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Venus Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • XVS Statistics
  • Venus Roadmap
  • Crypto community about XVS
  • XVS Price Prediction
  • XVS Price Prediction 2024
  • XVS Price Prediction 2025
  • XVS Historical Price Analysis
  • Conclusion

Venus is an algorithmic money market and synthetic stablecoin protocol started on Binance Smart Chain. The team of Swipe is responsible for development. The core aim of Venus is to reach decentralization via community governance.

The Venus Protocol offers a solution for DeFi, giving users an opportunity to borrow straight away against collateral at high speed whilst spending less on transaction fees.

The protocol is regulated by the Venus community. Team allocations do not exist in this ecosystem, and XVS tokens can be earned solely via the Binance LaunchPool, or as an alternative, by producing liquidity for the protocol.

XVS Statistics

Price prediction at 01.24.2024:
XVS price: $11.570376788545948
Market capitalization: $181171639.22303644
Volume (24h): $26170372.84487947
Circulating supply: 15658231.580011 XVS
Total supply: 30000000 XVS
Max supply: 30000000 XVS

Venus Roadmap

The Venus Protocol didn’t share a relevant roadmap for 2022. However, we can see the reports on the Medium blog where they announce the latest news of the project and team updates including website, visual rebrands as well as application and ecosystem modernization.

Let's wait for the team to share the new roadmap because they had one for 2021. Now, we can just follow them on social networks to stay tuned.

Crypto community about XVS

The community of Venus Protocol seems to be loyal as we could find various Tweets and Telegram posts full of positive reviews and support.

People love to communicate with the team of the Venus Protocol. In accordance with their social networks, we can obviously see that none of the messages are left without an answer. The Turkish community looks the most engaged though:

The crypto community has a strong belief that Venus will make it to the moon:

All in all, the general mood is quite optimistic. We will see how it goes further, but right now Venus isn’t lacking the crypto community love.

XVS Price Prediction

XVS Price Prediction 2024

As for June 22, 2022:

As far as it seems, predicts a good year for XVS because it’s going to grow from $9.68 to $11.92. The average number gives us is $7.01.

XVS Price Prediction 2025

As for June 22, 2022:

Go to and you will see the increasing price of XVS. It will go from $12.10 at the beginning of the year to $13.73 at the end of it. However, the experts from give a forecast of $9.56 in 2025. Further prognosis is also pretty positive and goes up to $25.27 by 2031.

XVS Historical Price Analysis

As for June 22, 2022:

All-Time High (May 10, 2021): $147.02

All-Time Low (Nov 04, 2020): $2.07

Let’s take a look at the historical price data. The all-time low was reached in November 2020, and the highest point took place in May 2021. We can see that for a long period of time the value of XVS was pretty stable except for the 3 months of the price spikes from February 2021 till May 2021. Such a fast growth could be caused by the XVS burn from the recent VIP-16 which has allowed Venus to purchase 39,266.12 XVS with $1 million USDC and $2.5 million USDT, and burned all the buyback on BSC. Check out the graph from the Coinmarketcap:

People are hoping for the giant leap made by XVS price to repeat the trick. Nevertheless, the relevant dynamics of the crypto market do not seem to proceed that soon.


There are enough reasons to say that Venus has all chances to become more popular amongst the crypto community and complete all the missions it has set. The core benefits of Venus we can highlight:

  1. Ability to borrow crypto and stablecoins with no credit check and prompt origination right on BSC.
  2. Supply crypto and stablecoins for earning a variable APY to provide liquidity to the protocol.
  3. XVS token is aimed to be a fair launch allocation for a community.

However, we will keep an eye on Venus and inform you about any significant updates. Stay tuned with SimpleSwap!

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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