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Request Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • REQ statistics
  • Request Roadmap
  • Crypto community about REQ
  • REQ Price Prediction
  • REQ Price Prediction 2024
  • REQ Price Prediction 2025
  • REQ Historical Price Analysis

REQ is a native token of the Request network, which is created to make payments. The main idea of the project is to put all the payments into one easy-to-use platform. For users, the mechanism of the protocol is rather simple. They should form a request for payment, identify an address and an amount. Some additional options are also available at this stage. For example, a user can determine terms and conditions for the payment. In this case, the request will turn into an invoice. The information about the request can also be shared with the other party.  All the transactions on the platform are recorded and processed without intermediaries.

The REQ token is used for several purposes. First of all, it is used to pay fees for requests. It also works as an anti-spam system. Fees are processed with the help of the Ethereum smart contract called ‘Burner’, collected fees are being burnt from time to time. Another REQ function is governance. Those who own REQ tokens can participate in voting and the decision making process. Tokens can also be staked. Moreover, REQ holders can get discounts on some products from time to time.

REQ statistics

Let’s take a look at REQ token statistics from the CoinMarketCap service:

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
REQ price: $0.08023078248809523
Market capitalization: $80205249.41365874
Volume (24h): $2212935.10480958
Circulating supply: 999681754.6377504 REQ
Total supply: 999681755.4777504 REQ
Max supply: 999877117 REQ

Request Roadmap

Request develops actively. Right now it has several things in progress:

  • Payment streaming
  • Pay salaries
  • Escrow - guarantee that the other has put on hold an amount necessary for a payment
  • InvoiceMe 2.0
  • API for builders

The team also has a long going plan for future development:

  • The platform will allow partial payments
  • It will integrate with Quickbooks and Zilliqa Chain
  • We will also see Referral loop 2.0, REQ token economics 2.0, and Crypto2Fiat (MVP 1.0)

Crypto community about REQ

The Request project finds some support on social media. The community shows excitement about what is happening with REQ and keeps hopes up for the future.

Some users point the problem of the project not being represented well enough on social media.

REQ Price Prediction

While talking about price prediction for 2022, analysts have different points of view. Some predict slow and stable growth. Others believe that the price will fluctuate around $1 without significant rises and falls.

Now let’s see what price predictions different services can give us.

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
Minimum REQ price for 2023: $0.0000010000000000000002
Maximum REQ price for 2023: $0.17248387096774193
Average REQ price for 2023: $0.06904865609551737

Year-end REQ price predictions 2023:
Minimum expected: $0.016486935483870972
Maximum expected: $0.17248387096774193
Average expected: $0.09445951612903228

REQ Price Prediction 2024

Analysts predict that during 2024 the price of the REQ token will stay at the same level. However, it may decline a little by December. It seems that the REQ token may need some time to accumulate energy for the next step.

REQ Price Prediction 2025

During 2025 REQ may try to reach a new height at a $2 price. As it happens usually, we will see a number of minor setbacks, but by the end of the year, the price may hit the new all-time high and fix this level.

REQ Historical Price Analysis

As of January 12, 2022:

All Time High (as of Jan 06, 2018): $1.18All Time Low (as of Mar 13, 2020): $0.004651

For a long time the REQ price stayed between $0.4 and $0.5. It reacted to new features of the platform but did not make any breakthrough. However, recently we were able to witness a sudden price breakout, which increased by almost 400% within one week.For starters, Request has partnered with Sandbox, one of the major metaverse projects. Moreover, the number of companies that are willing to provide crypto payments opportunities has increased significantly. This expanded demand for the services provided by the Request protocol led to the new price level.

As we can see, the project is gaining strength. With the growing popularity of crypto payments, services provided by the Request platform seem to be more and more needed. Based on this assumption, it is safe to say that this project will have a nice future and will continue to maintain the upgoing trend. The roadmap of the project shows that there will be more new instruments for businesses soon, which can only add optimism to the role this project may play in crypto adoption in the future.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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