Cosmos Price Prediction

Mar 24, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • ATOM statistics
  • Cosmos Roadmap
  • Crypto community about ATOM
  • ATOM Price Prediction 2022
  • ATOM Price Prediction 2023
  • ATOM Price Prediction 2024
  • ATOM Price Prediction 2025
  • ATOM Historical Price Analysis

ATOM is a coin of the Cosmos network. It can be used to provide economic security to the blockchain by staking. Active participants of the network can also receive rewards in ATOM. Moreover, it is used for voting and making decisions about the future of the project. All the fees are also being collected in ATOM

Cosmos is an ecosystem of blockchains, which allows several parallel blockchains to exist together and be interoperable. The main idea of Cosmos is to give developers an opportunity to easily create new blockchains and be sure that they can interact with each other. The platform uses several instruments to make it possible: 

  • Tendermint
    Unites consensus and networking layer and simplifies the process of development
  • the Cosmos SDK
    It’s a generalized framework that helps to build applications on Tendermint.
  • IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol)
    This is the solution that allows blockchain to transfer values to each other.

ATOM statistics

Let’s take a look at ATOM coin statistics from the CoinMarketCap service:

Cosmos Roadmap

Cosmos published its Roadmap for the year. Right now anyone can take a look at the plans the team has for 2022.

The first quarter of 2022 is expected to bring Theta upgrade, which will include the following:

  • Groups module to enable higher-level multisig permissioned accounts.
  • Meta-Transactions. It will be possible to submit transactions by separate accounts.
  • Government Module Improvements. There will be arbitrary transactions and the governance module will become more expressive.
  • NFT module. It will manage NFT identifiers and will create a base module for various extensions.
  • Tendermint v0.35
  • Interchain accounts will provide locking and unlocking mechanisms across IBC-enabled blockchains. Custody providers will get an opportunity to service IBC connected blockchain through the Hub interface.
  • Liquid stacking

The second quarter of the year will be marked with Rho upgrade, which will be focused on two main points:

  • Interchain Security v1. It will be about the solution to shared security that uses IBC, when validators relay composition from a Provider Chain to a Consumer Chain.
  • Chain Name Service. In the third quarter of 2022 Lamba upgrade will be implemented.
  • Interchain Security v2. Provider Chain validators will be able to opt-in to block production for different Consumer Chains
  • Cosmos SDK v0.46
  • Token Issuance. It will become possible to create tokens directly on the Hub.
  • Gravity DEX v2. Closer to the end of the year, the Epsilon upgrade will happen. So far it is planned to be about Interchain Security v3. Consumer Chains will be able to combine their staking token validator set with the Provider Chain validator set.

Crypto community about ATOM

The Cosmos community on Twitter is full of tech analysis. All eyes are on the price of the ATOM coin. The community is expecting it to show steady growth.

ATOM Price Prediction 2022

Now let’s turn to the most exciting part and take a look at the price predictions provided by different services.

ATOM Price Prediction 2023

2023 is going to be a year of slow, but stable growth. Some analysts do not see it possible for ATOM to overcome its all-time high ($44.70). At the same time, it seems that there are no reasons for it to fall. According to it may reach $32 price. is a little bit more optimistic. Based on data from this source we can say that ATOM has a chance to start a year at $42 and then continue growing. warns that in spite of a rising trend, a little setback may be expected around July.

ATOM Price Prediction 2024

The upgoing trend may continue this year. No falls are expected. However, some fluctuations may be noticed during the year. And in 2024 ATOM may reach $100 price by the end of the year.

ATOM Price Prediction 2025

By 2025 the ATOM price has chances to surpass the $100 mark. At the same time, there is a possibility that the speed of growth will slow down a little.

ATOM Historical Price Analysis

As of December 23, 2021:

All Time High (Sep 20, 2021): $44.70
All Time Low (Mar 13, 2020): $1.13

Cosmos came to the market in 2019. The first year was more or less successful. Even though the price went down from $7 to $3 - $5, there was an expectation that it would bounce back. However, 2020 did not happen to be very successful. In March Atom hit its all time low. The rest of the year it was trying to recover, and closed the year at $6.49. 2021 started positively. Until April, ATOM was in a bull run. There were a couple of setbacks, but the main trend was upgoing. In the middle of the month it reached $28.49. Unfortunately, this was followed by a fall that started in May. On May, 19, when the market fell, ATOM price went down to $9.87. During the next two months the price was fluctuating between $10 and $12. Starting from August the trend turned up again, and with some minor retreats it reached the current price.

Many people find Cosmos an extremely promising project, and it seems that it has a bright future ahead. All the upgrades that are implemented on the platform improve it and make it simpler for both users and developers. Based on the predictions and the fact that the project provides solutions that are needed, users may expect a bullish trend any time soon and ATOM will reach new heights. Even if the price is not skyrocketing right now, Cosmos is something worth paying attention to.

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