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Orion Protocol Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • ORN Statistics
  • Orion Roadmap
  • Crypto community about ORN
  • ORN Price Prediction
  • ORN Price Prediction 2024
  • ORN Price Prediction 2025
  • ORN Historical Price Analysis

ORN is a native token of the Orion protocol. The idea of this protocol is to aggregate the existing exchanges into one decentralized platform. ORN acts as a utility token and is built on Ethereum. Moreover, ORN holders may get a number of benefits, such as discounts and staking returns. This is meant to encourage people to hold ORN.

ORN Statistics

Let's take a closer look at the token statistics provided by the CoinMarketCap service:

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
ORN price: $0.8458545239348126
Market capitalization: $28882764.267181717
Volume (24h): $4636001.60084048
Circulating supply: 34146255 ORN
Total supply: 92631255 ORN
Max supply: 100000000 ORN

Orion Roadmap

The official roadmap for 2022 has not been published yet. However, the moment it’s ready, it will be published on the official website.

So far the team has made some announcements. From these we know that 2021 was devoted to building the foundation, including the launch of mainnet. In the following year, the team is planning to achieve wide adoption through the DeFi solutions they prepared.One of the biggest things for the current year is Orion Bridge, which is a cross-chain bridge that functions via atomic swap technology. It helps users to trade assets across different blockchains.

Developing core functions is another priority for 2022.

Crypto community about ORN

Orion has a very active community on Twitter. The team announces the upcoming events and explains issues if something occurs. Community members can also ask questions and the team is always there to help.

ORN Price Prediction

Now let’s get to the most interesting part. Here are some price predictions from various sources.

ORN Price Prediction 2024

As of March 2022:

For 2024 experts predict stable growth without any falls. The price may reach $6 in December. again has another idea of ORN’s price. In 2024 ORN may try a new $1 level, and by the end of the year it may surpass it.

ORN Price Prediction 2025

As of March 2022:

2025 is promising to be a year without surprises. According to ORN may continue its growth and may even speed up a little bit. According to it may reach the $8 level.

ORN Historical Price Analysis

All Time High (Mar, 2021): $29.29All Time Low (Jul, 2020): $0.5363

The price of the ORN token is showing an upcoming trend. There are several drivers that push the price higher, such as partnerships and new technologies. For example, in December 2021 Orion protocol partnered with Moonpay, which allowed the service to provide an opportunity for fiat-to-crypto purchase.

In September 2021 Orion partnered with The exchange service received access to the RSS feed of the Orion protocol. 

In March 2021, when ORN showed the all-time high, Orion added new partners actively and new members joined the liquidity pool.

Orion Protocol provides interesting solutions for trading, making it limitless. It creates a developed ecosystem, which is comfortable for different users. The platform has eighteen revenue streams. The project is trying to be attractive for a very wide audience.So if you are interested in DeFi projects and looking for new ideas, solutions offered by the Orion team definitely deserve attention.

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