, @TheCryptoDog (crypto trader) believes that the THETA coin price will go up: “But dog, wat alts r u talking about? which ones will go up?" I don't know. Most of them I think. I'm in $NANO and $THETA.

…and remember, I could always be wrong. This isn't financial advice, just musings from a dog on the internet.”

Marius Kramer, blockchain consultant and the Bitcoin writer on Quora, gives a good THETA price prediction saying that he may even buy it soon: “But no wonder, THETA has very, very strong fundamentals with $16.5M in revenue 1 year ago already. I’m looking forward very much to buy in in a month or so once it has fallen back down again. Long term, THETA is also extremely promising as it is the decentralized Twitch/Youtube/Netflix after all.”

The crypto community is quite optimistic about the THETA coin and there is one of the opinions that THETA price can reach $500 was given on Twitter by the user who posted prediction on several promising cryptocurrencies including THETA: “from my guides since Feb 2019. At some point, they could hit. I’ll periodically share upcoming price predictions for the ones below and new coins that I get info from my guides.”

Analyzing THETA price predictions by the data from the above services, it can be said that some people believe that THETA has considerable potential and big partnerships ahead. Who knows, maybe the Theta network will be a competitor to such platforms as YouTube or Twitch in the near future.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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