Audius Price Prediction

Apr 29, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • AUDIO Statistics
  • Audius Roadmap
  • Crypto community about AUDIO
  • AUDIO Price Prediction 2022
  • AUDIO Price Prediction 2023
  • AUDIO Price Prediction 2025
  • AUDIO Price Prediction 2030
  • AUDIO Historical Price Analysis

The Audius platform helps artists publish their music without a team of producers and sound engineers, and even allows them to interact with their fans. Thus, both music performers and listeners can earn AUDIO tokens. The platform can be used even by those who are new to the cryptocurrency area.

AUDIO is a token that allows users to govern, gives access to exclusive platform features, and ensures network security. Users can earn through AUDIO staking. Also, the holders of this crypto can use it to create their own fan tokens.

Project’s team assumes that Audius will provide artists with a direct instrument for a better interaction with their community by artists’ token distribution. Artists would be able to allocate the unique tokens straightly via Audius. That will give fans, who have a certain amount of these tokens, the opportunity to receive exclusive content.

The project’s protocol contains:

  • discovery nodes for the Audius content register indexation and for giving a convenient interface an opportunity to query the metadata;
  • content nodes for hosting the content and allowing access to it on behalf of artists;
  • content register as a single source of truth for all data available in the Audius protocol. That also includes links to content hosted on content nodes.

Audius token will be allocated with a fixed genesis distribution and a continuous emission, changed by governance. The choice of a continuous emission launch is based on the desire to repeatedly align network growth with new members and their relative contributions, rather than concentrating governance power in the hands of early participants.

Depending on the community decision, a part of the current tokens release will be allocated to the most active protocol users, based on platform rates and differing contributions in the form of discoverability, streams, and interaction with the platform.

Later the Audius community will be able to use stablecoins to pay for content. This is going to help to ensure that artists, fans and node operators participate in the economy of Audius with no volatility.

Protocol fees can be fixed as a percentage of the stablecoin transactions, which includes payments received from fans. Then, these fees will be pooled together and managed by Audius token holders.

Some crypto enthusiasts and music fans believe that Audius could easily become a popular application in the future if the digital economy continues to develop. Now let's have a look at the AUDIO token statistics and price forecasts.

AUDIO Statistics

CoinMarketCap offers the following statistics for the AUDIO token:

Audius Roadmap

The development of the Audius platform began in 2018. In 2020, the AUDIO token was already launched. Over the past two years, the number of Audius users is increasing daily, because the project team is doing everything possible to improve and develop it. The roadmap is missing, but we can already look at the 2022 updates.

  • GHST and DAI yield is now available.
  • From February 1, 2022, Generation Premium became available and now users have the opportunity to increase their profitability by 1.75 times, and the commission for the exchange of tokens is 0.5%.
  • Genesis Premium has been closed to new users since February 2022, and everyone who used it was rewarded with their own unique NFT and other benefits.
  • New SwissBorg marketplace: users can now find and trade cryptocurrencies even easier.
  • The project team has now introduced withdrawal PIN codes to make SwissBorg even more secure.

We look forward to updating and conquering new heights of Audius in 2022!

Crypto community about AUDIO

Crypto enthusiasts not only predict an increase in the price of the AUDIO token but also share their achievements.

However, there are other opinions on this matter. Some crypto enthusiasts did not see a price breakout and do not yet make forecasts for a price increase.

Many people write that at the moment they are only interested in investing in the AUDIO token, so we suggest taking a look at the forecasts made by analysts of the following services.

AUDIO Price Prediction 2022

  • On TradingBeasts you can see the following AUDIO price prediction 2022:

  • WalletInvestor in turn makes the following AUDIO price prediction 2022:

  • And based on the DigitalCoinPrice information, you can see the following AUDIO price prediction 2022:

AUDIO Price Prediction 2023

Analysts of the TradingBeasts service suggest that the AUDIO price at the beginning of 2023 can reach a maximum of $1.55, and by the end of the year it will be $1.68. In turn, WalletInvestor makes a more optimistic forecast. Experts believe that in 2023 the price of the token will be $2.8 - $3.6. And analysts from the DigitalCoinPrice service predict that the maximum price of the AUDIO token in 2023 will be $1.72.

AUDIO Price Prediction 2025

TradingBeasts experts believe that the AUDIO token price will be between $2.33 and $2.7 in 2025. According to WalletInvestor, the price will be between $4.4 and $5.2. In turn, the DigitalCoinPrice service gives a price forecast of $2.37 per token in 2025.

AUDIO Price Prediction 2030

According to the DigitalCoinPrice service, the maximum price of the AUDIO token will be $5.23.

AUDIO Historical Price Analysis

As of April 5, 2022:

All time high - $4.99 (Mar 27, 2021)

All time low - $0.07774 (Nov 03, 2020)

In October 2020, the price of the AUDIO token was about $0.2. Only in January 2021, its price began to grow and reached its all-time high in March, which was $4.99.

The second significant price jump occurred in the second half of August after integration with TikTok. Creators can now transfer their tracks to TikTok, and customers can now use them to create short videos and share them with even more people. The price soared over 90% to $3.3.

For a long time the price kept at the level of $3.3 - $2.3. In November 2021, it began to gradually decrease until it reached about $1.

Audius can empower musicians like never before. Many famous people, as well as the crypto community, enthusiastically support the service and believe in its bright future.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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