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Coinbase Cloud Teams Up With Chainlink Oracle Network

May 23, 2023
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The Web3 sector successfully captures the hearts of people around the world. This industry is constantly developing and growing, demanding stable access to reliable, real-world data. Who can help in the delivery of such data?

The Chainlink Network (LINK) is known for its ability to load high-quality information to Web3 protocols. AAVE, Synthetix, Arbol, T Mobile are already using Chainlink technology. And now Coinbase Cloud will become the node operator for Chainlink Oracle.

It is an important step forward that will affect not only companies themself, but the entire Web3 sector. That partnership should highly improve the security of smart contracts and help bring quality data to the Web3 sector.

William Reilly, Head of Partnerships of Chainlink Labs, has shared his joy regarding this collaboration on Twitter. According to him, Coinbase's experience and high-security standards will be a great addition to the Chainlink ecosystem.

With Chainlink and Coinbase teaming up, it will be much easier for DApp developers to provide their users with reliable data. Chainlink should finally create a highly anticipated bridge between real-world data and the Web3 sector. This partnership with Chainlink solidifies Coinbase Cloud's position as one of the major players in the Web3 universe.

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