The process of making exchanges on SimpleSwap is becoming even more convenient! 

Now you have an opportunity to create your personal account on our service in order to view all the data regarding your exchange operations and track information about your membership status in the SimpleSwap Loyalty Program.

Sign up or Not sign up?

The SimpleSwap team values your privacy and simplicity of the exchange process a lot, so you still can make exchanges on our service without a sign-up. However, creating an account will give you some benefits and the only thing required for the account registration is an email, no other personal data will be asked.

Main Features & Benefits

Exchange history. You will be able to monitor all your exchanges and view their statuses. You can track all your operations in an easy and comfortable way.

The Loyalty Program Membership Status. Your current membership status will be displayed there as well as the actual cashback % and the maximum available reward.

Participation in the Loyalty Program. The general rules of the SimpleSwap Loyalty Program remain the same but having an account will make the process more convenient as you can save your ERC-20 address for the cashback and won’t provide it after each exchange.

At the moment you still can take part in our Loyalty Program without a Customer Account and enter the ERC-20 after the exchange, however in the future, the Loyalty Program will be available for the registered customers only. We will keep you informed!

Special offers. For registered customers will be provided exclusive offers, such as referral program, special conditions for token sales, notification of crypto rate change and more features to come.

How to create an Account?

  • Follow this link;
  • Fill in the necessary data (just a username, email & password);
  • Click the “Sign up” button.

That’s it! Welcome to your personal account!

Check our video to find more details about the Customer Account!