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Mar 16, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • Why SimpleSwap?
  • Who are SimpleSwap Ambassadors?
  • What do our Ambassadors do?
  • What perks do we offer our Ambassadors?

We are here with some great news: SimpleSwap starts a brand new Ambassador Program! Now our customers can share the service they enjoy with other people and get exclusive perks for that.

In this article, we will talk in detail about our Ambassador Program, its conditions, and rewards for the participants.

Why SimpleSwap?

SimpleSwap is a service that offers a reliable and fast way to exchange over 600 crypto and fiat currencies with ease. Our platform is designed with users’ convenience in mind; the support team is there to assist customers 24/7. All our registered clients enjoy crypto cashback. Though this is just a bonus, and you can quickly swap coins without signing up.

SimpleSwap has over 1,300 reviews on Trustpilot with an Excellent score (the average of 4.7/5).

Who are SimpleSwap Ambassadors?

In our Ambassador Program, we offer two options: Simple Guy and Simple Boss. Both types of Ambassadors are eager crypto enthusiasts, who are active on social media and have customer accounts with SimpleSwap. The only difference is that Simple Bosses have their own communities of over 5 thousand people and at least 3% ER.

What do our Ambassadors do?

  • They mention SimpleSwap on their social media accounts.
  • They talk about our service in comments, forums, etc. so that as many people learned about us as possible.
  • They create different pieces of content about our platform (reviews, videos, articles, etc.)
  • Additionally, Simple Bosses can join different conventions and participate in crypto events as SimpleSwap representatives.

What perks do we offer our Ambassadors?

Simple Guys enjoy these benefits:

  • BTC or SWAP cashback subscription;
  • A place on our website where we will write about you;
  • Our full support in your creative pursuits;
  • Exclusive access to our newest product updates.

Simple Bosses get all of the above, plus:

  • Affiliate with graders (including better conditions and promo codes);
  • Unique promotional materials.

If you are interested in our Ambassador Program, feel free to contact us via the form on this page. We are looking forward to your application!

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