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Famous People Of The Crypto World

Nov 29, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • Craig Steven Wright
  • Chris Larsen
  • John McAfee
  • Justin Sun
  • Changpeng Zhao
  • Vitalik Buterin

Nowadays, the cryptocurrency remains one of the most discussed topics, some coins are becoming a part of our daily lives. In this article we want to tell you about the most influential people in the Crypto World, one tweet of them can lead to a crypto market collapse or its rapid growth. Who are these significant figures?

Craig Steven Wright

Craig Steven Wright is an Australian cryptocurrency entrepreneur. In 2016, he publicly announced that he was the creator of Bitcoin. He claimed that together with his partner David Kleiman, they mined 1.1 million Bitcoins at the beginning of its existence. Unfortunately, Kleiman died in 2013. His heirs filed a lawsuit against Wright after his statement in order to get half of mined Bitcoins. Kleiman’s brother accused Wright of appropriating Bitcoins they received as a result of the collaboration. During the trial, a judge in the Florida District Court invalidated the previous decision of the Wright case that he should give about 820,000 BTC to the Kleiman’s heirs. Wright managed to convince the court that he had lost access to all wallets on which Bitcoins were stored. However, on May 20, one of these wallets was activated for the first time in 11 years. In this regard, the heirs of Kleiman accused Wright of giving false testimonies. They believe that the respondent has access to an encrypted document that contains the keys to these wallets. Hearings in the case of Kleiman’s heirs vs Craig Wright will resume on July 6, 2020. Despite false accusations, Craig remains a pretty significant figure in the crypto community today.

Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen is a co-founder of Ripple. In 2019, he was in the TOP 400 of the richest people in the United States. In 2012, he co-founded Ripple Labs, Inc. and developed Ripple software that allows instant and direct transfer of money between two parties. Larsen resigned in November 2016. He is currently Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ripple. The former Ripple CEO Chris Larsen is on the Forbes 2020 list of World Billionaires, along with three other members of the crypto industry. Chris Larsen ended up in 804th place with a net worth of $2.6 billion. According to Forbes, he is the second richest person in the crypto industry. When compiling the rating, Forbes took into account net profit based solely on Larsen's 17% stake in Ripple.

John McAfee

John McAfee is an American programmer who developed the world's first antivirus program, called McAfee years before it was bought by an Intel corporation and given the same name - Intel. McAfee's capital reached $100 million, and was pretty depleted during the global crisis of 2017, falling to $4 million. But, John survived and increased his prosperity. The crypto market 2016-2018 was not the last thing contributed to it. McAfee became a notorious character because of crypto market manipulation, and also because of the promotion of some projects.

Justin Sun

Justin Sun created the famous TRON cryptocurrency. Before creating TRON, Justin founded Peiwo, a voice messaging application which is famous in China (the name of the app is translated as “call me”). Peiwo remains a fairly popular application among Chinese youth, it has more than 10 million registered users. From 2013 to 2016, Justin was the official representative of Ripple Labs in China. In 2017, Sun started developing his own TRON project. The stated goal of the organization is to "create the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet." In 2018, Peiwo and TRON entered into a partnership agreement, thereby adding the TRX coin to the application. In 2018, during the launch of the main network, the Tron Foundation acquired the BitTorrent platform, the operator of the popular uTorrent client. The purchase was made in order to begin the era of the decentralized Internet. After that, the Tron Foundation also acquired Steemit, which created the Steem blockchain. In early March, the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange, which also belongs to Sun, blocked more than 2.2 million Steem coins and converted them to Steem Power (SP), which is used to vote on the Steem blockchain. At the moment, the Head of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, has filed a complaint with the police about the organizers of the hard fork of the Steem blockchain. As a result of this fork he lost about $6 million. Justin is considered to be a rather scandalous person and has been repeatedly accused of plagiarism, but this doesn’t make him a less significant figure in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao is the founder of the Binance crypto exchange, a billionaire, known in the Crypto World as "CZ". The state of CZ is estimated at approximately $2.6 billion. The Binance crypto exchange remains in the top ten largest exchanges in terms of trading volume. Before starting his company, Zhao worked for OKCoin and Bloomberg.Zhao is often criticized for his overly expressive statements that may prompt subscribers to irresponsible actions. One of the recent scandals was Zhao’s call to buy Bitcoin using credit cards, although he emphasized that his tweet was not financial advice. Some people have expressed their opinion calling Zhao’s statement irresponsible. Nevertheless, the Binance founder’s opinion remains one of the most important in the Crypto World.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the winner of the famous venture capitalist Peter Thiel award, thanks to which he was able to concentrate on studying the cryptocurrency network of Bitcoin, and then create his own – Ethereum. Buterin began to write about Bitcoin, which led him to the creation of the famous Bitcoin Magazine news portal. It was due to the articles on Bitcoin that Vitalik got the idea of ​​creating Ethereum. The Ethereum cryptocurrency network has allowed the launch of a giant ICO market, which amounts to billions of dollars. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency itself exceeds $23 billion. According to Forbes magazine, Vitalik Buterin’s states range from $400 to $500 million. Today, many corporations have appreciated the advantages of Ethereum. Among those who use the Ethereum product in their work: Microsoft, IBM, Lufthansa Airlines, as well as the international charity organization UNICEF. Not surprisingly, his opinion has a high impact on the Crypto World. Undoubtedly, Buterin is a very influential figure in the area of cryptocurrencies, finance, and blockchain.

In this article we have listed only a few crypto influencers. In fact, there are more of them and every day new people appear who are standing behind the financial future of our world. Vitalik Buterin once said that in the future, when the blockchain would be used everywhere, the role of the state would change – as well as the role of other intermediaries. He added that, most likely, they would form the rules of the game, but there would be a program code that would monitor the implementation of the rules, so, human intervention would be minimized.

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