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IoTeX Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • IOTX statistics
  • IoTeX Roadmap
  • Crypto community about IoTeX
  • IOTX Price Prediction
  • IOTX Price Prediction 2025
  • IOTX Historical Price Analysis

IOTX is a cryptocurrency of the IoTeX network, which is a decentralized blockchain platform created for safe and easy interaction between people and machines. The main purpose of IoTeX is to secure devices to make sure that their owners have total control over them. IoTeX provides a highly scalable solution for a blockchain. It has four significant features:

  • Roll-DPoS - helps to provide cheaper and faster scalability
  • Edge-trusted computing
  • Layer 2 chain service
  • Cross-network interoperability

The IOTX token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and serves the inner network economy. It can be used for interaction between stakeholders, as an incentive, to verify transactions, and to make decisions by voting. Having IOTX tokens gives users a chance to be a part of the fast growing ecosystem.

IOTX statistics

Here you can check some IOTX statistics represented on

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
IOTX price: $0.0409777665807123
Market capitalization: $386886623.01803946
Volume (24h): $17097219.59442343
Circulating supply: 9441378955 IOTX
Total supply: 9441378959 IOTX
Max supply: 10000000000 IOTX

IoTeX Roadmap

IoTeX is considered to be one of the reliable blockchains that unite devices, services, and decentralized applications into one ecosystem. The team publishes a roadmap at the beginning of the year revealing the plans they have for the project. Now we can look back at what has been done in 2021.

In 2021 it was planned to introduce decentralized autonomous machines (DAMs). The most important thing for the future is to create the Internet of trusted things. Moreover, IoTeX continues working on the users’ right to completely own their devices and all the data they produce. So this year it was planned to apply the Decentralized Identity (DID) protocol to newly joined devices and users. Moreover, these technologies must have been formalized and standardized.

The other important project for IoTeX is the development of the “real world data oracles”. This oracle will provide verifiable data from trusted devices.

Another plan going far into the future is to cut the amount of assets and to extend the amount of owned services. Services are created by various types of machines for their owners. However, these services can also be consumed by other people. Here is where Decentralized Autonomous Machines are about to be used.

These are some of the significant changes made on the platform. Since the roadmap for the next year has not been revealed yet, we can only imagine what the future holds. 

Crypto community about IoTeX

IoTeX has a devoted community on social networks that supports the project’s initiatives and believes in its future.

IOTX Price Prediction

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
Minimum IOTX price for 2023: $0.002958483870967741
Maximum IOTX price for 2023: $0.06760966666666665
Average IOTX price for 2023: $0.03554884317832705

Year-end IOTX price predictions 2023:
Minimum expected: $0.009066045161290323
Maximum expected: $0.06180967741935483
Average expected: $0.03561612903225806

IOTX Price Prediction 2025

As of 20/10/2021 by 2025 IoTeX is expected to go over the price of $0.2. is not the only resource that believes in this prognosis. Analysts from supports this idea and predicts the increase of the price up to $0.217.

IOTX Historical Price Analysis

As of 25/10/2021:All Time High: $0.148 (Aug 12, 2021)All Time Low: $0.001239 (Mar 13, 2020)

The first increase of the price happened in 2018, it went higher than $0.06 level. At this time the token was listed on Binance and Kucoin. After the first announcements of the project and first mainnet launches, the price went into a downgoing trend. For the next two years it fluctuated between $0.002 and $0.1. Until the spring 2021 IOTX did not show any excitement. Starting from spring IoTeX had a lot of new partnerships and participated in airdrops and drips. These activities eventually pushed the price to its all-time high level. Since then price has not been down to its initial level yet.

IoTeX platform is a project that unites three sides of online relations, which are users, devices, and services. The increase in the token’s price signifies the growing interest in this project. 

The amount of data we produce and devices we use is growing exponentially and at this point we cannot underestimate the opportunity to create platforms that help safe interaction between people and machines, and also protect our data from all the possible maltreatment. So far IoTeX is a platform that is ready to provide solution for this problem, and this is exactly what makes it significant.

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