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Moonriver Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • MOVR Statistics
  • Moonriver Roadmap
  • Crypto community about MOVR
  • MOVR Price Prediction
  • MOVR Price Prediction 2024
  • MOVR Price Prediction 2025
  • MOVR Historical Price Analysis
  • Conclusion

Moonriver is a deployment of Moonbeam on Kusama, its own utility token is called MOVR. Moonriver works as a canary net for Moonbeam, and it is community-driven. This token has several use-cases, including supporting smart contracts, incentives, governance, and paying fees.

MOVR Statistics

Moonriver Roadmap

The roadmap of the project is published on the official website up to the second quarter of 2022. The project is under development and all the changes are published by the team.

It states that the first TestNet was launched in September 2020, and since then the project has been going through monthly developments.

In June 2021 Moonriver went live on the Kusama blockchain. In December 2021 it went live on Polkadot.

Since the third quarter of 2021 the team has started the deployment of the ecosystem.

The first quarter of 2022 started the deployment of projects connected to NFT, gaming and DeFi. It also gave a start to development of lending and borrowing projects. Another significant change of 2022 Q2 is the Moonriver bounty program.

One of the key priorities for the team at the moment is interoperability. The main focus at the moment is growing a community alongside the ecosystem.

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Crypto community about MOVR

The Moonriver community has very strong confidence in the future of the project. Thus, people expect the price to grow as soon as it accumulates its potential.

Moonriver Price Prediction content image

Moonriver Price Prediction content image

MOVR Price Prediction

  1. provides the following prognosis:
  1. Here is the prediction made by analysts from
  1. has another prediction:

MOVR Price Prediction 2024

As of July 09, 2022: suggests that the bullish trend will continue. According to the price will not have a smooth increasing trend. From the beginning of the year to September the price is expected to grow, and may reach $3.790. However, after that it is expected to decrease. foreseen a downgoing trend for the year. MOVR will start 2024 at $27.85 and close at $24.93.

MOVR Price Prediction 2025

As of July 09, 2022: foresees an increase in price up to $60. is not as optimistic. Analysts here believe that the picture in 2025 will be similar to 2024. However, the maximum price is expected in April, and may be $3.144. By December the price will fall to $1.225. According to MOVR will try a new level of $30. However, in December it will go down to $24.76.

MOVR Historical Price Analysis

As of July 12, 2022:

All-Time High (November 8, 2021): $495.71

All-Time Low (June 18, 2022): $9.88

Shortly after the token was launched it showed amazing price growth. It was about 350% in November, 2021. It got listed on major exchange services very fast. The price fall that followed this bullish trend in December shook the confidence in this token and set up the downgoing trend. In spite of the high interest in this token, its price was not able to hold a high level. Since then the price has tried to climb up a couple of times, unfortunately, unsuccessfully. Some experts and users believe this is happening because of the active development phase and the launch of new features and projects.

Starting June 18, for a month this coin shows minimal activity and repeats the character of the Bitcoin graph movement. At $12.3, a level of support is formed. During a repeated approach, you can see a rebound and a movement towards the price of $15.6. The further changes are expected.


It seems that the Moonriver project has a lot of potential. It provides one of the most essential features, such as an opportunity to access Kusama and Polkadot blockchains or a lot of tools for developers. The project met high interest from users at the early stages of development. Moonriver widens the horizons of experimental coding, attracting more new users. So far it seems absolutely possible for the project to surprise the community in the future.

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