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Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • PSG statistics
  • PSG Roadmap
  • Crypto community about PSG
  • PSG price prediction
  • PSG price prediction 2025
  • PSG price prediction 2030
  • Historical price analysis

Popular football club Paris Saint-Germain was one of the first to release its own cryptocurrency for fans. The main goal was to bring fans and their favorite team closer. The users can vote to participate in the football club’s decisions.The PSG fan token was created with the help of the Socios platform. It allows its holders to vote for certain decisions of the club, participate in various raffles, and receive cashback, tickets to tournaments, and more.

PSG statistics

Let's take a closer look at the PSG token. According to CoinMarketCap service data:

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
PSG price: $3.2415594413375053
Market capitalization: $28455206.19968319
Volume (24h): $4905685.6384107
Circulating supply: 8778246 PSG
Total supply: 20000000 PSG
Max supply: 20000000 PSG

PSG Roadmap

In January 2020, the Paris Saint-Germain football club first started talking about the creation of PSG's own cryptocurrency. This token was created on the Socios platform and based on the Ethereum sidechain Chiliz. We can see the following project plans for 2021 on the Chiliz Medium channel.

Almost all main points have already been implemented by the developers for all fan tokens (including PSG):

  • Gamification The more fans use the app (for example, to trade and play), the more rewards and more interaction with the club they receive.
  • Marketing Great forces are directed towards advertising a product in order to increase the number of users and the scale of the idea.
  • Open Banking and RewardsWhen holders use their personal bank accounts to purchase tokens, they have the opportunity to receive CHZ as a form of cashback. It is worth mentioning here that the platform wants to create its own VISA Socios Debit card, but this has not yet been implemented.
  • NFT Focus The first native NFT tokens were released in February 2021. Paris Saint-Germain allows PSG holders to participate in the NFT draw, which can be represented by match tickets, event invitations, virtual badges, guided tours and player meetings and collectibles. Also, in the future, it is planned to launch staking in order for users to earn NFT tokens.

There are no other plans for the near future in the official access yet. Nevertheless, let's keep an eye on things, there are a lot of interesting implementations ahead because the fan token industry is just beginning to develop.

Crypto community about PSG

At the moment, many crypto traders and enthusiasts see potential in the PSG cryptocurrency. They also make very optimistic forecasts due to the fact that the famous football player Lionel Messi has become part of the Paris Saint-Germain club.

However, some crypto enthusiasts still doubt whether it is worth buying the PSG token or not, or are simply worried about its future.

PSG price prediction

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
Minimum PSG price for 2023: $0.0000010000000000000002
Maximum PSG price for 2023: $14.52203333333333
Average PSG price for 2023: $3.8041568496020104

Year-end PSG price predictions 2023:
Minimum expected: $0.025581483870967765
Maximum expected: $6.4573967741935485
Average expected: $0.8949870967741935

PSG price prediction 2025

According to information on WalletInvestor, the token will start at $114 in 2025, and in December the price will already reach $136.Analysts of the DigitalCoinPrice service suggest that at the beginning of 2025 the average price of PSG cryptocurrency will be $98, and by the end it will drop to $95.

PSG price prediction 2030

CryptocurrencyPricePrediction service experts suggest that in 2030 the token price could start at $996 and by the end of the year could reach $1,307.

Historical price analysis

All Time High: $61.23 (Aug 10, 2021)All Time Low: $2.77 (Jun 11, 2020)

As for the PSG rate, the token entered the market at a cost of just over $5 in August 2020. Already in December, after listing on Binance, the price of the token increased to $29. Then the PSG price gradually dropped to $10 per token. In March 2021, the price rose again to $26, followed by a rapid drop to $17. In April, the price of the token skyrocketed to $50, then the price dropped again to $26. The next jump was recorded on May 18, when the price of the PSG token reached $48. Until the beginning of August, the price remained at the level of $11-17. The news of Lionel Messi's transfer to the Paris Saint-Germain club triggered a historic maximum of PSG cryptocurrency on August 10, $61.

Nowadays, the fan token sector is expanding actively, the interaction between ordinary fans of different ages and their favorite players is becoming easier. So far, PSG cryptocurrency (like others of the same kind) has a low demand among investors. Nevertheless PSG continues to develop and add more opportunities for its users, and also tries to involve everyone in the life of a football club as much as possible.

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