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Serum Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • SRM Statistics
  • Serum Roadmap
  • Crypto community about SRM
  • SRM Price Prediction
  • SRM Price Prediction 2024
  • SRM Price Prediction 2025
  • SRM Historical Price Analysis

Serum is both protocol and ecosystem which is bringing higher speed and lower transaction price to DeFi. This developed on Solana project was launched on the last day of August 2020.

Here’s what Serum provides its users with:

  • Serum Core
  • Real extensibility
  • Services and ecosystem made for devs
  • SRM token
  • Solana Speeds and Costs

SRM is the native coin of the project. By holding it in their wallet owners can get a discount on fees.

SRM Statistics

Price prediction at 12.11.2023:
SRM price: $0.07023032457569944
Volume (24h): $68937.87213958
Total supply: 34082546.424268 SRM
Max supply: 100000000 SRM

Serum Roadmap

The Serum project roadmap is available on their official website. It has 3 phases, the 1st one concerning Serum tokens and on-chain DEX, the 2nd phase includes building Solana cross-chain bridge, the creation of a wallet and GUI ecosystem, and other steps the team has already completed. You can take a look at the current phase now:  

It is obvious that this stage contains significant points which could improve the project. However, there is no information if it’s planned for one year or more.

Crypto community about SRM

The community of Serum looks supportive yet softly criticizing. We can observe many messages on the official Telegram chat saying Serum is one of the best projects and it has a great future:

Some of them discuss SRM and express their love:

However, some members want to share their skepticism with others:

All in all, the general mood is quite positive and we can conclude that Serum has an optimistic community wanting the project to improve.

SRM Price Prediction

SRM Price Prediction 2024

As for June 10, 2022:

We have visited for a prediction and found out that the SRM price may reach $2.05 by December 2024. Due to prognosis, the SRM token price will equal to $1.52. 

SRM Price Prediction 2025

As for June 10, 2022:

If you check, you will be able to see the prognoses till 2025 and the last average price predicted is $2.40. does not agree with this prediction and offers the lesser amount of $1.93 for 2025. Also, according to the website, the price could go up to $5.27 by 2031, so this means that the value of SRM will smoothly increase as the years pass by.

SRM Historical Price Analysis

As for June 10, 2022:

All-Time High (Sep 11, 2021): $13.72

All-Time Low (Aug 11, 2020): $0.11

As it is stated on Coinmarketcap, the SRM price started from $1.69, and continued to grow since the time it was first listed on crypto exchange. We can notice the upward movement during the period of January till May 2021, then the price dropped down until July 2021 and then we observed a new upward trend of SRM. Back then, the token has reached its all-time high price of $13.72:

Nowadays the price is lower than usual, but some analysts predict that the upward movement will begin soon. According to Twitter, users who buy, hold the token and expect a big pump. Anyway, we will see what happens to this token and keep you updated on any news.

Serum is an interesting project which gives a chance to global mass adoption of decentralized finance. That’s the core aim stated by the team, and they have all the chances to become even more popular.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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