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Helium (HNT) coin Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 - The future of HNT

Mar 19, 2024
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This blog post will cover:

  • HNT Overview
  • What Is Helium (HNT)?
  • Helium Price Chart
  • Helium Price Technical Analysis
  • Helium Price Forecasts Comparison
  • Helium Price Forecast 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050
  • A Historical look at HNT's price:
  • Helium Correlation
  • What affects the price of Helium?
  • Should you consider buying Helium?
  • Conclusion: The future of HNT
  • Helium Price Forecast FAQs

This article is dedicated to the Helium Network and the HNT token. It analyses the key aspects of the project, such as the mechanism of the network’s work, its competitors, roadmap, token functions, etc. It also analyzes the most important market indicators of the HNT cryptocurrency and its future prospects.

Disclaimer: SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

HNT Overview

Coin NameHelium
Coin SymbolHNT
USD Price$6.62
Market Cap$1,064,548,707
24h Volume$40,751,053
Total Supply223,000,000 HNT

What Is Helium (HNT)?

Helium (HNT) stands as a cryptocurrency and blockchain network created to support the Helium Network's operations. This network is a decentralized and wireless communication system tailored for Internet of Things (IoT) devices like sensors and appliances. In contrast to conventional cryptocurrencies, Helium's primary mission revolves around constructing a robust wireless infrastructure rather than acting as a universal digital currency.

The overarching goal of Helium is to establish a global, decentralized wireless network expressly for IoT devices. This network boasts capabilities in providing low-power, extensive-range connectivity for a diverse array of applications, including asset tracking, smart cities, and more.

Users can establish and manage Helium Hotspots, which serve as specialized wireless gateways facilitating IoT device connectivity within specific regions.

To ensure its functionality, the project implements an innovative consensus mechanism known as Proof-of-Coverage. Operators of Hotspots earn HNT tokens in return for delivering wireless coverage and validating transactions on the network.

HNT, the native cryptocurrency of the Helium network, serves as a reward for Hotspot operators for their participation. Additionally, HNT holds utility in conducting various transactions and accessing services within the Helium ecosystem.

Notably, Helium operates as an open and permissionless network, so anyone can participate. This decentralized approach strives to forge a more robust and inclusively accessible IoT network.

In order to make an accurate HNT prediction, we have to first understand well what Helium is, and how it works. Read on to learn all the necessary information.

Helium’s rivals

Since the Helium project decided to operate in the niche of IoT devices, it has fewer rivals than general-purpose blockchain projects. However, there are still some crypto companies that do similar things. Here are some of the competitors of Helium:

  1. VeChain (VET). This blockchain platform is designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes. VeChain uses IoT to collect key operational data and automate its processes.
  2. Iota (IOTA). This project claims to be the first distributed ledger created to sustain the “Internet of Everything.” Iota is a network in which people and devices can exchange data.
  3. IoTeX (IOTX). It supports a blockchain-based network that interconnects information and devices to decentralized applications (dApps). For example, they have created a home security camera the footage of which is securely stored on blockchain.
  4. Fetch.AI (FET). This decentralized network actively uses artificial intelligence. It develops AI-centered solutions not only for IoT but also a more diverse DeFi projects. 

While there are several companies that unite the Internet of Things and blockchain technologies, Helium utilizes a slightly different approach to do so, which we discuss below. At the same time, we should remember that the blockchain space is a quickly developing area, and similar projects might appear in the future.

The Foundation of Helium 

Helium was co-founded by entrepreneurs Shawn Fanning and Amir Haleem. The project initially aimed to address connectivity issues in urban environments, particularly for IoT devices.

Helium began developing its unique blockchain-based wireless network protocol and hardware, including the Helium Hotspot, back in 2013.

In July 2019, Helium officially launched its network and the Helium Hotspot hardware. The Helium Network went on to expand further and moved to the Solana blockchain in April 2023 to increase its scalability and other features.

How Does Helium Network Work?

The Helium Network operates on a combination of blockchain technology and a novel Proof-of-Coverage consensus mechanism. 

The network relies on individuals or businesses operating devices called "Hotspots." These Hotspots are specialized wireless gateways that provide connectivity for nearby IoT devices. Hotspot operators purchase and set up these devices, connecting them to the Internet using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

The project calls itself “The People’s Network” because it is basically created by those who run Hotspots.

Proof-of-Coverage is the core consensus mechanism of the Helium Network. It is designed to encourage Hotspot operators to provide wireless coverage in a specific geographic area.

Hotspot operators earn rewards in the form of HNT (Helium's native cryptocurrency) by demonstrating that they are providing coverage and validating transactions on the network.

The PoC process involves broadcasting radio signals and receiving data from IoT devices in the Hotspot's vicinity. The Hotspot must prove it is offering wireless coverage to earn HNT.

The IoT devices use the network to transmit data, such as sensor readings or device status updates, to the Internet. The low-power, long-range capabilities of the network make it suitable for a wide range of IoT applications.

Helium token functions

The system’s native token HNT has several important functions.

Network transactions

HNT is used as a means of transaction and payment within the Helium Network. Users can pay for network services and IoT data transmission using HNT.


Hotspot operators earn HNT rewards for providing wireless coverage and validating transactions on the network. The more coverage a Hotspot offers and the more data it handles, the higher the potential rewards.

Network security 

HNT plays a crucial role in securing the network. It incentivizes honest behavior among Hotspot operators, as they stake HNT and risk losing it if they engage in malicious or fraudulent activities.

Helium Development Roadmap

According to the plans of the project’s team, the future development of the company is concentrated in two main spheres: improving the PoC consensus mechanism and increasing the coverage of the Helium network.

The first part of the Helium roadmap consists of several steps:

  1. Improving the network. These measures include increasing the Beacon rate (so that the operations on the network take less time) and separating witness reports from witness rewards (to record the witnesses of transactions on the blockchain).
  2. Experimenting with the PoC algorithm. The team does not have a particular plan for that yet. Rather, they have a few ideas on how to improve the mechanism which require testing (e.g. randomizing transmit powers and coding rates, experimenting with the code, etc.) The team expects that these changes will make the system safer. 
  3. Harmonizing rewards. Because of geographical and technical differences across the world, Hotspot operators might get different rewards. Helium wants to minimize the discrepancies. 

As for the increased coverage (the Mappers project), the Helium roadmap aims to do so through crowd-sourced efforts and community-driven development. These are the key objectives:

  1. Simplifying the contributions. For example, the Helium team plans to encourage community members to create in-depth guides for setting up mapping devices, develop open-source firmware, etc.
  2. Developing an app. The team wants to create a dedicated mobile app for seamless device onboarding and data mapping.
  3. Improving data handling. This simply means developing the Mappers product by adding more tools, layers, and metrics. Additionally, this includes more community engagement through such instruments as leaderboards and gamification.

While this roadmap lacks exact dates by which the team plans to achieve these milestones, the objectives reveal that the project is community-oriented and wants to enhance the product in meaningful and comprehensive ways.

Where and how to buy Helium crypto? 

If purchasing HNT tokens is of interest to you, you can buy them via SimpleSwap. All you have to do is follow this guide:

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to swap (for example, BTC).
  2. Enter the amount you want to exchange.
  3. Choose HNT in the second drop-down list (as the cryptocurrency you would like to get). You will see the estimated amount that you will receive after the exchange.
  4. Click the Exchange button.
  5. Enter the Recipient's Address. HNT will be sent there. Please check that you have entered the correct address.
  6. Create the exchange.
  7. You will see the BTC deposit address. You have to transfer the necessary sum of BTC to this address to start the exchange. After that, wait for tokens to reach your wallet.

After doing all the steps, you will become an owner of the HNT tokens. 

Helium Price Chart

Here is the current price of HNT:

HNT Price$6.62
Volume (24h)$40,751,053
Total supply233,000,000 HNT

*This information is from March 19, 2024.

Helium Price Technical Analysis

HNT has been trading within a defined channel, with a support level around $1.17 and a resistance zone between $1.9 and $2.3 since March 2023. In November of the same year, HNT made a significant breakthrough, surpassing the resistance zone and experiencing a remarkable 316% surge within a 28-day period. This surge in price was accompanied by a notable increase in trading volumes. Following this substantial increase, HNT underwent a correction phase and has currently formed a bullish triangle, marked by trending support and resistance levels.

The asset is currently trading above its 50-day, 100-day, and 200-day moving averages. The RSI indicator on the daily timeframe is situated in the neutral zone. The potential for a strong bullish signal exists if the price successfully breaks above the upper border of the triangle.

HNT Technical Analysis. Source: TradingView

Helium Price Forecasts Comparison

Several crypto services have shared their views on the future of HNT, so we are going to share some of them here to have a perspective. These numbers are relevant as of March 19, 2024.


“The average price of Helium could exceed $9.85 this year. Within the next 5 years, the price of HNT is expected to rise above $44.65.”


“By 2030, Helium will finally surpass its previous ATH values and record new price levels. The minimum price could be $52.57 and potentially reach a maximum price value of $55.86, averaging out at $53.89.”


“Helium price is forecast to reach a lowest possible level of $19.72 in 2026. As per our findings, the HNT price could reach a maximum possible level of $23.57 with the average forecast price of $20.27.”

We have gathered the predictions of these sources in a table with the following annual averages:

SourceHNT Price Prediction 2024HNT Price Prediction 2025HNT Price Prediction 2030$16.42$22.98$55.82$14.39$20.93$53.72$9.33$13.68$91.18

According to the price predictions from various sources, Helium (HNT) displays a range of potential values over the coming years. presents an optimistic outlook, with HNT projected to reach $16.42 by 2024, $22.98 by 2025, and $55.82 by 2030. offers slightly lower estimates, anticipating HNT to be valued at $14.39 in 2024, $20.93 in 2025, and potentially reaching $53.72 by 2030.

Conversely, provides a more conservative prediction, suggesting HNT could be valued at $9.33 in 2024, $13.68 in 2025, but with a notably higher projection of $91.18 by 2030.

These varying forecasts reflect differing perspectives on Helium's adoption, technological developments, market dynamics, and overall performance trajectory. Investors should conduct thorough research and consider multiple factors before making investment decisions in Helium..

Helium Price Forecast 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Now we are going to share our views on the Helium price prediction throughout the years.

YearMaximum price of HNT

Helium (HNT) crypto price prediction 2024

The outlook for Helium (HNT) in 2024 appears optimistic based on technical analysis. The asset showes a bullish sentiment characterized by rising trading volumes and the formation of a bullish triangle on the daily timeframe. Furthermore, improvements of the PoC consensus mechanism and the expansion of the network are expected to contribute to the growth of HNT price. The projected target for HNT in 2024 is $20.

Helium (HNT) crypto price prediction 2025

The ongoing expansion of Helium's user base and its increasing adoption in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector contribute to a positive price projection for HNT in 2025. According to our analysis, the target price for HNT in 2025 is $40.95, aligning with its previous all-time high.

Helium (HNT) crypto price prediction 2026

Considering the continued expansion of crypto technologies and the broader adoption of blockchains and decentralized finance (DeFi), Helium (HNT) is anticipated to experience further growth in 2026. The projected price target for HNT in 2026 is approximately $70.1.

Helium (HNT) coin price prediction 2030

Based on our analysis for 2030, HNT is forecasted to experience significant growth, reaching a price of $95. By this time, the project is likely to have made substantial progress in expanding its network coverage and enhancing its consensus mechanism. The overall positive outlook for DeFi and blockchain technology is also expected to contribute to HNT value.

Helium (HNT) token price prediction 2040

In 2040, Helium could be valued at $120 per token, reflecting continued advancements in the project's technology and network. As blockchain and DeFi ecosystems evolve over time, Helium's position as a key player in the IoT and connectivity space could drive sustained price appreciation.

Helium (HNT) crypto price prediction 2050

Looking even further into the future, by 2050, HNT could potentially reach a price of $160. This long-term HNT crypto price prediction considers the continued development of the Helium network, its expanding use cases, and the overall growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. 

However, it is essential to invest in crypto with caution, given the inherent uncertainty in the crypto market, especially over extended periods. In our Helium coin price prediction, we assumed that the market conditions would be generally favorable, and the team would perform properly on its ambitious roadmap. In reality, there are numerous factors that define the price of a cryptocurrency, so each investor should do their own research.

A Historical look at HNT's price:

Here we have a look at the HNT price over the years.

Helium / USD Pair

HNT / USD19 March 2023$1.5331
HNT / USD19 March 2022$24.0854
HNT / USD19 March 2021$7.5027

Helium / EUR Pair

HNT / EUR19 March 2023€1.5450
HNT / EUR19 March 2022€21.7668
HNT / EUR19 March 2021€6.2950

Helium Correlation

HNT crypto correlates with several other projects’ cryptocurrencies, including top ones, for instance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and some others.

Positively Correlated Currencies

Litecoin (LTC)0.911
Cardano (ADA)0.906
Neo (NEO)0.859
Ethereum (ETH)0.833
EOS (EOS)0.797

Negatively Correlated Currencies

Stellar (XLM)-0.421
TRON (TRX)-0.286
Avalanche (AVAX)-0.213
Bitcoin (BTC)-0.145
Zcash (ZEC)0.000

What affects the price of Helium?

The cryptocurrency’s price is affected by several factors. Firstly, its value can be significantly affected by continuous adoption. As more devices and hotspots join the network, HNT becomes more valuable. 

Market sentiment is another factor to consider. Positive news, partnerships, or developments can boost HNT's price, and vice versa. Regulatory changes, governmental policies, and developments in how cryptocurrencies are treated can impact HNT as well.

The token supply dynamics, including mining rewards and token burns, can also affect HNT's circulating supply and influence its price.

Finally, technological advancements, such as upgrades and new features, can influence investor confidence and interest in HNT. 

Should you consider buying Helium?

So, is Helium crypto a good investment? Purchasing HNT can be an investment with good potential. Firstly, the wireless connectivity ecosystems are a sphere that holds promise for active development in the future. As more devices and hotspots join the network, the demand for HNT increases, potentially driving its price higher.

Secondly, HNT has demonstrated its utility within the Helium ecosystem. It is used for securing the network through Proof-of-Coverage consensus, and it facilitates data transfer within the network. 

Additionally, the Helium project has a strong focus on community-driven development, which can foster network growth and adoption.

Lastly, like many cryptocurrencies, HNT is subject to market sentiment, and positive developments or news can drive its price up. For investors interested in IoT, decentralized networks, and blockchain technology, HNT represents an opportunity to participate in an innovative project with promising prospects.

Please remember though that all investments carry risks, especially in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Investors should consider their risk tolerance, and do their own research before purchasing HNT or any other cryptocurrency.

Conclusion: The future of HNT

The future of Helium depends on a few significant factors. First, the growth and adoption of the Helium network would affect it. As more users join the network, there is a natural increase in demand for HNT, potentially helping its price grow.

Moreover, ongoing technological development is crucial. The Helium project continues to refine its technology, including upgrades to its unique consensus mechanism. These technical advancements enhance the network's capabilities and utility, leading to more attractiveness of HNT as an investment.

If the team manages to stay true to its plans and the market conditions are advantageous for its growth, the project’s future has all chances to be bright.

Helium Price Forecast FAQs

In this section, we are answering some of the popular questions about the Helium Network and its native crypto

Why is Helium (HNT) price dropping?

The crypto asset's price, like other cryptocurrencies, can experience fluctuations for various reasons, and it is important to note that its price not only decreases but also grows during some periods. Currently, a lot of crypto projects experience price drops because the market has slowed down significantly.

Is Helium crypto a good investment?

Many experts believe that the price of HNT will increase in the future. If our Helium crypto forecast proves to be true, and the company grows in price, then it can become a good investment.

Can Helium (HNT) reach $1,000?

Our long-term Helium crypto price prediction goes as far as 2050, and we expect the cryptocurrency to reach the $160 mark by then. This is why HNT seems to be promising, but we still do not think that it will grow as much in the near future.

How much will Helium cost in 2030?

According to our HNT forecast, by 2030, the asset’s price could be around $90.5.

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