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Chia Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • XCH statistics
  • Chia Network Roadmap
  • Crypto community about XCH

  • XCH price prediction
  • XCH price prediction 2025
  • Historical XCH price analysis

Chia (XCH) is a Chia Network coin that was created by BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen. The network is designed to facilitate overseas payments, escrow and institutional custody of funds. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are based on Proof-of-work protocol and use the GPU’s power, Chia Coin uses a Proof-of-space-and-time model and is mined on SSDs.

XCH statistics

To learn more about the Chia coin and understand how it looks on the market, let’s check the data from the Coinmarketcap service:

Chia Network Roadmap

The Chia Network academic paper was published in January 2018. The company milestones consist of 3 stages:

Pre Alpha Stage (2018-2019):

  • the first idea of project was published;
  • the first open-source library release;
  • Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) release;
  • Proof of Space software and Green Paper release.

Alpha Stage (2019):

  • an alpha wallet simulator and scripting language documentation for Chialisp;
  • an alpha implementation of Chia Network’s testnet blockchain.

Beta Stage (2020-2021):

  • beta of the blockchain that included full wallet functionality, transactions, and smart coins on the testnet blockchain release;
  • the IETF BLS Signature standard release;
  • the new consensus algorithm based on an idea from the paper Proof-of-Stake Longest Chain Protocols Revisited release;
  • the mainnet for Chia Network’s blockchain release.

Crypto community about XCH

There are many crypto enthusiasts who consider the Chia coin to be very promising.

Chia Price Prediction content image

Some even believe that the coin has a chance to become a payment method for buying a Tesla car.

Chia Price Prediction content image

Of course, there are specialists who consider XCH as a non-profitable coin.

Chia Price Prediction content image

XCH price prediction

Here we have collected information for you from various services, which shows what CHIA price can be expected for 2021.

  • The TraidingBeasts service offers us the following price forecast for this cryptocurrency:
  • The WalletInvestor service shows us the following estimated price prediction for 2022:
  • Analysts of the DigitalcoinPrice service assume that the forecast for the price of this token for 2022 will be as follows:

XCH price prediction 2025

Coinskid analysts estimate that by the end of 2025 the price of the XCH coin could reach approximately $1700.
Digitalcoinprice experts predict a less optimistic forecast for $810.03 per coin.
However, Pickacrypto predicted up to $100,000 per 1 XCH.
Despite the fact that the forecasts are very different, in general, the forecasts are quite positive.

Historical XCH price analysis

All Time High: $1,934.51 (May 03, 2021)
All Time Low: $161.16 (Jul 20, 2021)

To get a better idea of what could happen to the Chia price in the future, it’s helpful to explore Chia’s price history. The Chia project was created in 2017 and after investor funding and several years of development, the Business WhitePaper was released on February 9, 2021. The mainnet network was launched on March 19, 2021, and trading on the Hotbit exchange opened on April 20. The maximum price of XCH was recorded on the first day (on May 3rd, 2021) of the coin listing on the major cryptocurrency exchange Okex. On the first day of trading, quotes reached $2,500, and also dropped to a minimum of $450.

Earlier, miners triggered a shortage of SSD and HDD in Hong Kong ahead of the launch of the main Chia Network. Already in mid-April, the main stocks of HDD and SSD were sold out, and because of this, their price has tripled. Despite the growth in revenue, caused by the hype around Chia, manufacturers are in no hurry to remove all restrictions from miners. For example, some companies not only do not offer them an extended warranty but also deprive them of the usual one.

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