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Ultra Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • UOS Statistics
  • Ultra Roadmap
  • Crypto community about UOS
  • UOS Price Prediction
  • UOS Price Prediction 2024
  • UOS Price Prediction 2025
  • UOS Historical Price Analysis
  • Conclusion

Ultra is positioned as the 1st platform for entertainment which supplies users with a wide range of games in one single place. All the products are available with a unified account. Ultra allows you to explore, purchase and play games, communicate with popular influencers, take part in competitions, watch live streams and participate in a lot of other activities. In addition to games, Ultra also has a platform for advertisers, a whole marketplace and an exclusive application.

Ultra also created its own crypto called UOS tokens. They are necessary for the purchase of products and in-game items. All services available on Ultra including loyalty programs, game testing, advertisement, and bug reports work with UOS only. 

UOS Statistics

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
UOS price: $0.18064191182093034
Market capitalization: $64523182.37941056
Volume (24h): $1220084.18595963
Circulating supply: 357188327.609 UOS
Total supply: 1000000000 UOS

Ultra Roadmap

According to the White Paper, Ultra has a lot of far-going plans concerning the project. The team claims that Ultra is currently building a 1st class gaming platform and marketplace intended to stop the distribution monopoly. The main general goals that they emphasize:

  1. Providing more effective marketing tools.
  2. Introduce new revenue streams.
  3. Found a rich token based economy by powering referral bonuses, digital goods, rewards programs and many more features engaging the players.

The roadmap is available on the official website:

It was published on January 25, 2022, so it is a freshly updated list of Ultra plans for the next milestone. They mention each Ultra product including Marketplace, Games, Wallet, Cloud, Exclusive Sports Game, Exclusive FPS Game, Tournament Platform and also the Mobile App. Each section has a definite set of innovations the Ultra team is planning to focus on. It is interesting how they told about their plans in detail, so the community could see the whole picture of what is going on.

Crypto community about UOS

The community of Ultra seems to be very supportive on the Internet. We have found some tweets about the project:

People are motivating others to buy UOS even though the crypto market is very unstable now and most of the currencies prices are at their lows.

Ultra also has a few social media channels such as Telegram and Discord, where the team (including CEO) answers all the questions. It is very important for a project to keep in touch with users and control the climate inside the community.

UOS Price Prediction

UOS Price Prediction 2024

As for May 25, 2022: shares an average price for the whole year. UOS will cost $0.46 in January and $0.58 in December. Due to prognosis, we can expect the price to minimally rise up to $0.57

UOS Price Prediction 2025

As for May 25, 2022:

If you go to, you can see the prognosis saying that the UOS price will change from $0.60 in January to $0.74 in December. The analysts of share a prediction for 2025, saying that UOS will cost $0.73. They also assume that the price could reach $1.97 by 2031.

UOS Historical Price Analysis

As for May 27, 2022:

All-Time High (Nov 25, 2021): $2.46

All-Time Low (Sep 30, 2019): $0.01982

According to the information on Coinmarketcap, we can see a pretty smooth growth in the beginning of UOS listing on crypto exchanges. However, the price had jumped up and down significantly a few times — from $0.71 May 3, 2021 to $0.21 May 23, 2021, from $0.97 September 2, 2021 to $0.48 September 28, 2021 and from $2.44 November 25, 2021 to $1.55 December 4, 2021.

Nevertheless, the UOS value is generally stable and going up throughout the time. We can see the drops, but as with any cryptocurrency, temporary drawdowns are completely normal. Now, when UOS is undergoing market volatility, and the price is not too high, it might be the best time to join the project and purchase tokens.

As a strong gaming platform with an ambitious roadmap and supportive community members, this project seems to have all the chances to survive through whatever comes before the next bull run.


Ultra’s ambitions are going far — the team has set the goal to create the best game publishing platform able to compete with many of the available market solutions.

The project concept contains a couple of advantages for the developers and gamers, who, in turn, are able to help Ultra’s development. This can have a good effect on both sides, as mutual benefit contributes to success.

So, with the right approach to product development and communication with the community, the project can become quite successful and take its place in the cryptoverse.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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