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Origin Protocol Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • OGN Statistics
  • Origin Protocol Roadmap
  • Crypto community about OGN
  • OGN Price Prediction
  • OGN Price Prediction 2024
  • OGN Price Prediction 2025
  • OGN Historical Price Analysis

Origin Protocol is a platform that provides participants with an opportunity to exchange products and services with P2P networks. The main goal is to establish a wide online marketplace on a base of Ethereum and an Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to completely abolish the need for mediators. The concept is initiated by Josh Fraser and Matthew Liu.

The Origin Protocol permits establishing a decentralized environment where customers and sellers can find each other, check the availability of goods, write reviews, and do many other things. This facilitates the trade of partial use assets.

OGN is a governance and value accumulating token which is used on the Origin Platform.

OGN Statistics

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
OGN price: $0.1518753188795141
Market capitalization: $86858090.52219476
Volume (24h): $17223479.73827106
Circulating supply: 571903922 OGN
Total supply: 1000000000 OGN
Max supply: 1000000000 OGN

Origin Protocol Roadmap

As for now, the team reveals some of their goals in a Lightpaper on the official website. These are:

  1. Developing a platform to onboard the NFTs creators and purchasers.
  2. Simplifying the process of participating in DeFi yield earning strategies for regular users.
  3. Promoting crypto payment rails that are superior to existing credit/debit cards and mobile payments that depend on fiat and centralized systems.
  4. Proceeding the development of the Origin Dollar as a critical DeFi building block that is really recyclable.

The project team is aiming to power multiple regular user applications and perform the mass adoption of crypto payment methods.

The project owns 3 products that are continuously expanding — Origin Story (NFT marketplace), Origin Token (OGN) and Origin Dollar (OUSD) which is positioned as the 1st crypto stablecoin automatically and passively allowing people to earn yield while staying in crypto wallets. So that the team will put all their energy into developing their existing products. Later they could start the creation of new ones as well.

Crypto community about OGN

According to Origin Protocol’s social media channels, it has quite active and supportive community members who follow its updates. One of the popular campaigns noticed by subscribers was a collaboration with Paris Hilton. She is mentioned as an official project advisor of the Origin Protocol website. We can see various YouTube and Twitter posts of Paris promoting the project:

We can notice that posts related to the celebrity are gaining more likes and reposts bringing the project recognition.

There are a lot of supporting tweets saying OGN is a real gem amidst the modern crypto market:

Users share their opinion on the OGN concept:

OGN Price Prediction

OGN Price Prediction 2024

As for May 23, 2022: predicts $0.34 in January and $0.44 in December. Due to prognosis, we can expect a price of OGN in 2024 to be $0.37.

OGN Price Prediction 2025

As for May 23, 2022:

If you check price prediction, you can see a price rising from $0.45 in January to $0.53 in December. does not agree with this prediction and offers $0.49. Further, analysts predict the rise of OGN price. As they suppose, by 2031 it will reach $1.32.

OGN Historical Price Analysis

As for May 31, 2022:

All-Time High (Apr 08, 2021): $3.39

All-Time Low (Jan 30, 2020): $0.1032

Back in April 2020, the OGN price was $0.22. Generally, it has a few instant rises and falls but all in all, the price has been slowly rising since the beginning. The significant exception is the year 2022 when the whole crypto market started feeling sick. However, now the price is going up again. According to TradingView, it could continue growing since the last candlestick had continued the breakout from the top of the curve. This means that the current price increase could be sustained for some time before any reversal.

Origin Protocol creates decentralized systems in which people will get a chance to promote their products. The project is oriented towards the free selling of all the items and services at real market prices. To maintain a comfortable environment for marketplace participants it is aimed to provide:

  1. Low transaction fees;
  2. Enhanced reward system;
  3. Better accessibility.

As we can see, the project not only shares promises but also works diligently to improve existing products in order to provide users with a comfortable and enjoyable experience of entering the crypto sphere.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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