SONM Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • SNM Statistics
  • SONM Roadmap
  • Crypto community about SNM
  • SNM Price Prediction
  • SNM Price Prediction 2024
  • SNM Price Prediction 2025
  • SNM Historical Price Analysis
  • Conclusion

SONM is a decentralized fog computing platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It was founded in 2018 by Aleksei Antonov and Sergei Ponomarev. Among the main goals of the SONM project are:

  • Creating a worldwide decentralized marketplace for computing power.
  •  Delivering a possibility of using decentralized computing resources in any amount for individuals and businesses. 
  • Getting owners of hardware an opportunity to benefit from renting computing resources.
  • Making a real alternative to the cloud computing big companies.
  • Creating a platform for apps of the future which are decentralized apps. 

SNM token is an official currency of SONM platform. It appears as the ERC-20 token based on Ethereum. The main function of SNM is paying the equivalent of computing powers. SNM is made as a utility token.

SNM Statistics

Price prediction at 01.29.2023:
SNM price: $1.0942593473554039
Market capitalization: $48585115.02257993
Volume (24h): $25361253.50761126
Circulating supply: 44400000 SNM
Total supply: 44400000 SNM

SONM Roadmap

The only roadmap available on SONM website covers the team’s plans for the period of 2018-2019, however, the link is now set on their main page, so we can claim that they have something to finish. Take a closer look at it:

You could notice that the SONM team has set the milestones for each sphere — product, business and marketing. The blocks for every quarter contain well-defined goals to make the project better. 

As known from the SONM official blog, the further plans concern metaverse implementation, adding new partnerships to the list and hosting the referral program with Binance. To keep an eye on SONM updates, you can follow their social networks. 

Crypto community about SNM

Wonder what the crypto community thinks about the SONM project? Here are a few tweets we’ve found:

Many of those who follow the SONM updates, are happy with the rising price of the SNM. However, some users rather worry than get excited.

Even though the general mood of community about SNM is quite positive, the latest price jump is alarming for crypto enthusiasts.

We can see the temporary worries about the cost of SNM, but all in all SONM has gained community’s attention and loyalty, which does a good job for the further project development.

SNM Price Prediction

Price prediction at 01.29.2023:
Average SNM price 2023: $1.3463636363636362
Average year-end SNM price expected: $ 1.26

SNM Price Prediction 2024

As for August 31, 2022:

We’ve checked out for a 2024 price prediction, too. They think the price will turn out to be $0.31 in January and $0.37 in December. shows us that the price of one SNM can reach $0.45 by 2024.

SNM Price Prediction 2025

As for August 31, 2022:

The analysts from give a certain forecast of SNM price — it’s going to be $0.38 in January and $0.44 in December. 

If you take a look at prognosis, you’ll see the number of $0.55 per SNM. However, the price could go up to $1.47 by 2031.  

SNM Historical Price Analysis

As for August 31, 2022:

All-Time High (Nov 08, 2021): $1.23

All-Time Low (May 12, 2022): $0.037

Let’s take a look at the Coinmarketcap all-time graph to see what changes did the SNM value undergo:

The all-time high of SNM occurred November 2021 whilst the all-time low happened in May 2022. We can see a few sharp ups and a long down which took place in summer 2022. As for now, the price is going up rapidly, which split the crypto community into two parts — those who are happy with the growth and those who suspect an artificial increase.  


SONM seems to be a well-developed project with defined plans and a loyal community. SNM token has a chance to grow according to the price prediction services and the rising tendency of its value. We can highlight the main features of SONM concept. They are:

  • Distributed fog general computing.
  • Open-source product having a big community.
  • Global scalability.
  • Debut computing open marketplace where all transactions are in crypto.
  • Can execute a wide range of tasks and existing applications: Machine learning, Video rendering, Site hosting, Scientific research, Mining and others.
  • Allows to select the right amount of computing resources that fit the required parameters for a particular use case.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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