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What is Arkham (ARKM) and What to Expect

Jul 21, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • What is Arkham (ARKM)?
  • Arkham (ARKM) price, supply and Market cap
  • Arkham - how does it work
  • Blockchain Arkham (ARKM) operates on 
  • Uses for ARKM Arkham
  • Who created Arkham?
  • How Is Arkham (ARKM) Different To
  • Advantages of Arkham
  • Disadvantages of Arkham
  • Roadmap
  • Future of Arkham
  • The Bottom Line 
  • FAQ

Disclaimer: SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

Key Takeaways

  1. Arkham is an intelligence platform meticulously designed to systematically analyze and deanonymize blockchain transactions. 
  2. The official token of the platform is ARKM.
  3. ARKM is utilized for staking, incentivizing, trading and intel-to-earn.  

What is Arkham (ARKM)?

Arkham is an intelligence organization that methodically examines and deanonymizes transactions made through blockchain, providing people with insights about the individuals and businesses involved in such activities. Additionally, it delivers data and analytics regarding their conduct.

Arkham (ARKM) price, supply and Market cap

To discover what is ARKM, we need to dive into the structure first. 

Arkham represents a blockchain analysis platform that harnesses AI to deanonymize blockchain and on-chain data. 

The foundation of Arkham comprises 2 critical elements. They are Analytics Platform and Intel Exchange. The former encompasses analytics of various entities, exchanges, funds and tokens. Users gain access to portfolio holdings, exchange flows, transaction history, and other analytics. On the other hand, the Intel Exchange simplifies the purchasing and selling of address labels and intelligence via bounties, DATA (Decentralized AI Training Accelerator) Program or the auctions.

Arkham's AI engine, developed in-house, amalgamates data from diverse sources such as public records and social media. Using this data, addresses are labeled, and entity analytics are generated using Ultra, the company's AI algorithm.

The versatile application of Arkham's platform spans a wide range of purposes, including tracking stolen assets, identifying fraudulent actors, confirming counterparties, auditing transactions, examining hacks, and more. The platform contends that it can combat crimes in the crypto sector by stimulating on-chain research.

Now we know the structure of the Arkham platform, it’s time to learn what is ARKM crypto. Aside from being the primary currency of the intel-to-earn economy, ARKM serves as the driving force behind a carefully crafted incentive system, fostering a positive feedback loop to propel platform adoption and ensure sustained, long-term growth.

The crux of ARKM's distinctive utility lies in the concept of intel-to-earn, making it the pioneer crypto intelligence token. The complementary nature of ARKM discounts and rewards bolsters this core utility, culminating in an Arkham ecosystem that thrives as the global epicenter for blockchain intelligence, ensuring stability and continuous prosperity.

To answer the question — is ARKM a good investment or not — it is crucial to know the price of the token. You can see the main data on the mentioned asset below: 

 ARKM PriceMarket capVolume (24h)Total supply
$0.6$90,004,991$63,911,3981,000,000,000 ARKM

* Information given above as of July 20, 2023.

In accordance with the information given on CoinMarketCap, the all-time high of this asset occurred not that long ago — on July 18, 2023 the price of ARKM was $0.8279. The all-time low took place on July 18, 2023 and hit $0.5915.

Arkham - how does it work

To understand how Arkham works, read the further information about the Profiler, which lies at the heart of the Arkham platform. It is a comprehensive tool that provides a holistic overview of an entity or address's crypto activities. Within the Profiler, users gain access to a wealth of information, including:

  1. History of transactions
    A detailed record of past transactions, conveniently filterable and sortable by USD value, tokens, counterparties, and timestamps.
  2. Portfolio holdings
    Insights into the assets held by the entity or address in question.
  3. Balance history
    A chronological representation of the balance fluctuations over time.
  4. Profit and Loss
    Data on gains and losses incurred through crypto activities.
  5. Exchange usage
    Data on the entity's engagement with different crypto exchanges.
  6. Top counterparties
    Identification of the most significant interacting entities.

The Profiler is the cornerstone of the platform as it offers a comprehensive suite of intelligence, providing a complete overview of an entity's crypto activity. Additionally, several other features enhance the utility of this entity information, enabling a better understanding, including Visualizer, Alerts, Dashboards and many more.

Through the Profiler and its complementary features, the Arkham platform empowers users with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of crypto entities, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic analysis within the blockchain landscape.

It is important to additionally mention that Arkham is secured with the help of Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. To understand the difference between PoS and PoW, get acquainted with the info below.


Proof of Work (PoW) is a mechanism utilized to validate operations and include new blocks to the chain. Miners are contesting to solve complicated math problems, requiring significant computational power. PoW ensures the security and immutability of the blockchain, as altering a block would require redoing the work for all subsequent blocks. However, PoW is energy-intensive, as miners continuously perform computations, and the system can become slower as the network grows.


Proof of Stake (PoS) is a consensus mechanism that determines how new blocks are added to the blockchain. PoS relies on validators. They, in turn, are responsible for proposing and validating the brand new blocks, and their chances of being chosen depend on the amount of cryptocurrency they hold and are willing to lock up as a stake. PoS is considered more energy-efficient than PoW and provides incentives for users to hold and participate actively in the network, as they can earn rewards for their staked tokens.

More about the differences between the two consensus types can be found in our article.

Blockchain Arkham (ARKM) operates on 

If you are just starting to discover the Arkham project, you probably are interested — what is the Arkham blockchain? ARKM is an ERC-20 asset, operating on Ethereum, which is an often case for a major number of crypto projects.

Uses for ARKM Arkham

The owners of ARKM enjoy a number of benefits provided by the platform. Here you can check out what is Arkham used for:

  1. Trading
    The Arkham Intel Exchange forms a decentralized economy where users can trade crypto intelligence using ARKM. This platform enables the buying and selling of valuable information, including entity labels, hacker tracing data, and curated data feeds. All transactions are conducted through audited smart contracts, ensuring security and transparency, with no centralized entity holding funds.
  2. Staking
    To place bounties for specific intelligence, buyers stake ARKM as the initial bounty. Anyone can add to the bounty by staking an equal or greater amount of ARKM, thereby increasing its value and the incentive for bounty hunters. The Arkham Intel Exchange facilitates this stake-based system to foster a dynamic and engaging marketplace for crypto intelligence.
  3. Intel-to-earn
    Arkham's DATA Program complements the exchange by offering an intel-to-earn system. Participants, known as sleuths, earn ARKM by submitting valuable intelligence used to train Ultra, the AI algorithm powering the platform. This enhances the overall data quality and reinforces the collaborative spirit of the Arkham ecosystem.
  4. Incentivization
    Beyond its primary role as the currency of the intel-to-earn economy, ARKM empowers a system of incentives aimed at fostering platform adoption and promoting long-term growth. The incentive system consists of two vital elements: rewards and discounts. Rewards are bestowed upon individuals who contribute positively to the Arkham ecosystem, while users can enjoy significant discounts, up to 60%, on platform transactions when using or holding ARKM. These incentives create a positive feedback loop, driving the platform's sustainable development and enriching the experience for all participants.

Who created Arkham?

In 2020, Arkham Intelligence was established by Miguel Morel, a seasoned entrepreneur with a profound background in cryptocurrency markets. With extensive experience in navigating emerging crypto landscapes, Miguel possesses a deep understanding of the intelligence requirements for decision-makers in various sectors, including government, venture capital, and trading. Additionally, he actively invests in multiple technology startups, further enriching his expertise and insights into the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

The major stakeholders of Arkham

Arkham Intelligence has garnered significant attention from top-tier investors within the crypto industry and beyond. Notable backers include a co-founder from OpenAI, Joe Lonsdale, one of the co-founders of Palantir, renowned investor Tim Draper, GSR, Geoff Lewis, Wintermute.  

The company successfully secured over $10 mn through 2 rounds of equity financing, culminating in a valuation of $150 million during its latest funding round. Such impressive support and funding underscore the recognition and potential of Arkham Intelligence as a key player in the evolving landscape of crypto intelligence.

How Is Arkham (ARKM) Different To

Ethereum Crypto

The main difference between the two coins is that ARKM is a token created by an intelligence platform. The team behind this project has different goals, including the aim to make blockchain 100% transparent by deanonymizing transactions. 

Bitcoin Crypto

In this case, the main difference would be — ARKM’s blockchain is Ethereum, and Bitcoin operates on the blockchain of its own. This is the primary divergence between these two. Another divergence is that BTC uses PoW which is less “green” than PoS. 


The SPACE ID crypto is now ranking #258 according to the CoinMarketCap, which is a bit lower than ARKM which takes the place #256 on the list of trending cryptocurrencies. And in general, these two projects have nothing in common. SPACE ID is a platform allowing people to manage their web3 domains in one place. 

Advantages of Arkham

Before making any investment decision, it’s important to learn about Arkham pros and cons. ARKM advantages include:

  1. Full coverage and multi-chain inclusion
    Arkham stands out by providing extensive coverage of the blockchain landscape. Utilizing its proprietary AI system, ULTRA, Arkham aggregates info from different chains, giving people a chance to gain insights from a comprehensive view of the entire crypto ecosystem.
  2. Entity-based intelligence
    The company takes a holistic approach to crypto activity by linking real-world identities to addresses. This innovative method opens up a wide array of use cases, including trading, research, and portfolio tracking. By attributing entities to addresses, users can gain a deeper understanding of crypto operations.
  3. Distributed Intelligence Economy
    Intel Exchange is a marketplace where customers can trade crypto intelligence via ARKM. This groundbreaking feature empowers individuals and organizations to monetize their intelligence through bounties and auctions. Connecting buyers and sellers, the exchange fosters a thriving community of on-chain sleuths, ensuring a steady supply of valuable intelligence for all market participants.

Disadvantages of Arkham

  1. Privacy issues
    The platform has garnered privacy concerns from certain crypto users and advocates who assert that its deanonymization of the blockchain goes against the foundational principles of anonymity and censorship resistance upheld by the crypto movement. These individuals worry that exposing the true identities behind transactions and addresses could potentially compromise users' privacy and undermine the core values of financial autonomy and freedom associated with cryptocurrencies. 


There’s no available roadmap on the official website of Arkham, but according to their social networks, we can see the updates given by the team:

  1. Arkham has launched its own intelligence exchange. 
  2. They introduced the fresh feature — The Arkham Oracle, it’s available on the platform. It serves as a personal AI assistant for on-chain analysis.
  3. The team started an Airdrop giving participants to earn ARKM.

More news is available on the company’s Twitter account. 

Future of Arkham

Considering all the above mentioned characteristics of the project, Arkham seems to be a promising platform with an aim to deanonymize the blockchain transactions and to showcase the people and businesses behind the activity on blockchain. 

However, to determine if ARKM is truly promising, it's essential to conduct thorough research, review whitepapers, understand the project's objectives, and consider expert opinions. Additionally, analyzing the project's progress and developments over time can offer insights into its potential. 

Remember that any investment decision should be made based on your own risk tolerance and careful consideration of all relevant factors.

The Bottom Line 

The platform offers users the ability to conduct searches based on names for individuals, funds, exchanges, and ENS addresses, providing an overview of their recent activities. Additionally, users can search for specific addresses to obtain similar information. This valuable data serves multiple purposes, including informing trade decisions, predicting trends, managing risks, and detecting potential threats early on. 

Arkham's mission revolves around enhancing transparency and creating a fairer environment for cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts. By granting access to data that was previously limited to blockchain analysts and hobbyist investigators, the platform empowers users with newfound insights and opportunities within the crypto landscape.


Where Do I Get Arkham (ARKM)?

You may buy ARKM tokens via SimpleSwap or any other trusted crypto exchange. If you plan to purchase it via SimpleSwap, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Pick the crypto you would like to exchange (for instance, Bitcoin).
  2. Enter the amount you want to swap.
  3. Choose ARKM in the second drop-down list (the crypto you would like to receive). You will see the estimated amount that you will get after the exchange.
  4. Click the Exchange button.
  5. Enter the Recipient's Address. ARKM will be sent there. Please ensure you enter the right address.
  6. Create the exchange.
  7. You will see the BTC deposit address. You have to transfer the required number of BTC to this address to start the swap. After that, wait for tokens to appear in your wallet.

How Do I Mine Arkham (ARKM)?

At the moment ARKM is not available for mining.   

Should I Consider Buying Arkham (ARKM)

You may consider buying ARKM if you decide to do so and are aware what is ARKM crypto. 

Who uses Arkham

This platform is made for crypto enthusiasts who want to monitor the on-chain activity of different blockchain entities.

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