/USDT-OP Liquidity Pools on Velodrome

USDT-OP Liquidity Pools on Velodrome

Aug 10, 2023
USDT-OP Liquidity Pools on Velodrome

Key Insights

  • Velodrome is an innovative DeFi trading platform on Optimism offering AMM liquidity pools like USDT-OP with high yields.
  • To provide liquidity, get the OP tokens on Optimism, pair equally with USDT, and deposit the assets into the pool on Velodrome's website.
  • Once deposited, stake the LP tokens to earn additional VELO rewards, monitor progress on the dashboard, and claim liquidity rewards.

Velodrome Finance represents an innovative central trading platform and liquidity market operating on Optimism, a leading-edge technology in the DeFi sphere.

Optimism is closely associated with Ethereum as it leverages the Ethereum blockchain to implement its optimistic rollup solution. By building on Ethereum, Optimism aims to enhance the scalability and efficiency of Ethereum-based dApps, thereby contributing to the broader Ethereum ecosystem's growth and usability.

Velodrome Finance introduces unique opportunities for users and investors alike, drawing inspiration from successful platforms like Curve, Convex, and Uniswap. Positioning itself as a next-generation AMM, Velodrome Finance strives to establish a prominent role as a liquidity hub on the Optimism platform.


AMM (automated market maker) a system that provides liquidity to the exchange and operates in through automated trading.

This approach ensures heightened efficiency and performance, enabling users to execute transactions swiftly and dependably while incurring minimal fees.

With a yield of 22.21%, here's a step-by-step breakdown.

How to Use Velodrome


  • Integrate the Optimism network into your wallet

Allocate a minor portion of ETH on Optimism in your wallet on SimpleSwap to cover transaction fees


  • Equally distribute USDC and OP tokens in your wallet on SimpleSwap

This helps establish a balanced pool composition.



  • Access the Liquidity section


  • Select the USDC / OP pool carefully, initiating your engagement


  • Deposit your assets into the pool and confirm the action by clicking Deposit


  • Navigate to the Dashboard area to monitor the progress of your newly formed pool.


  • Stake your LP tokens to generate additional profit in VELO tokens


Voila! Feel free to claim your liquidity rewards or wait to generate more.

The information in this article is not a piece of financial advice or any other advice of any kind. The reader should be aware of the risks involved in trading cryptocurrencies and make their own informed decisions. SimpleSwap is not responsible for any losses incurred due to such risks. For details, please see our Terms of Service.

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