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Bluzelle Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • BLZ Statistics
  • Bluzelle Roadmap
  • Crypto community about BLZ
  • BLZ Price Prediction
  • BLZ Price Prediction 2024
  • BLZ Price Prediction 2025
  • BLZ Historical Price Analysis

Bluzelle is a blockchain for GameFi based on Cosmos and is able to provide games with high quality. It also defends gamers’ NFTs and leverages decentralized finance yields with the ten thousand transactions per second. Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka — these are the names of the main founders of Bluzelle.

Among the key features of the project:

  • Quality games, for example, Gamma 4, a P2E game created by the veterans of sphere, the popular Nintendo, all-known EA and Ubisoft workers.
  • Decentralized storage for Game NFTs.
  • Combination of decentralized finance goods in the ecosystem of Cosmos. It’s needed in order to provide staking, lending and yield approaches for gaming assets.

Bluzelle owns three core products at the moment. They are: BluzelleNet (a Proof of Stake blockchain with ten thousand TPS), Gamma 4 (a player-to-earn game) and Bluzelle R2 (decentralized storage).

Bluzelle has its BLZ token. Users are able to buy NFTs with BLZ and own it as in-game money. Also, BLZ can be earned by validators.

BLZ Statistics

Price prediction at 09.26.2023:
BLZ price: $0.1643763174329171
Market capitalization: $69930152.64643987
Volume (24h): $53839732.9126426
Circulating supply: 425427176.7280512 BLZ
Total supply: 500000000 BLZ

Bluzelle Roadmap

Bluzelle roadmap is currently available and has been updated for 2022. It contains many tasks that were already completed, but there are still some goals left so the roadmap is currently relevant. Let’s check it out now:

Right now the team is in the last stage of its 2021-2022 plan. The core points are network governance, Proof of Storage in Mainnet; push notifications for advanced warning and inter blockchain support in Oracle section; substrate pallets connect with Bluzelle Mainnet and support for Polkadot Kasuma and Main relay chains in Polkadot section.

Crypto community about BLZ

The community members discuss the price of BLZ on Twitter a lot. Also, they seem to be pretty supportive of the core project idea — GameFi appears to be more interesting for people as they are able to play and earn at the same time.

The BLZ cost mentions appear recently on Twitter, and users hope it will reach the moon very soon:

BLZ Price Prediction

BLZ Price Prediction 2024

As of June 15, 2022: says that the BLZ price will be $0.14 in January 2024 and $0.18 in December. Not much of a change though. Due to the prognosis of, we could face a number of $0.14. During this year, this is the final value for BLZ.

BLZ Price Prediction 2025

As of June 15, 2022:

Check out, and you will see the forecast available till 2025. The last price they give a prediction for is $0.22 so the value of BLZ token could rise a bit but we should not expect any major ups or downs. doesn’t agree with this prediction and gives its own number of $0.19 for 2025. According to the source, the BLZ price will grow till $0.51 by 2031.

BLZ Historical Price Analysis

As of June 17, 2022:

All-Time High (Feb 07, 2018): $0.9139

All-Time Low (Mar 13, 2020): $0.006067

The price of BLZ has faced many falls, however, lately it stays pretty stable. The highest cost of 1 BLZ token reached $0.91 in 2018, and has never repeated its own success. We can see the number of $0.73 on April 29, 2018 and then, the decreasing rate throughout the last few years. Let’s check Coinmarketcap, where the graphic is showing the full price history:

Due to BluzelleNet, the whole ecosystem is powered as a 10,000 TPS PoS network. Becoming a validator is considered to be a simple process with minimal tech awareness. The idea is to own a network with a lot of nodes that will work together in order to deliver private and available databases to the whole world. Bluzelle team plans that every device will become a node, including hard drives and mobile phones. And if you don’t want to become a validator, you have an opportunity to give this task to some other validator. This process ensures that everybody can be a part of the network and generate fees. The development of this idea and project, in general, may push the price of the BLZ token. We will definitely keep an eye on the project to see what’s coming.

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