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Australian Crypto Projects

Jul 18, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • Powerledger (POWR)
  • (TIME)
  • Immutable X (IMX)
  • Haven Protocol (XHV)
  • Emanate (EMT)
  • Conclusion

Nowadays there are thousands of cryptocurrency projects created by talented teams, each with its own vision and goals. However, not all of them manage to get their spaceship to the moon. Some face many challenges on their way to mass adoption and popularity. 

Today we are going to talk about the most successful Australian crypto projects promoting all different kinds of ideas. Let’s see what Australians are up to!

Powerledger (POWR)

One of the most popular Australian crypto projects. It is a platform allowing customers to track and trade energy sources. The main feature of Powerledger is sustainability. Aiming for a green future, the team has created a service for selling and buying unused solar power which is produced by commercial companies and individuals. POWR is an ERC-20 token, a fuel of the whole ecosystem. (TIME)

Company based in Sydney. Chronotech was launched in 2016. The project is designed to create a world where everyone has a chance to find work, and businesses can meet the employees without third parties, costs and ineffectiveness of the usual recruitment process which often is an obstacle for employment. The project has its native TIME token which became popular after Elon Musk's tweet telling TIME is an ultimate currency:

Now, the TIME token is used within the products.

Immutable X (IMX)

It is the 1st layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs based on Ethereum. Immutable X allows projects to build on Layer 2 delivering a great developer and user experiences, enabling instant trading, grand scalability and 0 gas fees for minting. It also minds the users’ and assets’ security and does not sacrifice it for the benefit of other developments. The IMX token use cases are fees, staking, and participating in governance.

Haven Protocol (XHV)

Launched in 2018, this project is based on Monero, which focuses on secure and untraceable transactions. It aims to provide people with access to really private crypto with no risk of volatility. Haven gives users the ability to store, trade, and convert their funds into any asset type while being completely private. Users can burn XHV, the Haven Protocol cryptocurrency, for Haven Dollars (xUSD), which are synthetic stablecoins.

Emanate (EMT)

Emanate is a project made to unite music artists and enthusiasts on a platform where they have an opportunity to create something special together and get a bigger profit. This is not just a simple streaming website, it gives transparency around royalty and rights distribution. This, in turn, allows for an easy collaboration process. The EMT is a utility and governance token. It is used inside of the Emanate ecosystem.


As you see, Australia has many cryptocurrency projects which differ so much — some are focused on helping people to find their dream job, while others are providing a convenient service for musicians and their communities. The variety of directions is really impressive, especially when you realize that it all became true due to things that unite all these concepts — crypto and blockchain.

If you want to know more about Australian crypto policy and regulation, feel free to read our SimpleSwap Blog article. Let’s explore the cryptocurrency world together!  

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