ECash Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • XEC Statistics
  • eCash Roadmap
  • Crypto community about XEC
  • XEC Price Prediction
  • XEC Price Prediction 2024
  • XEC Price Prediction 2025
  • XEC Historical Price Analysis
  • Conclusion

XEC is the coin of eCash that grew from the BCHA project, it was created and is maintained now by Bitcoin ABC. It aims to redefine the whole wealth concept, keeping in mind that in the modern world it is not just about the amount of money people possess, but also about their financial freedom, time, and control.

XEC Statistics

Price prediction at 01.30.2023:
XEC price: $0.000037874776566664865
Market capitalization: $730751381.730468
Volume (24h): $14460823.96574736
Circulating supply: 19293879673303 XEC
Total supply: 19293879673303 XEC
Max supply: 21000000000000 XEC

eCash Roadmap

The roadmap of the project is published on the official website. There the team explains where the necessity for improvements comes from. They emphasize that creating a high quality product is impossible without constant dialogue between technical teams and users. Thus, drawing a direction of software development.

There are three main areas that are under constant improvement: transaction throughput, payment system, and protocol upgrades.

In terms of scaling the main purpose is to go from ~100 tx/s to 5,000,000 tx/s. Here are real steps that are on the way:

  • Lightning network
  • Faster block propagation
  • UTXO commitment
  • Merklix-metadata tree
  • Adaptive block size

The network constantly works on becoming more user-friendly. Now the team is working on:

  • CashFusion (opt-in privacy)
  • Reference indexer

Talking about extensibility here are the planned changes:

  • Avalanche post-consensus that would increase the level of security
  • EVM subchain to improve privacy and turn smart contracts into scalable once
  • Advanced opcodes to enhance script capabilities
  • New transaction format

Crypto community about XEC

eCash has a very lively community on Twitter. People show their support and concerns in an active dialogue in comments.

XEC Price Prediction

Let’s talk about the most important part, the price prediction.

Price prediction at 01.30.2023:
Average XEC price 2023: $0.00007275454545454545
Average year-end XEC price expected: $ 0.0000766

XEC Price Prediction 2024

As of August 30, 2022:

As it is suggested on in 2024 XEC will set up an increasing trend. It will open the year at $0.00009. Unfortunately, this price will not remain. It will show some fluctuation before the trend will be established.

According to the price will stay at $0.00001. We may expect a short-term decline in June.

XEC Price Prediction 2025

As of August 30, 2022:

It is predicted by that throughout the year the price will fluctuate around $0.00009. At the end of the year it may go to $0.0001. does not predict any significant changes in 2025. The price will be fixed at $0.00001.

XEC Historical Price Analysis

All Time High (Nov 10, 2021): $0.0005926

All TIme Low (Jul 20, 2021): $0.0000173

At the start, the coin was selling for $0.00002. In the fall of 2021 XEC was listed on Binance and the price skyrocketed. The next thing that pushed XEC price to an all-time high was that Huobi enabled a cross-margin mode for XEC and USDT. At the moment the main driver for the price is the launch of the Avalanche consensus layer.


The values that eCash proclaims are very much in trend. A massive adoption is only possible if the platform provides technical features combined with a certain ideology. It seems that eCash is aiming to become such a project. As to the price volatility, there are a lot of things happening on the platform, this leads to a lot of changes that are reflected in the price. Nonetheless, as it is stated on the official website, improvements are a necessary part of the project’s development. So far the project looks interesting and may attract users’ attention.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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