Litecoin is one of the decentralized cryptocurrencies. It appeared in 2011 as an attempt to make transactions faster. Since LTC is a very popular crypto, a lot of people are keeping an eye on how the Litecoin price is changing.

LTC statistics

Here is the LTC crypto statistics from the CoinMarketCap service:

LTC Price Prediction 2021

It is a well-known fact that the cryptocurrency price is hard to predict. However, we would like to share some analytics with you to help foresee some possible moves.

  • According to TradingBeasts, we can see the following information about the Litecoin price:
  • Here is what Litecoin price prediction we get based on the WalletInvestor:
  • According to DigitalCoin, we see the following picture:

Crypto community about Litecoin

Also we would like to share Charlie Lee’s opinions on LTC price development.

The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, seems to be very relaxed about the future of LTC. In Off The Chain Podcast with Anthony Pompliano, he says: 
“People always ask me if I think the price will go up or go down. If anyone tells you they know, they’re lying, right. No one knows if the price will go up or down. So the bear market … I’ve seen a few bull and bear markets … I’ve seen it where you think the bear market is over and it drops even further. And also sometimes it recovers and it actually doesn’t come back down. Who knows. I think it’s good we’ve seen some recovery, but don’t go, like, all in. I tell people never to go all in.”

We can see that unlike some other cryptocurrencies the price of Litecoin depends on fewer factors. The reason is Litecoin does not provide any additional services, it is not a platform, it is only a means of payment. On the other hand, we see a strong correlation between the LTC price and the BTC price. Thus, if BTC is expected to grow, we also can expect an increase in the LTC price.

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