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Best GameFi Projects 2022

Jul 11, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • Top GameFi projects to consider in 2022
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GameFi combines fun and financial incentive in a single project. Unlike the typical games that give pleasure only, you can earn rewards in crypto or NFTs when you join the GameFi. It contains people's two favorite things: earning and entertainment. We have various ways of getting excited and relieving stress, and gaming is among them. GameFi gives you these benefits and the opportunity to try your luck in the Crypto World.

The whole concept works by providing players with different activities: the games have several levels and styles with rewards including crypto or NFTs; owners can enjoy, collect, trade, and share them across the special marketplaces. So, let's consider the best GameFi projects and how they work.

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Top GameFi projects to consider in 2022

Axie Infinity

This GameFi project was born in December 2017 and has already recorded millions of dollars in profits since its existence. Axie Infinity is easy to play, although it demands gamers' time and contributions before they start earning some tokens. For example, Axie Infinity requires minting, teaming, and finishing stages against other gamers. These steps may be cumbersome to beginners, but they are the same reasons gamers love playing Axie Infinity: it combines difficulties, fun, and crypto.

Players earn rewards in AXS (The Axie Infinity's governance token). It is possible to stake the tokens within the game and earn them by playing - participants may need to complete some challenges, reach new stages, and finish other tasks within the game world to get more tokens. In addition, the game has further developed designs.

Defi Kingdoms

The Defi Kingdoms has grown vast in the GameFi world. It has some fantastic features that supersede other projects in this category. This DeFi project creates fantastic memories for gamers. For example, users increase their token values by engaging in everyday journeys: a system to step up for better net benefits. Another interesting feature is the cross-affix extension to Avalanche. Players create automated revenue by mining JEWEL.

Liberty Gaming

The game gives local NFTs to starters and is schooling to flourish in the gaming scene. Liberty Gaming provides NFTs to anybody who loves to participate in the game. People are not required to have numerous assets to begin playing Liberty Gaming, as a matter of fact, they can figure out how to play using the given instructional exercises.

The game brings an open door for all players and gives the course a play-to-procure metaverse without numerous challenges. Liberty Gaming grows its community helping it with education in Defi, CeFi, Crypto & Blockchain areas.


Illuvium is a 2022 game built on Ethereum. Like other GameFi projects, it managed to form the play-and-earn concept. The game comes with outstanding development and is said to be the only one with AAA game features. Since it was introduced, Illuvium has developed several advanced features, making it one of the best GameFi games on our list.

Illuvium comes with functional, evolving, and high production-value NFTs. The rewards earned during the game accumulate into tangible values. Furthermore, the project has its own ILV tokens.


People play games for several reasons and are ready to spend some money to establish the gaming environment and buy gadgets. Instead of gaming for fun only, you can be engaged in game activity and earn crypto. GameFi provides both amusement and value. There are other benefits of playing these games, for example, some come with cryptocurrency education and tutorials that can help to learn more about the Crypto World. There are many different reasons people consider GameFi, and only you can decide whether such games are entrancing for you or not. And for its part, SimpleSwap will be happy to keep you informed and tell you about various new projects that appear in the Crypto World.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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