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JasmyCoin Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030 - The future of JASMY

Mar 11, 2024
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This blog post will cover:

  • JasmyCoin Overview
  • What is JASMY Crypto?
  • JasmyCoin Price Chart
  • JasmyCoin Price Technical Analysis
  • JasmyCoin Price Forecasts Comparison
  • JasmyCoin Price Forecast 2024-2040
  • A Historical look at JASMY's price
  • Conclusion: The future of JASMY
  • JasmyCoin Price Forecast FAQs

This article is dedicated to the JasmyCoin crypto project and its JASMY token. We will review various important indicators, including the change in the price of the coin, the history of the project, its rivals, the price forecasts from different services and more.

Disclaimer: SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

JasmyCoin Overview

Coin NameJasmyCoin
Coin SymbolJASMY
USD Price$0.0228
Market Cap$1,102,276,817
24h Volume$175,151,435
Total Supply50,000,000,000 JASMY

What is JASMY Crypto?

The company stands as a unique crypto venture initiated by Jasmy Corporation, an IoT provider. In the realm of the Internet of Things, various mechanical and digital components possess identifiers and the ability to transmit data. 

The primary objective of the platform is to merge IoT tech with blockchain, granting people complete control over their info and reinstating the sovereignty of their data. The project wants to make it easy for IoT devices like computers and phones to share data with each other and decentralized protocols. This is planned to be done by making sure the environment is secure.

The devs of the brand are committed to establishing a service that allows users to securely utilize data. Consequently, Jasmy endeavors to equip its users with a robust infrastructure, an intuitive interface, and a secure environment. Within the project’s ecosystem, information converts into individuals’ assets.

The project's ideology revolves around the democratization of data through a decentralized model, wherein data remains owned by its rightful owner. Service providers, in turn, get the chance to leverage data owned by users in order to promote their services and businesses.

JasmyCoin’s rivals

Before delving into JASMY price prediction, we’ll pay attention to the project’s competitors. In reality, there are quite a few IoT firms, but the following ones have excelled in the sphere and are considered leading projects in their respective niches.

  • Helium

Helium operates as a decentralized network that leverages blockchain to establish connections between IoT devices, such as microchips, and the Internet. The company utilizes radio tech to enhance Internet connectivity while significantly minimizing the power consumption required for operating "smart" machines.

  • IOTA

It views its network as the fundamental infrastructure for the IoT. It utilizes distributed ledger to ensure data integrity, facilitate feeless micro transactions, and maintain low resource demands. Additionally, IOTA's Industry Marketplace enables automated trading of data and goods specifically for IoT apps.

  • IoTeX

This one has successfully created a blockchain platform, enabling the seamless integration of data and smart devices with dApps. IoTeX offers an innovative and secure battery-operated cellular-IoT prototyping platform designed specifically for blockchain-based apps. It serves various purposes such as mobile asset tracking, process automation etc.

With the rapid growth of the market, the number of projects is undoubtedly on the rise. Every month, numerous crypto ventures emerge, intensifying the level of competition within the industry. The current crypto landscape is characterized by intense competitiveness, as thousands of entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors aim to achieve success in this ever-evolving sector. Navigating through the unpredictable market conditions, regulatory shifts, and technological advancements poses significant challenges for newbies. Adapting to these dynamic factors necessitates a high level of skill and expertise, which can be challenging for projects with limited resources and a lack of experience.

The Foundation of JasmyCoin

A few former Sony executives established Jasmy in April 2016.

  • Kunitake Ando

In April 2016, the current CEO of Jasmy took office, bringing with him a distinguished background. Previously, he held prominent positions such as President and COO of Sony Corporation and Chairman of Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Additionally, now he works as the director of the Japan Innovation Network and holds the position of Chairman at the University of Nagano.

  • Kazumasa Sato

Another key member of Jasmy's leadership team is the former CEO of Sony Japan Inc. and operating officer of Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. Moreover, he served as the operating officer of Sony Marketing Inc. Joining the Board of Directors in 2016, he became the COO of Jasmy in 2018.

  • Hiroshi Harada

With a solid background in auditing, this man joined KPMG AZSA LLP. During his time at the auditing firm, he engaged in statutory auditing for listed companies across various industries. He also provided IPO support services that led to successful public offerings for his clients. In 2020, after accumulating 11 years of experience, he assumed the role of CFO at Jasmy. 

  • Tadashi Morita

In 1971, he became a part of Sony Corporation and has since made significant contributions as an engineer, developing numerous technologies. During his tenure at Sony, he filed approximately 100 patent applications. One of his notable achievements includes the invention of NFC technology and its subsequent standardization. In 2013, he joined the OES project at Sony Computer Science Laboratory and invented DC Microgrid technology. Since 2020, he has been serving as a project researcher at Kanagawa University, actively contributing to research that promotes the dissemination of standards. Additionally, he holds the CISSP qualification in the field of security. In 2020, he joined Jasmy as a senior strategist.

  • Takashi Hagiwara

With an extensive background, he previously served as the President of Sony Digital Network Applications, Deputy Head of VAIO & Mobile Business Group at Sony, and CEO of Vision Arts, a subsidiary of Sony. He played a significant role as one of the leaders within Sony. From 2020 onwards, he assumed the position of Head of Software Development at Jasmy.

  • Sheng Guo

Possessing years of diverse experience in high-profile IT projects spanning the aviation, telecom, and public sectors. In 2017 and 2018, he was involved in the Fibre Optic Network rollout for the National Broadband Network in Australia. He joined the Jasmy project in 2020.

  • Hidehiko Kakinuma

After joining Sumitomo Bank, he was later transferred to G.R. HomeNet Corporation, where he played a role in launching the ISP business. Upon moving to Sony Corporation, he contributed to the establishment and launch of Sony Bank Inc., and subsequently held positions in marketing and service development at Sony Japan, Sony Marketing Inc., and Sony Life Insurance Co. Ltd. He joined Jasmy in February 2022.

JasmyCoin token functions

JASMY, an ERC20-based custom token developed on the Ethereum platform, leverages the security and processing capabilities of the Ethereum network. It facilitates the transfer of tokens among various individuals and businesses, utilizing digital devices like smartphones and laptops as a means of exchanging value or making payments for services. With its versatile nature, the token remains unrestricted in terms of usability, allowing for a diverse array of purposes.

Processing transactions

JASMY is utilized for facilitating secure transactions and authorizations on the platform.

Payment functions

The token is also serving as a means of payment for service fees within the ecosystem.


Rewarding individuals who utilize Jasmy's IoT data.

Incentivization means

Providing incentives for developers and enterprises to contribute to the growth of Jasmy's economic ecosystem.

JasmyCoin Development Roadmap

To do a full research and predict the future of JasmyCoin, it’s necessary to pay attention to the roadmap. It is vital for crypto projects due to the following reasons:

  1. Vision and clarity: they provide a clear direction and purpose for the project, ensuring everyone understands its goals.
  2. Transparency and trust: roadmaps foster transparency, showing progress and holding teams accountable, building trust within the community.
  3. Strategic planning and execution: they help organize tasks, allocate resources, and improve project management, increasing the likelihood of success.
  4. Community engagement: roadmaps create anticipation, involve the community, and keep them informed, fostering a sense of participation.
  5. Investor and market perception: a well-defined roadmap enhances the project's reputation, attracting investment and market confidence.
  6. Flexibility and adaptability: roadmaps allow for adjustments based on market changes, ensuring relevance and competitiveness.

In summary, roadmaps provide direction, transparency, and engagement while attracting investors and adapting to industry dynamics.

  1. The initial phase is all about the commercialization of Jasmy services. Currently, the team has successfully conducted extensive demonstration tests with partners that will utilize the platform. JasmyCoin’s focus is on acquiring a significant amount of orders, and they are actively pursuing a strategy that extends beyond Japan.
  2. In the next phase, the goal is to maximize the circulation of JASMY. They aim to expand the project community on a global scale and are actively developing media and marketing strategies to attract more fans and expand the community's reach. By engaging with a wider audience, they seek to foster growth and enhance the adoption of a project.
  3. Third phase: ecosystem expansion. As personal data becomes increasingly valuable, firm’s focus shifts towards establishing a fair compensation system for individuals who contribute their data. By incentivizing users with rewards for sharing their data with companies, the team creates an environment where people actively participate in the data ecosystem. Importantly, they maintain a neutral position within the system and do not centralize or store data. Through facilitating and expanding these data exchanges for rewards, individuals naturally develop a deeper understanding of the true value of their personal data. Jasmy’s objective is to provide a reliable ecosystem that enables the safe utilization of personal data.
  4. Fourth phase: marketplace expansion. Within the ecosystem, personal data is securely stored in a distributed manner and is considered the rightful property of each individual. It necessitates a safe and secure environment for management, and every individual should have the right to receive appropriate rewards for sharing their data. The Jasmy Data Marketplace works as the foundational service that enables transparent utilization and rewards when granting access permissions. The team of the project is committed to promoting the development of this marketplace, allowing users to easily and securely license their data on the platform while enjoying a plethora of functionalities. The project's objective extends beyond mere data exchange between individuals and companies; they aspire to create a framework where valuable data can be strategically shared among companies, acting as a catalyst for generating new value and service models. The team’s ultimate aim is to establish interconnectedness among people, goods, and services, while ensuring that all personal data, even those related to basic human needs like "clothing, food, housing, and transportation," is returned to the control of its original owners.

Additionally, Jasmy provides support to companies in creating a secure data marketplace. This marketplace enables the safe trading of valuable data, fostering an environment that encourages new innovations to emerge.

Furthermore, Jasmy’s goal is to establish a network where companies can collaborate and develop new business models by strategically sharing and trading valuable data across different industries. This cross-industry data utilization opens up opportunities for unique and impactful advancements in various sectors.

Where and how to buy JasmyCoin?

Want to buy JASMY token? Make sure to do your own research first and easily buy JASMY via SimpleSwap:

  1. Pick the crypto you’d like to swap (e.g. Bitcoin).
  2. Enter the number you want to exchange.
  3. Select JASMY in the second drop-down list. You’ll see the estimated amount that you will get after the exchange.
  4. Click the Exchange button.
  5. Enter the Recipient's Address. JASMY will be sent there. Check the address you entered — it’s important!
  6. Create the exchange.
  7. You’ll see the BTC deposit address. You have to transfer the necessary sum of BTC to this address to start the exchange. Then wait for tokens to reach your wallet.

If you are into any other crypto, you may follow the same instructions to purchase it. Now we will move on to the project’s price chart and see how high will JasmyCoin go. 

JasmyCoin Price Chart

Last month JASMY faced a drastic drop in price. It decreased to $0.003294. It recovered later in June. The cost of JASMY reached $0.004648. However, it is still far from the all-time high that took place in 2021. Check out the current JASMY price: 

JASMY price$0.0228
Volume (24h)$175,151,435
Total supply50000000000 JASMY

*Information given above as of March 11, 2024.

JasmyCoin Price Technical Analysis

JASMY has been moving within a broad trading channel since 2023, with a point of control level around $0.0037. Recent price action has seen the token slipping below key moving averages, including the 50 and 100-day, and it currently hovers just below the 200-day moving average. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the daily timeframe is in the neutral zone.

JASMY Technical Analysis

JasmyCoin Price Forecasts Comparison

As of March, 2024, several crypto forecast services have disclosed their price predictions for JASMY. Let's explore these predictions and become familiar with the figures.

  • Bitnation:

"By 2025, our price prediction forecasts that JasmyCoin (JASMY) could be worth $0.10512."


As per the forecast price and technical analysis, In 2025 the price of JasmyCoin is predicted to reach at a minimum level of $0.0424. The JASMY price can reach a maximum level of $0.0524 with the average trading price of $0.0437.

  • Cryptopredictions:

"JasmyCoin started in March 2024 at $0.020055838578525 and is predicted to finish the month at $0.022627391548763. During March, the maximum forecasted JASMY price is $0.048805430030548 and the minimum price is $0.020055838578525."

Based on the aforementioned predictions, we can create a comparative table to facilitate comprehension. Presented below are the average annual values:

SourceJASMY Price Prediction 2024JASMY Price Prediction 2025JASMY Price Prediction 2030

In analyzing JasmyCoin forecast results provided by Bitnation,, and Cryptopredictions, it is evident that there are differences in their projected values. Let's take a closer look at each source's estimations.

According to Bitnation, the predicted prices for JASMY tokens in the future are as follows: $0.0481 in 2024, $0.105 in 2025, and $0.033 in 2030. Bitnation's forecast for JasmyCoin indicates a gradual increase in price over time, with a significant rise from 2024 to 2030. 

On the other hand,'s predictions for JASMY differ slightly from Bitnation's estimates. They suggest a price of $0.005 in 2024, $0.012 in 2025, and $0.075 in 2030. Notably, anticipates a more substantial surge in value by 2030 compared to Bitnation's forecast.

Lastly, Cryptopredictions presents a different perspective on the future of JasmyCoin. Their projections indicate prices of $0.017 in 2024, $0.023 in 2025, and $0.0578 in 2030. Compared to the other sources, Cryptopredictions has the highest initial estimation for 2024 and the lowest for 2030. Their projections suggest a moderate increase in value over time.

Taking into account the various predictions, it is clear that there is some variation in the expected price of JASMY token among the different sources. Here are some other services providing the forecast for JASMY:

  • DigitalCoinPrice:
Average JASMY price 2024$0.012327272727272727
Average year-end JASMY price expected$0.0132

*Information given above as of March 11, 2024.

  • WalletInvestor:
Minimum JASMY price for 2024$0.00012149599999999998
Maximum JASMY price for 2024$0.017085353333333327
Average JASMY price for 2024$0.00044912509677419356
Year-end minimum expected$0.00022832258064516133
Year-end maximum expected$0.0006848580645161289
Year-end average expected$0.00045666451612903227

*Information given above as of March 11, 2024.

Investors and stakeholders should carefully consider the information provided by each source, evaluate their track records and methodologies, and conduct further research to make informed decisions regarding the future price of JASMY.

JasmyCoin Price Forecast 2024-2040

To get acquainted with the JasmyCoin coin price prediction 2025-2040, see the table below

YearMaximum price of JASMY

JasmyCoin Price Prediction 2024

With the improved market sentiment, JasmyCoin has the potential to experience growth and reach a value of up to $0.011 in 2024. It's important to note that in a strongly bullish market, prices may surpass this forecasted value. However, market conditions are subject to change, and various factors can influence the actual performance of JasmyCoin.

JasmyCoin Future Price prediction for 2025

In a sustained bullish market throughout 2025, there is a possibility that the price of JASMY could reach $0.038. This projection considers favorable market conditions and the ongoing development of the project. It's crucial to monitor the market dynamics and project updates as these factors can impact the actual performance of JASMY.

JasmyCoin Future Price prediction for 2026

The outlook for JasmyCoin in 2026 appears positive, with a potential price projection of $0.071 under favorable market conditions.

JasmyCoin Price Forecast 2030

Looking ahead to 2030, it is projected that JASMY could conclude the year with a price of $4.42.

JasmyCoin Price Prediction 2035

The next JasmyCoin coin price prediction is for the year of 2035. JASMY might continue increasing in price. Thus, its cost this year can reach $7.12. 

JasmyCoin Price Prediction 2040

There is a possibility of JASMY reaching a new all-time high level this year. Looking ahead to 2040, an average price of the token might hit $12.71. 

A Historical look at JASMY's price

According to the available data on JASMY’s price, the all-time high of the token happened in February, 2021 — $4.9943.The all-time low of JASMY is $0.002747 which took place in December 2022.  

JasmyCoin/USD Pair

JASMY / USD11 March 2024$0.0228
JASMY / USD 11 March 2023$0.0049
JASMY / USD 11 March 2022$0.0147

JasmyCoin/EUR Pair

JASMY / EUR11 March 20240.0198
JASMY / EUR 11 March 20230.0046
JASMY / EUR 11 March 20220.0151

Should you consider buying JasmyCoin?

It is a project with a strategic focus on data democracy in the IoT world. Its decentralized data-sharing platform targets to ensure data sovereignty for users, which is particularly relevant in today's era of data breaches and privacy concerns. The project was actively forming partnerships, both within Japan and internationally. 

However, there have been challenges, too. In March 2023, Jasmy token was delisted by Binance.US and later moved to its innovation zone. Additionally, the ongoing bear market has caused the token's value to decrease significantly, which may be seen as an opportunity for risk-tolerant investors to consider entering the project.

Despite these setbacks, the team remains committed to achieving important milestones. As long as they continue to build a robust and innovative ecosystem, Jasmy could still hold potential as a worthwhile investment. So, answering the question “does JasmyCoin have a future?”, we would rather say “yes”.

Thought of buying JASMY and wonder — is JasmyCoin a good investment? Do your own research on this project, check out the JasmyCoin coin price prediction and decide whether you really need this token or not. Never make any investment decisions without an investigation. 

Conclusion: The future of JASMY

The world of IoT, which includes various devices like wearables, cars, and even airplanes, generates vast amounts of data that shape our lives. However, there are concerns about the security and stability of IoT systems, as well as the potential for data breaches due to their centralized nature.

Currently, major companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc dominate the provision of network services. As users, we share a great deal of personal information through communication networks and applications, which these companies collect, manage, analyze, and utilize for different purposes within their centralized systems.

Jasmy steps in to address these challenges and provide a solution. The future of it heavily depends on the team’s dedication and expertise. However, as we already mentioned, Jasmy's team is very experienced. Considering the time they are on the market, we can make an assumption that the project is able to cope with any problems which might appear on their way. 

JasmyCoin Price Forecast FAQs

Here are some most frequently asked questions about JASMY.

Is JasmyCoin expected to rise?

Yes, according to the most JasmyCoin coin price prediction services, the price of JASMY might rise soon. It is quite difficult to say how high will JasmyCoin go, but in the predictions above we tried to make an analysis.    

Is JasmyCoin bullish or bearish?

Right now, JASMY is bearish. 

Can JasmyCoin reach $10,000?

Considering the relevant JasmyCoin forecast, the probability that the price will rise so high is very small. 

Will JASMY ever hit $1?

It has already hit $1 and more, the all-time high of the token surpassed $4.  

What is the maximum price prediction for JasmyCoin?

The maximum price prediction for JASMY is $12.71 in 2040. 

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