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Tellor Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • TRB Statistics
  • Tellor Roadmap
  • Crypto community about TRB
  • TRB Price Prediction
  • TRB Price Prediction 2024
  • TRB Price Prediction 2025
  • TRB Historical Price Analysis
  • Conclusion

Tellor is a decentralized oracle protocol. It is aimed to privately place data on-chain. Tellor uses crypto-economic motivation to protect information via staking and management meanwhile the community members are connected by a token, which, in turn, uses anonymous governance and monetary policy for rewarding and inspiring adoption and further network development.

Tellor was established in 2018 by the American team including Brenda Loya — CEO, Nick Fett — CTO, and Michael Zemrose — CSO. Their main goal was to address the oracle issue on Ethereum.

A native token is called Tributes, or TRB. It’s designed to align incentives between three parties — users, data reporters, and token holders.

TRB Statistics

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
TRB price: $106.34569953113771
Market capitalization: $270868664.75638056
Volume (24h): $96123753.84373838
Circulating supply: 2547058 TRB
Total supply: 2590697 TRB

Tellor Roadmap

There is no relevant roadmap of Tellor. The last roadmap published by the team concerned the year of 2019. However, we can check out the project’s blog and Discord channel to see some of the tasks planned for the near future:

  1. Further develop the Tellor360
  2. Improve the official website
  3. Grow the loyal community
  4. Keep trucking on the integrations
  5. Start leveraging some of the internal processes

The team of Tellor avoids roadmaps, it’s really hard to keep up with the updates they are working on. But they do post quarterly and yearly reviews on what's been done, so this does not seem to be top secret information.

Crypto community about TRB

It is clearly seen that the crypto community is quite interested in Tellor and its idea. The followers of Tellor monitor their progress through Twitter, blog and Discord channel where the team actively communicates with users.

Some of the crypto enthusiasts check out the TRB price and share their opinion on the future of this token:

The core of the Tellor’s community stays supportive and cheers up some of those who doubt the team will make it:

All in all, the atmosphere around the project is very positive. We could notice some negative comments but they’re just a drop in the bucket.

TRB Price Prediction

TRB Price Prediction 2024

As for July 4, 2022: offers its own prediction of $11.96 for 1 TRB at the beginning of 2024 and $15.78 at the end of it. The forecast of includes the price of $16.02 for a Tellor token.

TRB Price Prediction 2025

As for July 4, 2022:

Let’s go to and check out their predictions: $16.06 for January and $18.67 for December 2025. provides users with the following prognosis: $21.08 for 2025. The source analysts say that the price will go up to $57.50 by 2031.

TRB Historical Price Analysis

As for July 4, 2022:

All-Time High (May 10, 2021): $163.76

All-Time Low (Nov 19, 2019): $1.11

The dynamics of the TRB price looks quite good throughout the time it has been placed on the crypto market. Let’s check out the Coinmarketcap graphics:

The TRB price faced an all-time high value of $163 which is incredibly high amongst the other cryptocurrency projects. However, the all-time low was just $1and that’s been a disaster for the token holders. The significant increase began in March 2021 and finished in June 2021. This upward movement could be caused by the various facts — the listing of TRB on Coinbase, some fresh-set partnerships, or a migration of TRB to Ethereum. Of course, we can see some more spikes on the stats above, but they have never repeated the previous success.

Now we can observe a little downtrend, which could later go up. According to the prognosis services, this may happen but the time depends on many factors including the situation on the crypto market.


To conclude this short review article, we can highlight a few core Tellor features that are worth mentioning:

  1. To become a data reporter, users don’t need to pass any verification. Tellor is permissionless and anyone can become a reporter via open-source, which is a distinctive feature of Tellor.
  2. Data is submitted in bytes, that’s why the oracle is flexible and robust for almost any blockchain app.
  3. Tellor has a simple architecture.
  4. The incentives are paid higher so that the data is reported faster.

We will surely keep our eye on the Tellor project, so that you can stay updated about all the interesting details of this oracle.

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