Conflux Network is a dApp and finance high throughput open-source protocol secured by Tree-Graph and Proof-of-Work consensus which provides extra scalability.
Conflux Network that emerged in 2018 in China has its own CFX token.
The project is empowering the DeFi ecosystem and thus contributing to the blockchain culture expansion in Asia generally. In the long timeline, Conflux is building a bridge to the European blockchain framework.

Conflux Roadmap

The project developers have reached many significant milestones which they also highlighted on their official website. Among them are:

  • Integration with ChainLink
  • Creation of Conflux Enterprise
  • Government and enterprise partnership announcements
  • Sacred Finance launching on Conflux

Social-wise major events are:

  • Launch of LatAm educational program and events
  • Relaunch of new community-driven grants program
  • Relaunch of Ambassador Program
  • Conflux entry into Africa through partnership with GIGX in Nigeria
  • NFT.NYC Platinum sponsorship with dev workshop and hackathon
  • New Grant Projects announced including additional bridge, Dex, NFT platform and exploration of DeFi gaming

As for the current purposes of the project, the team is not too explicit about that, but the plans for the rest of 2021 are published:

  • Network Hard Fork upgrade
  • PoS Layer integration
  • Recognition of Ethereum wallet signatures
  • Metamask integration
  • Release of new Fluent wallet with NFT integration
  • Release of ShuttleFlow 2.0 with enhanced functionality and new bridges

Crypto community about CFX

Lately, the community was cheered up with the news about CFX collaboration with McDonald’s:

The Conflux official account is very close to its followers and is active on social media, always reposting the community’s tweets and discussing different topics.

Conflux Price Prediction 2021

CFX Price Prediction 2022

Even though none of the predictions are 100% reliable, it makes no harm to educate yourself and look at the opinions on the further price fluctuations.

As of 11/10/2021 according to the price for the January of 2022 will be in the range of the expected maximum price is $0.5757166 and minimum price of $0.3914873.
March 2022 – the expected maximum price is $0.5989786, minimum price $0.4073054. Closing price $0.4791829. From $0.6138491 to $0.4174174 in April. The Conflux price prediction for the end of the month is $0.4910793 and etc in this manner for almost all year with the average change every month of 40%. The max average price is expected in December – $0.5553364.

CFX price prediction 2025

More distant predictions are also more distant in their accuracy, obviously. According to the prices could rise up to $10 per token. 

Right on the contrary are the expected prospects on the where it’s said that the max fluctuation of the CFX price would be from 157.15 % to 233.04% that is the price-frame between $0.8 and $1.05.

The statistics from predicts that the CFX price is expected to be at its max of $2.06 in November 2025 and at its min of $1.01 in January 2025.

CFX price prediction 2030

The service says that Conflux Network will increase in value. According to various crypto and business analysts, CFX can hit its highest ever recorded price of $7.80 in 2030. Also noting that even the average price won’t be disappointingly low – it’s expected to stay around $6.47 around the year.

Historical CFX Price Analysis

All Time High: $1.70 (March 27, 2021)
All Time Low: $0.0766 (Nov 11, 2020)

The opening price of the CFX token in November 2020 was $0.083. After that, the price was gradually rising and in one week hit $0.28. At the end of the month, the price of CFX began calming down and came to a stable average position of around $1.3 for the next 2 months.

The consistent way to the all-time high began from February 22, 2021 when the price was $0.56 it slowly went up to $1.70 on March 27, 2021. The price remained within $1.70 – $1 for 1 month exactly; on April 19 the price fell to $0.99 and began its slow way down since then. The curve on the coin market cap shows us a very smooth line going downwards and now the price remains at around $0.3 with a little exception – on September 19 CFX cost $0.69, maybe it happened due to the official announcement of the CFX partnership with Shanghai Maritime University.

It’s important to note that even after reaching its ATH of $1.70 on March 27, the price has never fallen lower than $0.19 meaning that HODLers who purchased the token in the very beginning were always in profit.

Conflux has an extremely strong potential for growth and rapid development in China because even in the last month CFX has collaborated with Chinese McDonalds and Shanghai University already, and it seems that it’s only the beginning of the bright CFX future.

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