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Bonfida Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • FIDA Statistics
  • Bonfida Roadmap
  • Crypto community about FIDA
  • FIDA Price Prediction
  • FIDA Price prediction 2025
  • FIDA Price prediction 2030
  • FIDA Historical Price Analysis

Bonfida is a set of products that is designed to connect Solana, Serum and customers who trade on the Serum DEX. As Serum's flagship GUI, the platform uses Solana data analytics. Thus, the decentralized exchange Bonfida provides its traders with enhanced functionality including a built-in wallet, starting SOL airdrops, etc. Another Bonfida product is Solible, which is an NFT e-commerce store.

FIDA is the native token of the platform, which has functions such as adjusting fees and executing various transactions. FIDA holders benefit from enhanced analytics, lower latency, and access to rare Solible markets.

FIDA Statistics

Let's take a look at the FIDA token statistics on CoinMarketCap:

Price prediction at 12.08.2023:
FIDA price: $0.2516956227296318
Market capitalization: $28162455.750560284
Volume (24h): $15188634.26945469
Circulating supply: 111890923.8275154 FIDA
Total supply: 992361086.867123 FIDA

Bonfida Roadmap

At the moment, the Bonfida platform does not have a roadmap for 2022. However, there is a Blog where the latest updates are posted. Here are some of them:

  • Partnership with Slope Finance
  • Cashmere was integrated into the Solana Name Service
  • Tokenization of both domain names and Solana marketplaces became available
  • Partnership with Opensea
  • Solana Name Service has been improved: verified emojis, certified sellers and profile customization are now available
  • Cooperation with 4EVERLAND (domain name owners can use SNS + IPFS website hosting)
  • Bonfida became the first credit pool in the Larix project
  • The new Vault-Watcher real-time monitoring program was created specifically for developers
  • Solana Name Service Website redesign
  • Launch of a new NFT collection called Wolf

It is also worth noting that 2022 was the year of listing for the FIDA token on exchanges such as Coinbase,, FIDA-PERP, Kraken, Bybit, AscendEX, etc.

All of the above updates expand the functionality of the Bonfida platform products and make it even more convenient and safe for users.

Crypto community about FIDA

The Twitter community of Bonfida is constantly expanding, and there are more and more fans every day. Let's see what they think and say about the FIDA token.

However, some crypto enthusiasts believe that the price of FIDA will not increase in the near future.

FIDA Price Prediction

Price prediction at 12.08.2023:
Minimum FIDA price for 2023: $0.0016222580645161287
Maximum FIDA price for 2023: $0.87775
Average FIDA price for 2023: $0.2253177162903226

Year-end FIDA price predictions 2023:
Minimum expected: $0.0016222580645161287
Maximum expected: $0.004867709677419356
Average expected: $0.0032449354838709676

FIDA Price prediction 2025

As of July 29, 2022:

According to TradingBeasts FIDA's the maximum will be $1.6. WalletInvestor analysts believe that 2025 will not be so optimistic for FIDA, since according to their calculations, the maximum will be $0.1. And DigitalCoinPrice calculated $1.08 as the maximum.

FIDA Price prediction 2030

As of July 29, 2022:

According to DigitalCoinPrice, the FIDA price could reach $2.4 by 2030.

FIDA Historical Price Analysis

All Time High - $59.61 (Nov 03, 2021)

All Time Low - $0.2869 (Jun 18, 2022)

At the end of 2020, the price of the FIDA token was $0.4. Until mid-2021, the maximum that the price reached was $3.5. The next jump was in October 2021 when FIDA reached almost $8 after being listed on Binance. Already in November, FIDA reached its historical maximum, followed by a price adjustment. The gradual decline continued until the beginning of 2022, when FIDA reached $1.5. Since then, the price has risen to $3.3 only once and has started to fall again since February.

The coin made 3 pure retests of the trend line. The last rebound was made from $0.56. With the support of Bitcoin, we can expect it moving to the horizontal level of $0.66. 

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