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STEPN (GMT) coin Long Term Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030 - The future of GMT coin

Mar 15, 2024
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This blog post will cover:

  • GMT Overview
  • What Is Green Metaverse Token?
  • STEPN Price Chart
  • STEPN Price Technical Analysis
  • STEPN Price Forecasts Comparison
  • STEPN Price Forecast 2024, 2025, 2030
  • A Historical look at GMT's price
  • STEPN Correlation
  • What affects the price of STEPN?
  • Should you consider buying STEPN?
  • Conclusion: The future of GMT
  • STEPN Price Forecast FAQs

This piece explores the STEPN crypto project and the GMT coin. It will encompass a wide range of critical facets, such as the coin's price fluctuations, the project's evolution, its competitors, price predictions from diverse sources, and other pertinent topics.

Disclaimer:SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility. 

GMT Overview

The general information on GMT is given below:

Project TitleSTEPN
Project TitleGMT
USD Price$0.3238
Market Cap$595,870,554
24h Volume $212,594,600
Total Supply5,399,503,478 GMT

What Is Green Metaverse Token?

In order to understand what is STEPN and see the GMT price prediction, read this material we’ve prepared for you. 

Long story short, the Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is a new type of token used in the Web3 app called STEPN, using a move-to-earn (M2E) approach.

GMT, a pivotal component of the STEPN project, represents an endeavor to revolutionize the metaverse with a focus on environmental sustainability. STEPN envisions a metaverse where every interaction contributes to a greener planet. GMT is the linchpin of this vision, designed to harness the power of blockchain and decentralized technologies for the greater good of our environment.

GMT is crafted to ensure that a significant portion of its proceeds is directly channeled into eco-friendly initiatives. These initiatives span a wide range of impactful activities, including carbon offset projects, biodiversity conservation, sustainable energy development, and more. The token serves as a bridge between the virtual and real worlds, enabling users to actively participate in and support meaningful environmental projects while enjoying the metaverse's immersive experiences.

One of the most distinctive aspects of GMT is its community-driven approach. Token holders are empowered to propose, vote on, and prioritize the environmental projects that receive funding. This democratic and transparent decision-making process fosters a sense of shared responsibility and empowers participants to shape the ecological future of the metaverse. This unique model bridges the gap between technology enthusiasts and environmental activists, creating a dynamic ecosystem where digital innovation is harnessed to drive real-world positive change.

STEPN’s rivals

Just before diving into the STEPN price prediction, it is important to be aware of the competition level to give the further STEPN forecast. 

The competition in the crypto sector is fierce because it's a rapidly evolving and disruptive space. As more people recognize the potential of blockchain technology and digital assets, new projects constantly emerge, each with unique features, goals, and innovations. The allure of substantial profits in this dynamic environment spurs innovation and attracts both investors and developers to create the next big thing. This strong competition drives projects to constantly improve, develop new use cases, and strive for better performance to stay ahead.

Understanding the rivals of a cryptocurrency project you're considering investing in is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps you gauge the project's position in the market. By comparing it to similar projects, you can assess whether it has a unique selling proposition or if it's facing strong competition. Secondly, studying competitors allows you to evaluate the project's potential for growth and sustainability. If it can distinguish itself and outperform its rivals, it's more likely to succeed long-term. Lastly, knowing the competition helps you make informed decisions. You can assess the project's team, technology, and roadmap more critically, identifying potential strengths and weaknesses in relation to its rivals, which is essential for making sound investment choices in this competitive landscape.

So, who are the rivals of STEPN?

In 2024, Sweatcoin stands out as a leading M2E game. You accumulate one Sweatcoin (SWEAT) for every 1,000 steps you take, which you can later trade on the platform's marketplace for a range of enticing rewards, including cutting-edge shoes, iPhones, invigorating anti-gravity yoga sessions, and a variety of other desirable items.

The app enjoys immense popularity and public trust, evident in its association with Olympic champion Usain Bolt, who serves as an ambassador. Additionally, the app boasts a skilled development team with significant expertise in both blockchain technology and web3 innovations.

Within this ecosystem, the FITFI token serves as the governance mechanism, allowing users to have a say in the platform's evolution. Meanwhile, the KCAL token, earned by completing fitness challenges or reaching personal milestones, plays a central role. With KCAL, users can mint new sneakers — unique move-to-earn NFTs that add a fascinating twist to the fitness and token economy synergy. This comprehensive approach, combining trusted endorsements, technical prowess, and a compelling token structure, positions the app as a promising contender in the dynamic landscape of move-to-earn.

  • MetaGym (MGCN)

MetaGym offers an experience where users receive NFT Metaverse avatars, affectionately termed as MetaGym Buddies. These avatars come with a wide array of capabilities, enabling users to engage in cardio activities, track their health behaviors, and conquer fitness challenges, all of which contribute to the accumulation of valuable MetaGym Coins (MGCN). 

This cryptocurrency serves as a powerful tool, allowing people to enhance their avatars' capabilities by leveling up and minting innovative NFT clothing, power-ups, and various upgrades. This unique blend of fitness and virtual rewards creates an engaging and rewarding environment within MetaGym's dynamic ecosystem.

The Foundation of STEPN

The STEPN concept is a result of the collaboration between Yawn Rong and his neighbor Jerry Huang, two entrepreneurial minds who embarked on this project. Yawn, a serial entrepreneur with a history of building successful brands in Australia, shifted his focus to the crypto industry in 2017. He established a crypto investment firm and incubator during that time. In 2021, Yawn and Jerry formulated the concept for the STEPN project, which started as an idea to create a Web3 Monopoly game. However, as they observed other similar games and the potential for integrating motion with token incentives, the concept evolved into the M2E initiative we see today.

The STEPN story emerged in early August 2021, and the project gained momentum towards the end of a cryptocurrency bull run. The decision to create a mobile-friendly, light, and simple platform proved advantageous, differentiating it from graphics-heavy Game-Fi projects that were launched earlier. The project's focus on the M2E concept was driven by several factors. Firstly, the team recognized the vast market potential, with millions of people using running apps and engaging in walking, jogging, or running as a form of exercise. The growth of the online fitness industry, fueled in part by heightened awareness of personal health due to COVID, further underscored the market's potential. Additionally, the STEPN team identified a crucial environmental aspect, aiming to combat global warming by incentivizing people to move outdoors and reduce motor vehicle usage through carbon offsetting.

In essence, the project co-founded by Yawn and Jerry, is a product of visionary thinking that combines gaming, cryptocurrency, physical activity, and ecological awareness, with the aim of introducing millions of non-crypto users to the benefits of Web 3.0.

How Does the STEPN Work?

The STEPN project operates as a M2E platform that combines physical activity, blockchain technology, and environmental initiatives. STEPN encourages users to engage in physical activities to earn rewards. Users buy NFT sneakers and earn GMT as they walk, jog, or complete fitness challenges. The app records their physical activities.

The project's focus is on promoting physical fitness and wellness, utilizing the incentive of NFT rewards to encourage users to stay active. The STEPN project not only benefits users' personal health but also creates a gamified experience through the use of NFTs, enhancing user engagement and providing a novel way to incentivize physical activity. Check out the following uses of the app’s sneakers:


STEPN token functions

The official token of the project gives users a wide range of benefits. Here are the main uses of GMT. 


GMT incentivizes users to stay active and engage in physical activities by rewarding them based on the number of steps they take. This mechanism encourages a healthier lifestyle while providing tangible benefits in the form of GMT tokens.


GMT is also used by users to take part in voting on important issues connected to the project.


Due to locking the staked tokens, users get more voting rights.


MOOAR is an NFT marketplace created by the STEPN team. Members have the opportunity to use GMT to vote on the MOOAR project. They also can use the coin to buy and sell NFTs on the marketplace mentioned above. 

STEPN Development Roadmap

To define the future of STEPN and see what directions of development the team is following, we have to check out the STEPN roadmap.


Having a roadmap is a good sign for any crypto project. Having an updated roadmap is a way better sign. As we can see, STEPN team is now working on integrating the in-app music. The previous milestones mentioned in the roadmap are completed successfully.

Where and how to buy STEPN crypto? 

Decided to buy GMT? Make sure you are aware of all the important information about the project and its token first. After its done and you still want to invest, you may easily purchase GMT through SimpleSwap:

  1. Pick the crypto you’d like to swap (e.g. Bitcoin).
  2. Enter the number you want to exchange.
  3. Select GMT in the second drop-down list. You’ll see the estimated amount that you will get after the exchange.
  4. Click the Exchange button.
  5. Enter the Recipient's Address. GMT will be sent there. Check the address you entered — it’s important!
  6. Create the exchange.
  7. You’ll see the BTC deposit address. You have to transfer the necessary sum of BTC to this address to start the exchange. Then wait for tokens to arrive at your wallet.

To see GMT price prediction, let’s move on.

STEPN Price Chart

Here’s the current GMT data:

GMT Price$0.3238
Volume (24h) $212,594,600
Total supply5,399,503,478 GMT

*Information given above as of March 15, 2024.

STEPN Price Technical Analysis

GMT experienced a notable decline after attaining a local high of $0.686 in early 2023, establishing a trend line that served as a dynamic support level for the asset. Indications of a potential trend reversal and price recovery emerged in October 2023, accompanied by an uptick in trading volumes.

Subsequently, in November, GMT successfully breached the resistance level at $0.2096, leading to a substantial surge and reaching a new local high at $0.449. Presently, the GMT price is undergoing a correction, trading near the point of control level and the 100-day moving average. The closest support level is situated at $0.2096, aligning with the 200-day moving average. The RSI indicator on the daily timeframe hovers in the neutral zone, suggesting the potential for further price movements.

STEPN Price Forecasts Comparison

As of March 15, 2024, various cryptocurrency prediction services shared their forecasts for GMT. Let's see the price they offer.

  • Bitnation:

As we recover from the crypto winter, we are expecting that STEPN will achieve a maximum price of $0.369051 as the market starts to recover. The minimum expected price is $0.246034 and the average price will hover around $0.307542.

  • Coincodex:

“Based on the historical price movements of GMT Token and the BTC halving cycles, the yearly low GMT Token price prediction for 2024 is estimated at $ 0.106539.”

  • Cryptopredictions:

“GMT is forecasted to be worth on average $0.5151344913806 by the beginning of 2025 (January). In the years that follow - 2026, 2027, 2028 the GMT price is predicted to be in January worth on average $0.50323474127118, $0.62654713767881, $0.73951884583706, respectively.”

Based on this list containing GMT coin price prediction, we can create a comparative table to facilitate comprehension. Presented below are the average annual values:

SourceGMT Price Prediction 2024GMT Price Prediction 2025GMT Price Prediction 2030

This is the STEPN price prediction delivered by the three different services. It’s always good to read about a few various GMT token opinions before buying it. 

This is the STEPN price prediction delivered by the three different services. It’s always good to read about a few various GMT token opinions before buying it. In 2024, Bitnation suggested the GMT token to be priced at $0.30, suggesting a moderate starting point. By 2025, their prediction sees the price rising to $0.71, indicating a notable increase in value over the two-year period. Looking further ahead, their projection for 2030 estimates the GMT token to reach $1.74.

Coincodex predicted the GMT token's price to be $0.11 in 2024, which is a relatively low value at the start of the period. However, their prediction for 2025 shows a significant increase in value, with the token's price at $0.96. In their 2030 prediction, the price shows a decrease compared to 2025 — $0.87.

In 2024, Cryptopredictions gives a STEPN crypto price prediction, suggesting its price to hit $0.25, indicating a moderate value. Their prediction for 2025 suggests a rise in value to $0.36. However, in their 2030 projection, the token is expected to reach $1.03. The information on the GMT crypto price prediction may change anytime. It's essential to recognize that providing a completely precise forecast for crypto prices is impossible. Therefore, never acquire tokens without conducting thorough personal research.

STEPN Price Forecast 2024, 2025, 2030

Learn about the general GMT crypto price prediction 2025-2030 below: 

YearMaximum price of GMT

STEPN crypto price prediction 2024

The trajectory of GMT's price will be significantly influenced by both overall market conditions and the success of the project's development. Under favorable market sentiment, GMT has the potential to reach $0.495 in 2024.

STEPN coin price prediction 2025

In 2025, STEPN (GMT) may sustain its upward trend, driven by the overall bullish cycle in crypto markets and the continued development of STEPN as a prominent Move-to-Earn project attracting new users. The projected potential for GMT in 2025 is to reach $0.686.

STEPN coin price prediction 2026

The price of GMT has the potential to increase in 2026 following the project’s strong market positions and inflow of new users and investors. The growth potential for GMT in 2026 is up to $1.3.

GMT token price prediction 2030

Looking ahead to 2030, the price experiences a significant surge, reaching $5.2. This jump in value over the five-year period suggests significant developments or increased demand.

A Historical look at GMT's price

The GMT’s all-time high occurred in April 2022. Back then, the cost reached $4.11. The ATL of this asset happened the same year in March. The lowest price of GMT was $0.1003. 


GMT/USD15 March 2022$0.36
GMT/USD15 March 2023$0.41


GMT/EUR15 March 2022€0.33
GMT/EUR15 March 2023€0.38

STEPN Correlation

The GMT token exhibited varying degrees of correlation with the prices of different coins, showing both positive and negative relationships. Let's explore which assets these correlations were observed with.

Positively Correlated Currencies


Negatively Correlated Currencies


What affects the price of STEPN?

The latest thing that affected the price of GMT token was the fact that STEPN has integrated with Apply Pay this May. Due to this significant advancement, the GMT token of STEPN witnessed a substantial surge, resulting in an impressive overnight price rise of nearly 13%.

However, there are a few main factors that influence the price of any coin. They are:

  1. Market demand. High demand from investors and users can drive the price up, while low demand may lead to a decrease.
  2. Market sentiment. Positive news, partnerships, or adoption can boost prices, while negative sentiment can lead to declines.
  3. Technology and development. Updates, innovations, or improvements to the token's technology can positively impact its value.
  4. Competitive landscape. The token's position relative to similar projects can affect investor interest.

Should you consider buying STEPN?

To answer the question “is STEPN a good investment?”, you have to do the detailed research, check on different resources and compare the data given. 

Check out Twitter, as this is the most popular place where people discuss crypto projects. Read the news and the project’s official Blog to be aware of any updates. Do not make any investment decisions based on STEPN GMT token price prediction only. 

Conclusion: The future of GMT

In conclusion, the future of the GMT token from the STEPN project holds both promise and challenges, as is often the case in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. The notable boost in price, driven by a significant development within the project, underscores the potential of the GMT token. This surge not only showcases the project's ability to capture market attention but also indicates growing investor interest in its offerings.

As we look ahead, the fate of the GMT token depends on several critical factors. Continued innovation, strategic partnerships, and effective execution of the project's roadmap will be paramount. The team behind STEPN must navigate the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, adapting to regulatory changes and emerging market trends. Additionally, maintaining transparency and clear communication with the community will be essential in sustaining confidence in the token's long-term viability. The Green Metaverse Token price prediction is also very positive considering the data given by different forecast sources.

While the path forward for the GMT token remains uncertain, it is clear that it has established a foothold within the industry. Whether it will achieve sustained growth and broader adoption will depend on the project's ability to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the competitive blockchain ecosystem. Observing how the team navigates these waters and capitalizes on its strengths will undoubtedly be an exciting journey.

STEPN Price Forecast FAQs

Check this section with quick answers concerning the project. 

How high can GMT coin go?

The maximum price prediction mentioned in this article is $5.2 per 1 GMT.

Is STEPN a good investment?

To decide whether STEPN is a good investment or not, do your own research and discover the project. Get acquainted with the team, project’s roadmap and various opinions of the crypto community members. 

Is STEPN worth it in 2024?

According to the price of GMT in 2024 and further forecasts for its cost, this token is going to grow. However this might change anytime as the crypto market is very volatile. 

Can GMT coin reach $100?

It is highly unlikely that GMT will hit $100 in the near future.

What is the price prediction for GMT coin in 2024?

According to our estimations, the price of GMT might reach $0.495 in 2024. 

Why is GMT falling?

This happens because of a number of different factors including the market volatility, high competition level and increased demand for other coins.

What is the future price of GMT coin?

The future of any crypto asset is very hard to predict. However, according to the forecasts we observed in this article, the future of GMT is quite promising.

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