Symbol Price Prediction

Jun 2, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • XYM Statistics
  • Symbol Roadmap
  • Crypto community about XYM
  • XYM Price Prediction 2022
  • XYM Price Prediction 2023
  • XYM Price Prediction 2024
  • XYM Price Prediction 2025
  • XYM Historical Price Analysis

Symbol is a blockchain platform that was started in 2021. It's the spiritual successor to NEM, featuring a new consensus algorithm called proof-of-stake-plus (PoS+), rule-based tokens (called mosaics), namespaces, multisignature accounts, and aggregate transactions. First, Symbol was meant to become a protocol and just a client update for NEM. But in 2019, the community members participated in voting which made Symbol a separate chain. Later in 2021, users voted for merging 2 chains together. This referred to Symbol 2.0 where NEM would run as a side chain.

The XYM coin, as it follows, is the mainChain utility token.

XYM Statistics

Symbol Roadmap

The team of the project has shared the roadmap when the Symbol wasn’t launched. In 2020, they dropped the roadmap screenshot on Reddit. It contained a one-year plan for development of Symbol as a separate chain:

The team sees Symbol as a hub and an “interchange layer at the center of a universe of bespoke chains without global scalability constraints”. The subChains were called the 1st step towards this.

Crypto community about XYM

Symbol does not have many social media channels yet, but Twitter is pretty active. There we found a lot of Tweets concerning the project and the XYM crypto. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Symbol has a big community formed in Japan. People are supporting the project and hoping XYM’s price will increase very soon:

However, there always exist people who don’t trust the project and consider it to be a scam:

The negative level isn’t too high, and some members even share the project related success. There is a whole game constructed on a base of Symbol blockchain using Unity engine. Smells like a cool achievement:

XYM Price Prediction 2022

XYM Price Prediction 2023

As for June 1, 2022:

When we checked the website, we saw a predicted number of $0.08. This, according to their analysts, is waiting for the XYM token by 2023.

XYM Price Prediction 2024

As for June 1, 2022:

Due to prognosis, the XYM value will not change much through 2 years and we will observe the future price of $0.08.

XYM Price Prediction 2025

As for June 1, 2022: says that the price may rise a bit. It could reach $0.12 in 2025, and continue to slowly grow to $0.32 by the year of 2031.

However, there are different prediction services giving better or worse results. For example, suggesting $2.28 in 9 years.

XYM Historical Price Analysis

As for June 2, 2022:

All-Time High (Mar 21, 2021): $0.7715

All-Time Low (May 28, 2022): $0.05155

The price of XYM has gone through rises and falls. Let’s check the Coinmarketcap to see the changes:

The significant ups and downs can be noticed a few times within 2 years. The first one was when the value was $0.69 on March 24, 2021, almost at the launch of the project and then it suddenly went down to $0.48 on March 27. After the period of stagnation, it went up to $0.31 on October 8, 2021, and continued to grow till $0.44 in November. After that, we only can see a smooth decrease in 2022. It’s hard to say what exactly was the reason for such behavior. Like most of the crypto projects, Symbol has lost in price lately, but the team is working on it to improve the existing blockchain.

With the support of the community Symbol has all the chances to fly to the moon. The values the team is promoting guarantee the project to be successful. They include:

  • Transparency, which is building trust and pushing the whole ecosystem forward. They ensure the community members are able to see as well as the work process and some team’s mistakes they can learn from.
  • Financial freedom. They add a token vesting schedule in all compensation packages and believe that the formula-based approach to compensation which is visible to everyone is a must.
  • The team has a championship model. They do not position themselves as a family, but as the true players who are ready to improve themselves anytime. This allows them to reach real results without a delay. They look for professionals able to make the most out of their work.

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